Scambaiting: A Websport

I used to have a cat. A cat, and an apartment with mice. When my cat would catch a mouse, she would stand over it and bat it around, back-and-forth, between her paws for hours. Not killing it. It was only after Circe batted every drop of entertainment value out of the mouse, after the mouse wasn’t moving anymore, that she finally killed it.

I found a new website which I have spent the better part of the last two days reading.

We’ve all heard of the Nigerian 419 e-mail scams, yeah?

I found this website, written by a businessman in London which is devoted to scamming the scammer, masterfully. A “websport” called “Scambaiting”.

I freely admit that I enjoy watching my enemies(i.e. scammers, my bank account) suffer.

It is beautiful, the skill with which this man works. Torturing his victim, twisting the knife just right. Keeping them in pain and off balance, just enough to where they don’t fall over… dangling by a thread until he decides to let them go.

Our man in London has developed several techniques to flip the script on these guys. The scammers, believing they will soon see a massive payday, this guy is able to manipulated them into doing some outrageous things.

On the website, you can follow the e-mail chains and phone calls as hilarity most definitely ensues, over and over again.

One of my favorites is where our man in London convinces a scammer to record himself reading the entire book, “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, in English, under the belief that he will be paid a large sum of money for royalties on audio books sold in Nigeria. Our man explains to the scammer that the industry standard is to record audiobooks regionally, as a book which is read with a regional dialect sells much better in said region. Hilarious. It’s almost painful to read along as our man in London makes the scammer re-record several times, thus taking the scammer into debt with unscrupulous characters, owing for DJs, hotel rooms, computer rental, etc.

The result:

Nine hours of crystal clear digital audio, broken into 35 chapters, of a Nigerian scammer reading “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, on the website.

There’s also one where he tricks the scammers into commissioning good-sized wood carvings, made of hard woods, in competition for a fake art grant. After the scammers have paid hundreds of dollars to ship their carving to our man in London, hilarity most definitely ensues. I won’t ruin it.

Oh, and the one where our man ruses the scammer into getting a ridiculous tattoo, complete with mandated high-quality photographic proof? That one is pretty good too.

If you’re not busting out of your skin to go to this website right now, you and I don’t have as much in common as I once might have thought.



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  1. I just spent HOURS at that site! That’s awesome!

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