Stone Temple Pilots: On Tour

I began bouncing off the walls when I heard that Stone Temple Pilots were reuniting and starting a new tour–effective immediately. Scott Weiland is in my Top 10 favorite rock vocalists. I made a point to stay up and watch the Stone Temple Pilots mini-promo-concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Meanwhile, I had a Ticketmaster(hate them) browser window open with my mouse hovering over the “buy” button for STP tickets for 5/18/08 in Camden, NJ, wherever the fuck that is. I’ll figure it out later. I was that psyched.

Lights up.

The band nailed the opening lick. My little heart fluttered in anticipation of Scott’s Weiland’s masterful entrance, his unparalleled ability as a kinda fruity dude to lure you in with the melody and then cut your throat with the tattered edges of his voice.

Scott sang the first note.

My heart sank.

I closed the Ticketmaster window in my browser.

He sounded horrible.

It was pretty obvious that he was completely loaded on a mishmash-cocktail of shit that only rockstars can get their hands on. Either that, or he’s completely clean and his brain is completely scrambled from past abuse and multiple stints in rehab. I am not happy about this.

Thoughts of Brian Wilson come to mind:
“According to the 2006 Peter Ames Carlin biography of Wilson, Catch A Wave, by 1989 the rumor was that Brian either had a stroke or had done too many drugs and was permanently fried.”

Dear Mr. Scott Weiland:

Please pull your shit together. Your fans thank you in advance.

Best wishes,


3 Responses

  1. I saw Weiland on New Years with Velvet Revolver. He sounded awful, and so wasn’t into it. He looked as if he was hard off the wagon – nothing like the time I saw him with STP back in 2000. He was amazing back then.

    Let’s hope he gets back to wherever he was that was awesome.

  2. @Eric: I’m glad you understand the depth of my pain. We should start a movement.

  3. How about…F.A.W.T.W.C. Fans Against Weiland Touring Without Care?

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