Bonaduce -vs. Fairplay

I’m not really sure if this is old news or what, but I just got wind of this and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

There was an altercation between Danny Bonaduce and Johnny Fairplay at some reality TV awards show the other night that I find really interesting, for legal and public opinon reasons. I don’t even really know who Johnny Fairplay is, but he’s someone I recognize from little clips on TV that I don’t really pay attention to, but what I remember of his behavior is precisely the reason I don’t pay attention to that type of thing on TV. I have since learned that he was a contestant on Survivor who pulled a stunt involving the fabrication of a death in the family and consequently won the contest.


This guy, Johnny Fairplay, was on stage at said awards show delivering a monologue and everyone in attendance started booing him. Danny Bonaduce approached him on stage, hijacked the mic and made a fairly in-your-face comment to Johnny. Johnny, apparently now knowing what else to do and attempting to save face, jumped on the `roid-rage-proned Danny Bonaduce and started humping him. Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are. Anyway, watch the video and then I’ll continue.

Watch the video:

It turns out, apparently, that Johhny ended up bloody and requiring extensive dental surgery from this incident. Also, he is filing battery and emotional distress charges against Danny.

I really wish I were Danny Bonaduce’s lawyer right about now. This would be the easiest chunk of change I ever made. Not only would I crush Johnny’s charges against my client, I would file massive countersuits for assault, defamation, sexual harassment, loss of wages and emotional distress. I would take this Johnny guy to the cleaners so badly he wouldn’t have any eyelashes left.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Danny Bonaduce possesses plenty of fecal`esque characteristics as well, but he handled this situation optimally:

With an effortless shrug of his shoulders.


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