In this article, the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Communications is proud to tell you about their recent URI graduate and starting basketball player who is beginning a marketing career in Manhattan. According to the article, the new grad has accepted an offer from Universal Online Promotions. (UPDATE: Now possibly operating as PolarisNYC.) 

Congratulations, graduate! You just got scammed.

Universal Online Promotions is a borderline multi-level marketing scheme (MLM), similar to a more commonly known Pyramid Scheme, and is operated by a man named Raf (Rafael) Diaz in NYC.

Rafael “Raf” Diaz
Universal Online Promotions, President
(a.k.a. DOUCHEBAG)


Imagine that you are offered a job from this company or individual. You would probably at least do a quick google search before signing on the dotted line, right?

Well, some people aren’t that smart.

Neither URI’s recent grad, in her choosing of a job offer — nor the writers/editors of the University of Rhode Island website bothered to perform google searches on, “Universal Online Promotions” or “Raf Diaz”.  Both queries return damning results.

What does this say about the competence of our  higher education institutions and the products (kids) they produce? 

For the record & On the record:

  • I gave 3-days notice to the University of Rhode Island’s media contact of record, David Lavallee, to amend their article before I wrote this post, as to avoid unnecessary losing of face among their organizational standards in relation to their capacity to ensure their graduate’s success in the modern job market. They have not amended their article nor have they contacted me.
  • I gave Raf Diaz, President of Universal Online Promotions (pictured above) 24-hours notice to contact me before I published this post. He chose not to contact me, despite me receiving a read receipt from my e-mail to him.
  • The student subject of this article whom I easily found on Facebook, did not respond within the 3-day time frame. I have no proof of receipt of communication from her.
  • The President of [redacted], a Cydcor office located in Knoxville, TN, contacted me within the given time frame. Though his interview was less than candid, his name and company name will not be mentioned, as promised, but will be discussed anonymously in later installments.
  • Adam Balsinger’s “Bold Acquisitions” in White Plains, NY is a scam running under the same umbrella.

This is a preliminary article based upon my recent investigations into Cydcor, a seriously fucking evil corporation.

UPDATE: Read the comments for names of other companies who are operating on the same model.