Do What I Say

I found a blog today that is all about people writing stories in exactly six sentences. There, I found one of the best (see: like a punch in the gut) pieces of writing I have read since I can remember, and it’s only six sentences long.

Take a moment to check out Blind Date by Quin, seriously.

Do what I say.

UPDATE: I just realized the post directly below this one is six sentences long, so I’m going to submit it.


4 Responses

  1. jesus christ, how about a veal/rape alert on that link. i almost could eat the rest of my steak, but then i did.

  2. wow, ryan.

    thanks for the kind words… and, shain, sorry there isn’t a warning. hope you liked it anyway. (not that you should eat veal… you know they kill them before their eyes turn brown, don’t you?)

  3. Shain,

    A warning would have ruined it.

  4. there is no number more perfect than 6. well, sometimes 4 is pretty special, but it’s no 6, you know what i mean? much better and sexier than odd or, gasp, prime numbers. now i’ll have to read that blog and your blog everyday until i die. thanks. thanks a lot.

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