Years In The Making.

I grew up in Oklahoma.

When the Clinton administration took office, when Hillary Clinton first stepped into the international spotlight, immediately, my mid-western republican family adopted a certain jovial distaste for Hillary. It wasn’t mean-spirited. It was a sort of banter, a familial battle of a wits, year after year, making random Hillary jokes, simply, whenever the mood struck, usually at Christmas.

I don’t remember when, where or why, but someone in my family acquired a larger-than-life size cardboard cut-out of Hillary.

Thus, a tradition was born.

Every year since, at the family Yuletide gathering, the 6’0″ tall cardboard Hilary was brought out of the living room coat closet to bless our meal, to serve as a prop for several hilarious family photographs and, lastly, to personally watch over our one-by-one gift exchange tradition, all in mockery. This was years ago.

Hillary Clinton won the primary in Oklahoma tonight.

(See: Egg, face)


One Response

  1. I bet cardboard cutout Hillary Clinton is fun to drink with!

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