The Peeing Man: I Got A Picture

As discussed in the previous entry, I am having a problem with a man in my apartment building who insists upon urinating out of his bedroom window, which shares a common ventilation shaft with my bedroom window.

Today is your lucky day ladies and gentlemen. Wait for it… wait for it…

I got a picture. (probably SFW, no promises)

You’ll see that I was able to isolate the portion of the image with the man in his window. I blew it up, adjusted some basic levels and contrast and was able to salvage an almost discernible image of the man.


10 Responses

  1. Um, wow. I’m going to think of this every single time I visit

  2. @DrunkBrunch: I try not to stray too far from the path.

  3. So whatcha gonna do with it?!?!?

  4. @brooklyn gal: I’m going to use it as a last resort. When I confront him, I expect him to deny the whole thing. I will then inform him that I have a picture to prove it. After that, if I catch him window-peeing again, the picture is going up around the building. Being that he’s the general manager of the pharmacy across the street, I don’t expect things to go that far. Hopefully, for the readers’ sake, they will though.

  5. oh, that was my idea! i had it posted on the wrong entry, but, yeah!

    do it.

  6. He’s the manager of a pharmacy?! Dude, just show up at the pharmacy and call him out! If he says or does anything appropriate on the job, he can have his pharmacy license revoked! :)

  7. with that photo…you have become one powerful man Mr. [redacted]. congrats…and don’t forget about your fans when you become president of the world.

  8. @Todd: I was thinking more along the lines of extorting some class-A drugs out of him. Now Hiring: “Street-Level Distribution Professionals”

    @quin browne: Great minds think alike.

    @Amberlina: If you could only see the crazy-evil look in my eyes.

  9. That is so inappropriate! And dare I ask…where does it end? Or to put it in a less delicate way: does he take dumps out the window too? Even if that’s the case, I’m not sure if you’d be able to photograph it, since there’s a very good chance that the lens would shatter, much in the way that a heavy-duty lens is required to photograph Star Jones (pre and POST-stomach-stapling surgery…yeah I said it).

    PS: I don’t know how you found me, but thanks for the link :-)

  10. @romi41: I’m pretty drunk so I can’t top your Star Jones zinger.

    In regards to how I found you, somebody on has us both linked. I don’t know who or why.

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