LOST : Episode, “Eggtown”


Last night’s episode of LOST was pretty good, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure I misinterpreted the ending. Severely.

My girlfriend walked out of the room at the very end when Kate walked into her child’s bedroom, when we saw Kate’s son for the first time. As soon as they showed the first shot of Kate’s son, I screamed to my girlfriend across my apartment, which is big (my apartment, not my girlfriend), “Holy shit! Kate’s baby is retarded!”

My girlfriend came back into the room and I rewound the DVR so she could see, as this was a very bold and bizarre plot twist in my opinion. It explained why Jack didn’t take Kate’s invitation to follow her home. He’s a doctor. He has to deal with that weird handicapped crap all the time at work, it’s probably the last thing he wants to deal with in regards to his romantic compartmentalization, as it were.

Anyway, my girlfriend tried to convince me that the baby is not retarded.

I argued my point further, “I mean, I guess the baby’s father could be retarded, thus making the baby only half-retarded, but I really don’t see Kate taking weenie from a retarded man.”

My girlfriend gave me a look that I don’t know how to describe. Maybe a cross between regret and despair, somehow relating to her having ever met me in the first place.

I continued, “Look, that is a retarded baby if I have ever seen one in my life. They always use beautiful babies on television. If they don’t, they’re trying to tell you something. Think about it, Kate is gorgeous. Wouldn’t you expect her to have a beautiful baby?”

Her: “You’re drunk.”

Me: “This is true.”

Upon a few more viewings, I decided that Kate’s baby is not, in fact, retarded. Instead, I decided that it must be the director’s kid or something, because there’s no way a casting agent would cast such an uuuugly baby. I mean seriously, that baby was so ugly that I, a LOST fanatic, seriously considered that the major plot twist at the end of the episode was that Kate has a retarded son.

Maybe it’s just me.

I have no idea what my point is.

Please go away.


3 Responses

  1. Don’t feel bad. When I first saw Kate’s boy I also thought he was retarded. “What an odd choice,” I said to my wife. For a few seconds there, we were both extremely surprised, shocked and confused… just like at the end of every Lost episode. The actual ending was much less compelling than the retarded one.

  2. @Contempster:

    Thank god I’m not the only. I said the same thing to my girlfriend about the “retarded” ending being way better than the real one, which, of course, is a non-ending of sorts.

    Even now, sober, I can’t figure out why they would use such an ugly baby.

  3. Holy shit, I thought pretty much the same thing. Like, “This kid is not normal.” It was thrashing about in its crib, which alarmed me.

    Sudden movements scare me, which is why I will make a horrible parent.

    Anyway, I had your old Blogger on my Bloglines, which is why I’m just now making an appearance here. Won’t happen again!

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