I Always Miss the Good Stuff

How does this happen? I don’t get it.

I spent the first 19 years of my life in a part of the Midwest called Tornado Alley. Tornadoes are a dime a fucking dozen down there. I never actually saw one though. Several tornadoes a year for nearly twenty years and I never ever got to see one, as they never came within fifty miles of my house, which I guess is a good thing, but still… When I left that region of the country to come to NY, I also left my hopes of ever seeing a tornado in person.

I turned on the news today and saw that there was a fucking waterspout (tornado over water) in the Hudson River! I basically live on the bank of the Hudson River, and I didn’t see it. Are you telling me that I could have just walked outside and seen a fucking tornado on the Hudson River? You have to be fucking kidding me. How do I always miss this shit?

When the big head-butt of the World Cup final game went down, I was in the bathroom.


One Response

  1. Tornados are some scary ass shit to see live. I’m the same way about weather phenomenons and love to watch it on tv, but after I saw one coming down my neighborhood riping up houses in ATL I never want to see one live again. I got lucky and it “jumped” over my house destroying both of my neighbor’s houses and that just adds to my intrigue, but I hope to god I never see one live again.

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