Face Value

I haven’t taken a close look at my information on a formerly thriving social networking site since the day I built my profile. That being said, at what point did I think it was a appropriate to write the following statement on a publicly available page?:

“Coincidentally, I have the same basic attitude towards watching television that I have towards sex and guns. This is simply, ‘ANYTHING THAT MOVES’.”

Yes, reader. You and I both think that that statement is both poignant and hilarious. — Because it is.

However, recently, it has been called to my attention by a potential employer that they do not share my sense of humor. Again. <–Follow the arrow for your test.

[this user’s profile is now set to private. fuckers.]


3 Responses

  1. Forgetting about old social profiles is the WORST! I finally remembered to delete my friendster account about a year ago- after not having looked at it in about 3 years.

  2. I hate stories like this. It often makes me want to close up shop.

  3. i have one of those.

    even my kids don’t look at my profile.

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