In this article, the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Communications is proud to tell you about their recent URI graduate and starting basketball player who is beginning a marketing career in Manhattan. According to the article, the new grad has accepted an offer from Universal Online Promotions. (UPDATE: Now possibly operating as PolarisNYC.) 

Congratulations, graduate! You just got scammed.

Universal Online Promotions is a borderline multi-level marketing scheme (MLM), similar to a more commonly known Pyramid Scheme, and is operated by a man named Raf (Rafael) Diaz in NYC.

Rafael “Raf” Diaz
Universal Online Promotions, President
(a.k.a. DOUCHEBAG)


Imagine that you are offered a job from this company or individual. You would probably at least do a quick google search before signing on the dotted line, right?

Well, some people aren’t that smart.

Neither URI’s recent grad, in her choosing of a job offer — nor the writers/editors of the University of Rhode Island website bothered to perform google searches on, “Universal Online Promotions” or “Raf Diaz”.  Both queries return damning results.

What does this say about the competence of our  higher education institutions and the products (kids) they produce? 

For the record & On the record:

  • I gave 3-days notice to the University of Rhode Island’s media contact of record, David Lavallee, to amend their article before I wrote this post, as to avoid unnecessary losing of face among their organizational standards in relation to their capacity to ensure their graduate’s success in the modern job market. They have not amended their article nor have they contacted me.
  • I gave Raf Diaz, President of Universal Online Promotions (pictured above) 24-hours notice to contact me before I published this post. He chose not to contact me, despite me receiving a read receipt from my e-mail to him.
  • The student subject of this article whom I easily found on Facebook, did not respond within the 3-day time frame. I have no proof of receipt of communication from her.
  • The President of [redacted], a Cydcor office located in Knoxville, TN, contacted me within the given time frame. Though his interview was less than candid, his name and company name will not be mentioned, as promised, but will be discussed anonymously in later installments.
  • Adam Balsinger’s “Bold Acquisitions” in White Plains, NY is a scam running under the same umbrella.

This is a preliminary article based upon my recent investigations into Cydcor, a seriously fucking evil corporation.

UPDATE: Read the comments for names of other companies who are operating on the same model.


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  1. Interesting stuff! I look forward to more!

  2. Some days I’m convinced that you are twice as thick as manure and half as useful.

  3. @Shane: Can you give a few examples of other days in which you have felt this way? Thank you, come again.

  4. i’m looking forward to this.

  5. @Todd & quin: I’m glad you’re interested in this story. The depth of this scheme is astounding. This con is layered like some of kind of secret-super-onion. What I have mentioned only scratches the skin.

    I urge all readers to take a few minutes to familiarize themselves by googling the relevant terms in this post. It’s really quite fascinating.

  6. Fascinating! How did you stumble upon this?

  7. @brooklyn gal: Universal Online Promotions contacted me about an “Account Executive” position at their company. With a quick google search, it took me about 3 seconds to figure out what was really going on. However, I was shocked to find out how many people have been, and continue to be, sucked into this scam.

    More about all that in later posts.

  8. Hey,

    I have been offered an interview by these people and did a quick search and have found words like “scam” and what not but am a bit confused on how they are scamming people??? Please send me any info on the subject!

  9. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Litterer!!

  10. this scam is massive. they target recent graduates who are eager to get a career started, and before they know it, they are going door to door to forcefully sell a product to customers. come hell or high water, you will be outside, walking the streets. they slave you. i dont know about universal online, but Bold Acquisitions, Inc and Adam Balsinger will treat you like less than a human if you dont sell their product.

  11. @ Jon C.: Thank you for your response. Like you, I am surprised at how massive this scam is and how little attention in garners. I would appreciate any insight you might provide.

  12. i was abused by Raf Diaz, I wish someone could punish them..

  13. 1) The “merch” selling on the street is not the same company as Raf’s. Similar umbrellas, different concept.
    2) The scam that people talk of is that usually people know that it is commission only, can’t make money, stay on longer than they should and leave before getting to do anything
    3) Its bigger in blogs and rants than in legal cases because they’re not a pyramid scheme (you don’ t pay money directly to them, then ask friends for more), nor are they a classic MLM.
    4) LOTS of complaints are valid and you need to contact your local DOL if you were a w-2 employee (which most are) and were not receiving wages comparable to minimum wage.
    5) Hey, not a supporter- just know that the actual set-up isn’t a scam…its the owners and managers out to make the quick buck who don’t tell you everything that makes it a scam…LEARN TO LEAVE BAD SITUATIONS-
    6) seriously…this is no cult, no scam…just a crappy job IMO. Ever sold life insurance or been asked to become a “financial planner” by a big company? Better product, better backing…this is just the dollar store version of Edward Jones~

    • #6 describes it. It’s sales. Either you suck at sales or you don’t. But, yer right, not a scam, just a crappy job.

  14. found this interesting tidbit about your boy Adam

  15. GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I worked for Distinctive Marketing Solutions in Philly, which is under Cydcor. Seriously creepy. Seriously cultish. Seriously scamming.

    I left after two weeks because they told me if my family didn’t support my job, then I should cut out the negative influences in my life. Also, I was not a “team player” because I didn’t hang out with my coworkers after hours as often as they wanted me to.

    I also realized I never gave them my social security number…which would mean I wasn’t on the payroll…?

    This corporation is run by bad, bad people. Maybe its not technically or legally a scam, but there are definitely malicious intents here. I’ve been investigating this place too since I left…its crazy.

    • Same as James. I went to the interview, thought they were nice. Mixed feelings after the immediate call back, so I checked them out. HOLY HELL was I slapped in the face with a large $*#@. I am planning on the second interview just to prove that there are at least some intelligent young kids left!

  17. HELLPPPP!!!!! i recently went on an interview with this company and thought they were all SOOOO NICEEE…but then i come here and read all these bad things…now i dont even kno if i should go on the second interview…somebody please advise!!!

    • it’s not a scam . everyone i’ve worked with the last 2 months have been extremely supportive and helpful. they have all become part family and support me emotionally. i lost everything working for a restaurant as a manager, long hours, ok money but no future this is an opportunity that u have to believe in to make it work. it’s sales and marketing. u have to succeed to succeed

      • Its only a matter of time sweetheart….

      • After 2 months they had become “part of you family”???

        You reek of desperation sweetie, no wonder they’ve been so supportive and “helpful” that’s just what they do to get their hooks into you…

      • Anyone who posts anything positive about this company is clearly just trying to reverse the bad press. Some schmuck in Florida pimps himself out to these losers creating fake twitter accounts and shit of the like to try and cram up search engines and keep naive recruits from seeing the bad press immediately.

    • Sweetheart, this is NYC, get the hell out! Send them and email and let them know you have been given an offer by someone else. If you still want to do it go ahead but they are not in it with your best interest in mind; they want something from you which is why they are being nice…Keep that in mind!

    • Well, I worked for the company for 3 months. Yes, it is all commission, yes, they want you to be a team-player (which I am not and dont want to be), yes, the hours are way too long for the money you finally get (and you cant get too much, as they cut your deals if you start standing out too much), yes, you spend too much time on everyday unpaid training and travelling… BUT you do gain a very valuable sales techniques, you do get the experience, every second customer in the field offers you a job, you become strong and people-savvy and you understand what you want and what you dont want. I quit, as I wanted my life, but I did get another very good job in the field, and now I am a valuable employee, as I know the approach, I got at my previous work. I dont want to go back, but I dont regret my 3 months.

      • @ engy-liss:

        Congrats Bart,

        This is the best fake post on this thread, you don’t oversell it but still manage to make it look like a normal place to work you can actually get something positive out of, rather that the collection of low-life, unqualified, malignant SOBs this place really is.

        I knew you were a smart guy!

  18. @JAMES:

    In order to be fair, I suggest that you do your own research and make your own decision. As such, I will now guide you to make your own correct decision. ;)

    Search Google for “Universal Online Promotions” or “Midtown Promotions” or “Raf Diaz” or “PMG Affiliates” or “Adam Balsinger http://www.linkedin.com/pub/8/248/a17” or “Bold Acquisitions” or Stefan Mainhart http://www.linkedin.com/in/apexmarketingandpromotions” or “CYDCOR” (they are all under the same umbrella.)

    To answer your question:

    YES! You should go to the second interview and tell every other fellow interviewee what you have learned here! This company is trying to punk you! They’re trying to hurt you and your family. Provide the evidence (print-outs of everything I mentioned above) and start a fucking riot!!! Destroy everything in the office! Throw Raf Diaz’s computer at his head! They don’t have security, you won’t get caught. Whatever you do, just go into that office and fuck some shit up.

    Remember: They tried to punk you, James. Don’t let them get away with it.

    Got it?

    • Your an idiot.Trying to hurt you and your family ??? Really. Grow up. Look Its a commission only job most of the time and all these soft ass people cant handle that because of a lack in work ethic. They don’t have the confidence in themselves ( or the humility) to do an entry level sales job because mommy and daddy convinced them (foolishly ) that little susie or timmy has to get a six figure salary with full benefits and 9 weeks vacation with a company car right out of college. If you want to gain some extremely valuable sales and people skills then go and check it out. You do get paid based on your own performance hence why there are so many haters. Everyone that works there is really freaking cool. For christ sake go and check it out and if its not for you its not for you. Life goes on it’s really not a big deal. The worst thing that will happen is that you lost a few days but learned some good sales skills that you can apply any where else in the world. Its not a scam and I challenge anyone out there to explain with good reason how its a scam. Morons

      • And they are growing faster and faster! Polaris has now expanded into Northstar Consulting Group, http://ncgnyc.com/management/
        Bart Yates, Nona Black and Eric Martin are the combined partners. Each with their own company. Bart Yates owns Mana Group, Nona Black owns Black Operations, and Eric Martin owns ECM.
        They operate out of an office downtown on Exchange Place, so they offer the atmosphere of professional employment. I too was duped, and am STILL waiting to get paid 2 months later…The people there are brainwashed to not see what is actually going on around them by promises of a prosperous future. What they fail to tell you is that it’s all at your expense, and you work 14-16 hours a day. They pyramid portion is about getting yourself promoted by getting others involved, but you are never fully qualified to train the next person, you just have to meet a production goal for 1 week. Getting promoted is quick and easy as long as you dedicate 180% of your time and money.

      • @Krazy Awesomeness:

        I was duped into this scam too (about a week ago) and am writing an article about it- since you’ve had a recent experience with them, I’d love to hear your input via email interview. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

      • A crude comment denying the obvious (it’s the poor bastards working at those companies who “lack work ethics and confidence in themselves”) to promote those scam companies… Hmmmm…

        Do you think we are stupid, M. Diaz?

  19. Raf Diaz now operates in New York under the company name of Polaris Inc. Be aware of the scheme that is advertised as a marketing job on careerbuilders.com.

  20. so this scam is now polarisnyc.com ???

    • Yes. I can confirm that Polaris (polarisNYC.com) is part of the same scam.

      • How did you confirm that PolarisNYC is a scam?

        I too answer their ad on craigslist and found it odd that I received a phone call to schedule an interview right after I got an email requesting me to call them to schedule an appointment. It threw me off for them to be so desperate so I decided to do a search on their name and came to this page. Now I’m thinking twice on whether I should go to the interview tomorrow.

  21. I currently live in Miami and was looking for jobs in New york and thought this would of been a great opportunity to move, but thanks to this article I wont even bother replying to the email nor make a call. I guess I will just keep looking…thanks again

    • @norlan: This is the reason I wrote the article. I’m so glad you found it! Consider doing the same in your area. Best of luck to you.

      • I also was considering applying to their ad on craigslist for ECM in Miami. Thank you for this article Ryan, I’ve found it very helpful and enlightening.. although sad at the same time. Interesting how people on here are trying to save face for the company, but with enough of my own research, it’s clear you are onto something.

        Thank you again for opening our eyes. I do believe there are some good direct sales companies out there with integrity, but these guys are not it.



  23. Hello,

    I am a college graduate and have been working for nearly a year at this ‘Pyramid scheme.’ There are a few things reader’s should know.

    This business model does not resemble a pyramid scheme. Nobody is compensated for recruits. It is merit based and the only compensation is to the representative for the sales he/she generates and the owner gets compensated for those sales, as well.

    I have continued to be an employee despite reading the negativity all over the internet. Why? Because I dont care what people think, its my opportunity. Many of the stories and ‘sketchy’ behavior may be true. Unfortunately it was merely a lack of communication, failure to alleviate any grey area, failure to voice one’s opinion, never working in a high-energy sales environment before and/or it was too hard. If it was easy everyone would do it, wouldn’t they? And a majority of these postings wouldn’t exist.

    Also, a majority of the postings have grammatical errors, misspelled words and don’t convey a concrete message. I wasn’t a psychology major but it certainly doesn’t take a genius to conclude most postings were done by uneducated individuals who likely got fired for poor performance, failing a drug test or a background check.

    I have learned more over the past year about myself, how to talk to people, business, sales, work ethic, time management and leadership than my entire college education.

    I encourage everyone to interview and take on the sales position. Over the course of a month you will know if it’s for you. If not, at least you can say you tried and most likely took something away from it.

    And for college graduates? It’s something to throw on your resume. We are in a recession. What will set you apart from the other graduates and the unemployed is what you’ve done during the difficult economic times. Dont be a victim; be proactive.

    Thank you and good luck!

    • Dear Love…I take it your parents are paying for your bills?

      • Ahaaa!! So true!! This isn’t a job for a college graduate it’s a job for a high school drop out! You’re going door to door in neighborhoods like Queens selling a huge magazine of office supplies that the company really doesn’t teach you anything about… You use your own cell phone which you are not compensated for to call multiple “clients” and pay your way around the entire city. You don’t even make minimum wage you make 28% of your sales which is taxed at the end and the things are impossible to sell to begin with!

    • grammatical errors are one thing, but using an ad homminim attack further displays treachery and and a lack of concerted argumentative skill. sorry bud, you fail.

    • um, interesting how this “uplifting” post ends the same way as most of the, “LEVELTECH Consulting Group Inc.,” advertisements for entry-level jobs in a promotional, training-based program

    • I think you are sadly mistaken. I worked as an Administrative Assistant/HR recruiter. I was compensated for every person I brought in for an interview. The admins from all across the country do weekly confrence calls with comparision on recruits. So im happy you are being a part of an evil evil company..but dont give them credit where credit is not due. Thank you.

      • Honey, I have worked in the Human Resources and Recruiting field for over 15 years. You CANNOT rightfully call yourself a recruiter or say that you work in HR. You are an appointment setter/receptionist and that is all you are. You will never take your experience working at one of these door to door companies and obtain employment in the real world, in an HR or recruiter capacity. Unless you lie.

    • I get the feeling that any positive feedback on this blog is made by an employee/relative of the companies/ persons that are involved in this scam. They obviously know that people are beginning to realize it is a scam and they are trying to combat all the bad press. I have been to one of these companies and it is just way too sketchy, I would even be cautious about putting them on my resume as sales experience. The truth remains though and that it is your choice and if you really think you can turn water into wine (figuratively), then go for it. But I recommend you do your research on your own. Blogs like these are a good source of information. So cheers mate

    • This positive post is not rude and not too stupid so it can’t be from Raf… Still sounds like a pitch though (“don’t be a victim; be proactive”). Bart then? Bill? LOL

      By the way, only at Cydcor/Credico-related companies does “proactive” mean being forbidden to sit or even lean against a wall EVER, whether it’s 7:30 AM or the evening after 10 hours walking in the cold and rain carrying a 5-lbs. portfolio.

      In the eyes of the rest of the world, that’s called slavery…

  24. Polaris Inc. IS a scam in the sense that you will only be compensated 28% of your sales and will be expected to walk around dangerous neighborhoods door to door using your own money for transportation and your own cell phone to call “clients” with a gigantic catalogue of office supplies that are expensive and impossible to sell. You will probably sell nothing all day and end up losing lots of money so in my mind that is a scam.

  25. Posted by Erick

    “Also, a majority of the postings have grammatical errors, misspelled words and don’t convey a concrete message. I wasn’t a psychology major but it certainly doesn’t take a genius to conclude most postings were done by uneducated individuals who likely got fired for poor performance, failing a drug test or a background check.”

    Wow. Typical salesman spin. I went to a fantastic (Top 40 college, not that it matters), was an English Literature Major, and wasted 5 months of extremely hard work at one of your offices. You should certainly be ashamed for slandering people who have the common sense to call your pyramid scam for what it is. Or Pyramid-shaped business if you prefer.

    “Nobody is compensated for recruits.”

    …Ok, then how does one get promoted. Don’t assistant managers get 10% of what they’re “office” (people below them make)? And what do the managers get…. can’t remember.

    If you can convince yourself of anything, seriously, go work for Cydcor.

    • I normally never participate in this sort of bloggy jabber but I feel compelled to say my piece. I worked for Marketing Partners and Associates in Philly (which is now 7 Marketing) http://www.7marketing.org/ …don’t know why the name was changed but that too me is sketchy and indicates something less than honorable is going on. Stefan Mainhart (who was mentioned in one of the earlier posts) was the owner of the office, he also works out of West Palm Beach FL I think, and Raf Diaz was definitely the guy in charge via NYC.

      Is it a scam? Maybe. It has all the identifiable features of a MLM scheme but I did not have to pay into it up front. Sketchy was written all over it from day one, and I did, as some of the other folks mentioned, have to pay for gas driving to all corners of the city every day and cell phone use, which really added up. The ‘Associate’ who hired me did get $ upon my ‘promotion’ although I never got promoted because after almost a month putting in solid 10 hour days and being pressured into working sat too, I had spent almost as much in commuting costs etc.. as I ended up making. Needless to say I wasn’t great at it, but I wasn’t awful either, I’m just not good at pushing shit onto broke folks that they don’t need. Only a few folks out of a dozen or so were successful at all

      The fact that I made some silly small percentage of my sales bothered me particularly because it is a commission-only job. Not to mention I did not get paid on many of my sales because they ‘did not qualify’ for reasons I never knew and could not verify. The most disturbing part was that when I quit I was almost unable to retrieve paychecks from Stefan. He claimed that he mailed them to me and when they never showed up started being dodgy and making up stories. It turns out that 3 or 4 other folks that quite around the same time as me also had the same problem. I had to personally go into his office and demand printouts of what I earned and refused to leave without being paid for what I was owed.

      Yes I learned a lot about sales and sales techniques. I’m sure I could have improved with time but I couldn’t afford to keep dumping money into it when I was skeptical of the integrity of the business and if I ever would make any money. It definitely wasn’t for me

      • All of your negative posting on here are pathetic. Our grandparents had a word for face-to-face marketing like this and it was “Opportunity.” The whole concept of this program is to run one of these independently owned and operated franchises without any type of “buy in” except “sweat equity.” A pyramid scheme is a get rich quick program where they make you pay them to get involved. Did anybody ask you for money? If you look at sales as a whole, the most money you will make is going to be 100% commission. Why? Because of the ROI for whatever client that contracts you. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Each facet of their program is directly correlated with what you need to know and be skilled at to run your own company. It is 100% a performance based industry, so if your lazy and have no student mentality, don’t bother applying. Anyone who has had previous experience working somewhere where they got paid just as much as everybody else, but was expected to go above and beyond without any reward would definitely want to check these guys out. Is it for everybody? Absolutely not! Only a select group of people make it through the program and that’s how it should be. Not everybody has the drive, determination, and student mentality to master something of this type. The reason assistant managers make 10% profit sharing off of the office is because they probably have earned the right to be part of upper management. That is the same thing that happens in most major companies. Even some retail locations give management profit sharing. It is a very common place in business. At the end of the day, in this economy where nobody is hiring people without experience, this is a perfect place to gain experience in both marketing and management. The worst case scenario is that you become more marketable as a potential employee somewhere else if things don’t work out.

      • GW – You’re two days early for April Fool’s and six months too late – and way too full of crap – to be taken seriously.

      • Nate, I assume the words I used were too big for you to understand and the concepts of what smart business is all about is beyond your comprehension. I’d love for you to point out any inaccuracy in my statements about these companies value to clients and potential employee’s.

      • GW,

        Congratulations, you are an idiot and you will never be successful. I have built my empire (35 years young) and made millions with it and I am happy to compensate my employees fairly (including full benefits, paid vacation etc.). I am currently working on filing a lawsuit (I have great lawyers) against 7 marketing to help all the people that have been scammed in the past two years.
        GW, go live in a cave and keep your bullsh** to yourself.


      • GW = Raphael “Raf” Diaz

  26. polaris communications group, polaris inc, BART YATES = all scams!!!

  27. I was actually sent an email asking me to call for an interview. I always google companies that send emails of this sort and I’m glad I did. I would’ve probably just wasted my precious time with this scam. There are many more websites which state that polaris inc. is a huge SCAM. Thanks for the extremely useful blog….well, I guess this means I have to keep looking a job and google the companies.

  28. I applied to the job posting on craigslist.com, and I just got an email asking me to call for an interview also. I just sent them my resume last night, and I am so glad that I googled them first. Their response was way too fast, and their excuse for their fast response was the company’s rapid expansion. Thanks you for all the people that made it be know that it was a scam!!

  29. Ryan,

    THANK YOU. Thank you so very much for shedding some light and creating a community for the atrocities that this company commits. I graduated college in ’07, lived in Europe till this past September. I sent my resume to just about every job ad on craigslist in this section, so I was sending CV’s to anyone who wanted one. The particularly quick reply was what caught my attention, being a waiter at the time (not that it’s a bad job, it just isn’t for me), I was eager to go in for an interview. I arrived to the unimpressive offices of Universal Online Promotions at 35th street sometime in late October.

    Upon arrival I was greeted by someone randomly who saw me from the hallway, he gave me a ready made clipboard with a general personal information sheet, and had me take a seat while he fiddled with the ipod…”cool, the listen to music here” I thought. Wow. I had my interview with BART YATES, a blonde haired, shit eating grinned prep school-ivy league shmuck who has me sit down and we get into the interview.

    “Quill….Staples…Verizon…Fortune 500….blah…blah…blah.” “Great, what sort of sales will we be doing” I asked, “Will I have a cubicle or a workspace here in the office?” And Bart would just go on spewing what I really couldn’t understand, and I never really got any answers at all from him.

    He said someone would call by 7:00 pm if they “chose” me to come in for the day of “O” or observation, if they didn’t call, it was a respectful “no” Bart told me. I was nervous…. “Was I good enough in there?” I asked myself. 6:59 rolls around and someone other than Bart calls to say that after long discussion, I just sneaked in for a second interview with someone else at the bottom. Only one of us would get in.

    I got excited, I told my mother, she got excited. Then I rolled a J and decided to find out more about this company so i could have an edge on that other person. First ten hits on google? Ripoffreport.com. Thank goodness for that website…I’ve been itching to do something about it ever since, and I’m glad that Ryan has! It’s SO amazing to me that all over the country the process is the same, the sick influx and outflux of people with no disregard for emotion or decency, or value of the American worker. Fucked up if I may say so, and Cydcor is the the top of the problem; who are these people? Let’s get Kris Hansen in on this one, he’d get the job done.

    Anyway, great to see this amazing community here; keep it up and keep as many people informed about this bullshit as we can.

    I happen to work for an AMAZING sales company here in manhattan, it’s ad sales, its telephone sales, and the environment/pay/benefits structure is more than fair.

    http://www.mediaplanet.com, ask for Jon.

  30. I think polarisnyc, universal online promotions have a new “friend” and I believe it to be nypartners.net. LOL I saw this ad(nypartners.net) on craigslist and I applied. After I googled the the company name along with scam nothing came up… so I checked the nypartners.net website and it’s 35 West 35th Street which is the same as Universal Promotions Online which is also 35 West 35th Street LOL.These people are low and scammers everybody needs to stay away.

  31. I just got asked to be interviewed for the nypartners one. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I am glad to know it’s a scam before coming in for an interview. I still don’t really get what they are getting out of it, though?
    Thank you again for saving me the trouble!

  32. Chas –

    I was also contacted by them and have and interview in the morning, which I just canceled my plans to travel for after much debate because something just “didn’t seem right” with them.

    After second guessing myself and thinking that I may be pissing away a huge opportunity, I did some more searching and found this thread that i missed while trying to research the company earlier. Thank god I did, and thank god my instincts haven’t gone numb while remaining patient in this job market.

  33. it’s all true. I thought after my “second interview” that i was going to join the jehovah witnesses or kill some babies. weird sketchy shit. stay away. i thought about it after being hired, then i looked it up. they never said the company name until they hired me today. still, payment was barely talked about. we should firebomb these scumbags. i’m not some slave

  34. OkAy! it’s not a scam! you actually do earn money lol just going door to door! well let me ask you something did you actually go to college and do all that hard work to get a a four year degree, or may be for some a 2 years degree to get this job? I took some courses at college to do with sale and marketing, actually did my BS in Marketing but I was never told that I had to take some stuff and knock on the doors you know like what they expect you to do! I’m looking for a job that would pay me, of course I don’t mind commission but there has to be a base salary, as well I don’t have to walk in the sun, cold, and wind to earn less than a person who is working on the street selling newspaper and don’t required any college education or has to pay all the student loans. The people that are behind this whole scam call it a marketing job, but can you actually go on a define the marketing to them. Marketing is not Sale, esp from the conservative view of Marketing. These people should just title it as a door to door sales job. I got so many calls, after I posted my resumes on those jobs sites. When I ask them what’s the job about, they always tell me we can discuss when you come here, it’s too much information to go over the phone… You know if you just go out of high school, and want to some extra money, or may be you don’t have anything else to do! go for it, but don’t put it on your resumes because no employeer would consider that as experience. They might look at you someone who was so stupid to actually worked there! best of luck!

    • You must not really have paid attention in those “marketing” classes of yours. Marketing is a very general term. It includes: Sales, advertising, lead generation, public relations, and even customer service. If you are looking for a specified career, look for just that. If your going to try to just look for some type of marketing job, be prepared to see many different positions calling themselves “marketing positions.”

  35. God Bless America!

  36. It’s not a SCAM, lol it’s stupid

    • Yes honey, it IS a scam!

      Lying to employees about everything from day 1, setting them up for failure by setting unattainable goals and teaching them to lie so it appears they reach them in the eyes of newbies, denying them their commissions without a shred of proof as to why…

      Still not a scam??? LOL

      • No, it’s not a scam you just suck at sales. Many people are successfully doing this. Thousands.

  37. Don’t work for NY Partners, NYpartners.net, NYPartners, NYPartner. They all the same, I Just wanted to write it all the different way someone might search it up google! They don’t pay you, plus they want you to talk in the rain, snow, sun and sell stuff. They don’t have any benefits, you pay for your own transportation etc….They could be looked as a small business, they buy products that you sell for them, They buy those products as a promotional base, and it cost them nothing, now whatever you sell, you get 28% and their profit is 72%, on top of that the companies that they do promotion for, also pay them, so their earning is over 150% on each sale you do for them. Anyone can start their own company, just contact any of those companies, and present them with your promotion stratagies, and get the contract, once you have own the contract go on craigslist or all these job websites, and scam young adult coming out of colleges! but before you start with such a job, you think it’s worth it to scam people? God Bless you all, try to be on the right path and do good, don’t steel someone else money! These companies knows that not many people would stay with them and work for them, but hey it’s like one drop out of a bucket, and the other drop getting into the bucket, can that bucket be ever empty? Think before you join any of these promotion marketing companies, if they say you will work for commission you don’t take it, Marketing companies supposed to offer you a salary and bonus, not str8 commission, also there is no sale in Marketing, Sale and Marketing is two different things!

    • Oh? and what would your definition of marketing be?

      • Marketing includes sales. Commission based sales is NOT marketing. GW, you seem to be on some sort of mission to justify the practice with all your posts.

  38. everyone send an email to these companies and tell them STOP SCAMMING!

  39. I sent my resume (late) last night and got a call today. This quick turnaround was a little suspicious so I googled Polaris NYC. Thanks for the site, I won’t be wasting my time! For first-time NYC job seekers: There are a lot of bullshit companies here that prey on new grads or eager newcomers. Make sure you do your research.

  40. A miss jenny just called me from NY Partners, first she said they are located in the New Yorker Hotel and wanted to speak to me about a position.

    Thanks for giving the heads up about this scam. same with PolarisNYC.

    NY Partners is the new one. A bunch of phony losers

  41. Got an e-mail from Polaris, Inc, today too. I didn’t even apply for the position they e-mailed me about! I thought maybe I’ll do a little Googling anyway to see if maybe it’s worth checking out, but it obviously isn’t. I, too, was surprised that they emailed me so quickly and most legit job leads I’ve dealt with would rather directly call than to just e-mail me.

    Anyway, thanks for making this post. It’s obviously helping a LOT of people!

  42. This company now operates under NYPartners and has an office on 5th Avenue and 35 Street. The system is set up so that you will never progress and open your own branch UNLESS you can get more and more people to join. I worked for them for a while (started as account executive, and moved on to coporate trainer), and finally realized that I will never advance unless I suck more and more people. While not a pyramid scheme as you are not putting money into this, you are putting in time and effort, which is just as precious, if not more.

    Please do your research and ask questions during their interviews and decide for yourself.

  43. You guys are funny!!! most of you didn’t even check out but you claim that it is a scam…
    several things:
    1. yes, it is a sales job…if you don’t want to do sales,don’t bother coming…

    2. yes, it is 100% commission, if you think that you’re not gonna be good enough, don’t bother coming…

    3.it’s not a pyramid scheme…you don’t get compensated for bringing people in…there’s only one person who gets money off your sales and it is the manager…(like in every single business in the world, the owner will always make money off of what his employees do)

    Now,the opportunity is to own your own sales company after an average period of 12 months…sounds kind of crazy…but I saw several people making it and i actually know personally several owners working with CYDCOR…

    so, yes this shit is hard…you will have to work hard to make a good living as a corporate trainer but for those who have the guts and the skills will be rewarded by owning a company at the end…

    Seeing is believing and until I saw people getting promoted I wasn’t sure if it was possible of not…

    So yes,only 1% of the people who start make it but the experience is worth to be tried I would say…

    I mean it”s pretty black and white: a sales job paid 100% commission with a huge opportunity to own your company after 12 months.Can you handle it? If not, keep looking for a 9-5…

    • Keith Keith Keith… You need to stop with the sales pitch and actually address the people’s concerns.

      1. As you said, it is a sales job, but it is a VERY BAD sales job.

      2. 100% Comission is fine, but how much you actually earn is VERY LITTLE.

      3. You will NEVER ADVANCE unless you bring people in. Bringing people in builds your team, which you will need in order to open up the branch as you cannot progress further UNLESS you expand your team. This is a pyramid scheme but it is clever enough to disguise itself.

      Please, try to respond to my concerns.

      • theres no sales pitch, i just told you what i was thinking…

        1.Why is it a very bad sales job? because it is hard? because you couldnt make good money? maybe you just didnt have enough game… if it was easy, everybody would be doing it and everybody will get a company….that wouldnt be so special anymore…
        so you can call it a very hard sales job but the rewards are just big so it is worth it…

        2.the money you earn is very little if you suck…ive been doing it for several months and i make OK money…im not a baller but i can pay my bills and enjoy myself on weekends…its fine for now…i could definitely make more money with a 9-5 right now however the opportunity to own a company wouldnt be there with a 9-5…

        3.i agree with the first point.You cant advance if you dont bring people in….its a recruiting business…
        however you got lost when you said it was a pyramid scheme.
        To correct what you said i will describe a pyramid scheme for you:
        in a pyramid scheme you get money for bringing people in and get money on whatever they sell…also whoever you brought in cant pass you and will always be under you….

        With cydcor, not only you dont get money for bringing people in and you dont get any money off the people you brought in…and what is good is that if you’re better than the person who brought you in, you can pass this person…

      • BAD, LITTLE< those are all opinons…might be 'bad' to one, is not to another

        What might be a littlle amount, could be a TON to someone else…

        Opinions are opinions, thats why we all live in America, you have yours, I have mine.

        Clearly you didnt make it, so what?? You need to spout your opinions to everyone…guess what, in America, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU.

      • Renee = Raphael Diaz, always spitting on others and never making any point: “Opinions are opinions, thats why we all live in America, you have yours, I have mine”… Congrats, what an elaborated train of thoughts!

        Keith = some slightly smarter CEO from another Cydcor/Credico affiliated company, just sneaky enough to never candidly respond to each of Cautioned’s arguments, but rather gets slightly off topic every chance he gets to sell his pitch.

        Read through the lines, people!

    • I was an employee for one of these companies. You get bonuses and extra commision for booking interviews. So, the people are being compensated to lie and get people through the door.

    • selling useless shit to people who don’t need it and can’t afford has never been a personal goal of mine, and dare you to show me the person who said that’s what they wanted to do when they grow up. Yes 1% of the biggest schmoozers and losers will make their way to the top in a soul-less company that adds no real value to this world. I am/can be the most focused hardest worker you will ever see.. as long as it’s something I at least believe in. Anyone who is drawn to this sort of company I would assume to be slimy and only cares about making money, even when it is a detriment to others.

  44. In 2003 I was interviewed by Rafael Diaz and got the job on Monday. But I quit on Friday morning while I was on my way to the office.



    I had to get to the office every day at 7am, walk around the city in a suit and tie, hauling a heavy bag of sales catalogues. The program was ridiculous; you would have to canvas a huge area where NOBODY would want to buy office supplies. All the businesses in Jamaica, Queens were tiny. We had to interview every single business on route.

    Why be a commissioned salesman when you know you can’t mae anything?

    I got scared off quickly. But the others in the business seemed to be enjoying it. They were all acting as though they were Gordon Gekko. I wonder if Diaz has a “welcoming” personality that makes you think you’re actually a “player” in his club?

    Anyway, I wouldn’t call him a con man. If you get a job and find that there’s no pay, you quit. It’s that simple.

  45. I worked there this job blows. As Keith said, If you can’t “handle” walking door to door selling stuff on 100% commission from 8am-6:30pm; you might want to look for a 9-5 job (which will undoubtedly pay more unless its a dish-washing gig).

    Good luck taking over the world y’all

  46. Okay Keith, I really need to get through to you as I think you have the wrong idea about the job. If you are doing very well, GREAT! You are a good salesman and has some great skills. I liked the training as an account executive and the different skills and impacts that we learned each morning as well. If you are good, seriously consider getting a job somewhere else. Here is why.

    First, you will not have your own company. It is a pyramid scheme as you will NEVER have your own office unless you can recruit enough people on your team. This is completely unsustainable and those who get in first will be rewarded and those who go in last will waste their time as they will NEVER have their own office.

    Second, it is a cleverly disguised pyramid. You are not putting in money, but MANPOWER. Which is more important than the money. They take your MANPOWER instead of money by selling you an impossible dream.

    Third, if you want to start a company, start one. People start companies not by working for a company like NY Partners or Cydor or whatever. They start companies by coming up with a business plan and finding investors. That is the real hard job. What Filipe in the Manhattan office promised me is simply the same unsustainable model which is not a company. Don’t believe me? Take what you know to any investor worth his salt and you will find out.


    • I am not sure this is a pyramid scheme, I currently have a commission job, and have had sales jobs for a long time. from what I read this company looks like a waste of time, it appears to be going door to door trying to sell office wares, and water coolers.From working in a retail environment through college, I can tell you in my opinion more often than not, the people you encounter as the face of a business, do not have the authority to purchase things on behalf of the chain or corporation.In many cases companies use purchase order numbers, which I have never seen handled door to door. I cannot see a large income potential with the level of marketing these new hires are involved in. It appears that real money goes to the people at the top earning off the others at the bottom. Sales jobs are a good way to earn a living provided you are good at it, I do not believe tier one companies looking at something like this with admiration, and hiring you. Insurance sales seems equally as hard, but they payout seems much better, I am not saying this is a scam, but do believe this is not an actual opportunity, because the company offers almost no investment in you. Good companies understand their strength is their people and do take a loss from turnover, things like training and a brain drain do have a cost. I would think the failure rate and turnover here is really high. if you want to get a quick review of a company look at websites like payscale and glassdoor. I know this is lengthy and I apologize ,but felt I had to give my two cents.

  47. You say it’s impossible to get your own company? hahahaha….
    a good friend of mine just opened up his office this week…he’s not even 25 and owns a company…that’s why i believe that shit….because i see it in front of me every day!!!

    SO of course,out of 500 people working there maybe 2 or 3 will open up offices because the other ones are just like you, they dont have the guts,the skills or whatever is needed to finish it…but this shit is not impossible, its just really really hard!!!

    If you don’t think you have what it takes,you were right to quit…and to work somewhere else…

    Now the Cydcor business model is very simple.
    You do door-to-door sales, recruit enough people,teach them how to do it.If you can teach it to a crew of about 10 people and hit all the requirements,they will give you a company.Thats it!!! Not rocket science…but fucking hard shit!!!

    I’m sorry that it didnt work out for you but it did for some people…so its definitely possible.
    You knew the rules before starting working there so please dont complain after your failure please…

    • I take back everything positive that I said about you. It seems that you more dense than I previously imagined. First of all, I finished my account executive position in 3 days. I moved on to the next step and was doing very well. But something was wrong with the system.

      The Cydor business model is a PYRAMID SCHEME. It is not “hard shit”, it is a very simple scheme that hooks idiots like you by selling you a dream. Guess what, you don’t own the company, you simply open up a branch spreading the same disease you contracted from Cydor. You are SELF-EMPLOYED, not a BUSINESS OWNER. Maybe you have never had any business experience, so do yourself a favour and educate that dumb brain of yours. Maybe you will see the light.

      Like you said, if out of 500, only 2 or 3 will actually benefit, then it is a SCHEME! You yourself admitted it. These offices change their name every once in a while. Why? Because people caught on to their little scheme. If you still cannot see where you went wrong, then I am no going to waste my time with your stupidity.

      Just as a warning, here are the locations of some of their offices:

      Whiteplains, NJ – ran by Filipe
      New York City – ran by Bill
      Midtown Manhattan – ran by Filipe
      Miami, FL – ran by Nicole
      Philidelphia, PA – ran by Stefan
      Hartford, CT – ran by Jason
      Fort Lauderdale, FL – ran by Pani
      Atlanta, GA – ran by Bruno
      Houston, TX – ran by Paul

      If you are contacted by any of these offices, BEWARE! You have a choice. Either stay with them like Keith, or do the smart thing and leave like I did.

      • It seems like you know a little bit about the organization so I’m not gonna call you idiot like you did with me.However, you keep saying that they sell you an impossible dream…it’s not impossible since some people finished it.Its just very difficult.

        It’s not “hard shit”? you probably mean that its not complicated but it is actually hard to finish since out of many who tried,only a few will finish it…

        You don’t own a company? hahaha…
        You do own a company since its what they call an ICL (independent corporate Licensee) and you can check the names of all these ICLs are Incorporated which means that every manager is GUESS WHAT ? a business owner.

        Now,you sell what Cydcor tells you to sell cause without them you wont deal with Fortune 500 companies but more with pop and mom’s shops.
        Its called being outsourced and having a broker that provides you support and find clients for you.Any manager could decide not to deal with Cydcor anymore if they want to….it would just not be smart at all cause they would have to find the clients by themselves and do you think that fortune 500 companies want to do business with a random ICL or deal with Cydcor first (which is a much bigger organization)

        To finish with you,I’d like to have your definition of a pyramid scheme…?
        So thanks for your very smart advice but I’m pretty sure I know way more than you about the Cydcor business model.
        So educate yourself first and then come to tell me what to do.

      • Whether it is by all definitions a pyramid scheme is debatable to me, but that’s missing the point. I agree with you 100%, it’s simply an unsustainable business model.

        and for the record – I am a very focused and hard worker but pushing shit on poor folks that they don’t need and can’t afford was not a god-given strength of mine. I spent almost 14 hours a day from the time I left to the time I got home on that shit and came home many days without earning a dime. As far as I could tell the more full-of-shit and unscrupulous you were the better you seemed to do there. So no it definitely wasn’t for me to say the least!

      • Dear Keith (or whatever your real first name is, Mr. CEO of a Cydcor/Credic company),

        Maybe you do “own” your company in the sense that you’re the one who put your own money stting up the office, and you’re the one who runs it… on paper!

        But since the only ones who get sucked into this scam long enough to get there are half a brain, uneducated poor bastards that don’t know ANYTHING about running a business before you get

      • … to work for a Cydcor/Credico affiliated company and everything they “teach” you there is bogus, you have to follow Cydcor/Credico’s instructions step by step. Otherwise, WHY would those hundreds of companies that work under them operate in the EXACT SAME WAY, and NEVER have any other “clients” than the ones provided by Cydcor/Credico???

        If any of these companies’ CEOs were smart enough to think for themselves and really were capable businessmen, their companies wouldn’t be such a exact replica of each other:

        Exact same corporate structure, same way to promote and pay their employees, same products to sell, same sales pitch right down to the last word, same way of stealing from their reps and using them like disposable tissues…

        What you call “running” an office, we, people with an ounce of common sense, call a COPY AND PASTE! Without the least little shred of intelligence, or even thinking whatsoever.

      • Those CEO’s who THINK they own and run their own office are really Credico’s puppets who, in fact, wouldn’t stand a chance at making an honest living by starting their own company from scratch, setting their own goals, making realistic financial projections, getting their own clients and managing a team

    • Seems like you are not really addressing any of the points directed at you. It’s more of a sales pitch redirecting the stated concerns to false hopes and lies. But anyone who finished an undergrad degree will easily spot this…. A bit sad really Keith.

      • I didnt really see what were your concerns JC, so can you remind me what they are please.
        I’m sorry if somebody lied to you and promised you something that wasn’t true.
        Every ICL is different since every manager is independent and can manage his company how he wants.
        However in my case I wasn’t lied to:
        -its 100% commission so you need to have very good sales skills to take the job.
        -You have to build a team to finish it.Build a team is to recruit a certain amount of people and teach them to sell the product.

        What did you get lied to about?

    • You sound extremely naive and unaware of your surroundings. This scam has clearly worked, ON YOU!
      Have fun wasting your time and effort on a job that won’t get you far while everyone else is out there with a better job, making more money, and using less man power. Don’t even bother responding, you already looking ridiculous from everything else you have said, I think everyone has heard enough.

  48. WOW! Denile is not in Eygpt Keith….
    I am highly pissed that this organization called me in for an interview today. As I’m reading this and recounting my experience with them, all of the “SCAM” comments are making perfect sense. It is not a pyramid scam in the sense of making “immediate” money off of others, but “setting” others up to do a repetitive thing and that thing is to “set others up”. Keith your delusional and whoever “sold” you on selling yourself is brilliant because they did a great job of brainwashing you to do what you do!!! GET A HONEST JOB!

  49. This place is crazy and depressing. The majority of the team, having worked there for less than 2 months, commit themselves to the over-hyped ‘rah-rah, knock em dead’ mentality. I would sometimes have to stop, look around and feel dizzy about the massive amount of fake-ness around me. Some of these people looked like they just wanted to just cry. The next step in the company, is when you realize that the initial hires are disposable. You are now the backbone of income; you can be fired at anytime for not making sales and/or assembling a team. You then move up the chain of manipulation and abuse. Also, you need to sacrifice enough:

    time (12-hour, 100 % commission-based work days),

    effort (walking through designated, less-than safe territories non-stop)

    money (shelling out travel fees to get from home to office to territory, then reverse; constantly eating out; all while getting stiffed on due paychecks)

    You then become ‘corporate trainer’ or ‘lead corporate trainer’ or ‘associate manager’ or whatever. Then, you learn how to lie to the new hires, and get them to repeat the cycle of abuse, all while keeping a positive attitude.

    In this office, as you observe the players that are higher on the chain, they get sleazier, faster-talking,and put up a bigger financial front (as if they’re raking it in). By the time you made to Raf, Bill or Felipe’s position, your morals are gone, this dishonest work is your life, and you may or may not be making the ‘big bucks’ constantly promised. I feel bad for those tricked into it, but I feel less bad for those have realized what it is, and continue to hack-away at this job, where nothing is contributed to society, and are to weak-willed to walk away from this possibly lucrative power trip.

    Keith: Your skills can be used to earn better money and karma elsewhere.

  50. Well said Bobby, the trick about is waiting until you have too much personally invested before you realize that the hype and dream is really a pipe dream because it is a system set up on constantly rehiring people that will stay maybe 2-3 months until they find out they are working for leaf-blower wages. So people around you are creating this I don’t care, it’s all about the money mentality to project the image that they are making money. Other people see this and assume if they imitate it’ll happen for them too…..it’s a sad cycle and happens when you are working within a pyramid sheme type office. The people at the top are making the money off constant rotatation of people and repitition of words and ideas…That’s why all the interview are the exact same words no matter who is being interviewed and the results after a few months are the exact same results, no matter who is woring for them. Oh, except for that 1% out of 500 people, they’re are of a special caliber of people willing to get as grimy as possible and lie to everyone in order to make that quota. Face it if you work for any one of these companies you should not consider yourself a fabulous type of person, because your already aware your job is goign to require you to lie in the face of your new hire (aka sacrificial lamb) in order to move up!

  51. I just want to give a big THANK-YOU to everyone who put the truth out there.

    I too responded to a Craigslist Ad, was overly excited about the response I received about how “your past experiences and qualifications peaked great interest among myself and my associates. You should call yadayadayada to confirm a preliminary interview.”, and as I was debating whether to call today or tomorrow about the interview… they called me.

    How desperate of them right? I DIDNT EVEN F’IN SEE IT!! I was hoodwinked from the start! My emotions of excitement over receiving my first job interview skewed my common-sense, and once I calmed down and started preparing for my interview on Friday (which I was going to drive over 2hours to Manayunk PA for) I could not find any concrete information about the damned company. Upon further interrogation, I discover the words SCAM FRAUD EVIL CORPORATION… “shit” I thought.

    They had me man, they got me, gave up my hopes, and if I had not discovered useful insight and information like this blog and the responses, I would have been one of those young hopefuls living a life of slavery. Thank-you again.

    By the way… I WANT TO TAKE THESE MOTHER FUCKERS DOWN!! Look at all of this shit, enough to file a corporate lawsuit on these companies and affiliates all practicing under the same unethical, un-socially resposible, un-human methods. Lets bring these fuckers down… Who’s with me?
    I’ve already chosen this as my topic for a presentation on Corporate Corruption, and am tearing into it…

    Fuck the evil in this world, I’m taking it down starting here.

    • We all could be so brilliant. All this energy wasted on some meaningless evil bullshit. I would place my bets on every person who posted on this page who had enough intellect to see the light , that none of uus are saints. So to actually go through with this shit means extreme ignorance or extreme evil. Out of all the shit to fix in this world, all the sicknesses and diseases to cure, medical advances to be made, n hunger to fix…here are evil assholes creating more societal disease. I will inform and attempt to educate every person I can. As for the evil, heartless monsters in suits sitting at the top of these pyramids, u have already been punished with unhappiness, n pieces of shits like u make me believe there’s a hell out there made just for u to rot in. U wake up everyday attempting to convince yourself u are some kind of success, but in reality you know you are a cheating, deceiving, low-life , pathetic coward that the world is much better off without .

    • Do you remember the name of the company? Or the address? I have an interview in Manayunk tomorrow for 7marketing. Is that the company?

      Thank you!

  52. I want to thank all of you for telling it as it is. My wife has been unemployed for over a year and was so happy to have this “opportunity”. Call it what you will – it is clearly a scam. They told her that she could and would earn between 35k and 55k and never mentioned having to go door to door for sales. She is a college grad with 2 degrees. She has just cancelled her appt. Thank you for saving her all the money it would take ot get there and the embarassment of it all.

  53. Where to start…in response to all of the defenders out there that claim that CYDCOR is not a cult: Take a look at their responses and tell me how many of them say “if it were easy then everybody would do it.”
    This ‘mantra’ is repeated daily to empower the paltry sales team to go out and feel great about what they are doing. I worked in a CYDCOR office in Dallas, TX for almost a year–I drank the kool-aid, was nationally ranked (according to the CYDCOR-published ‘The Leader’) and despite all that, I could barely afford my apartment. How much you make doesn’t have anything to do with how dedicated you are, because I put in time at the office, did all the ‘right things’, hung out with all the other lemmings, and the money I made was downright ridiculous–and embarrassing. I worked 12 hour days M-F and 6 hours on Saturday. A $500 paycheck (on good weeks) was my reward. Mind you we were selling AT&T U-Verse door to door…no sale, no pay. If the consumer decided 5 minutes after I left from setting up their installation date that they wanted to cancel…no pay. 40 houses a day. 3 loops. More if it is an apartment complex. I learned a lot about time management, leadership, subtle manipulation, and sales tactics…but seriously–save yourself some time and read a John Maxwell book.
    I believe that a portion of Polaris, Inc. used to be based in Dallas under the name ‘E.Q. Marketing’. These companies move around and change LLC names to get away from bad publicity on the web, like this thread.
    I hope this helps someone else who is getting ready to accept an interview from any CYDCOR related office. HINT: ASK if the job is 100% commission, or affiliated in any way with CYDCOR. If they dance around the question by noting that ‘they will discuss more about the position at the interview’ or “I’m just the hiring manager’ don’t waste your time. Think about it: why would someone be so hesitant to ADMIT who their parent company is? One of the ‘topics’ they tell their leaders to avoid on the second interview or Day of Observation is in fact CYDCOR. They don’t want people to google it and never come back until they have the opportunity to present it with a positive spin.
    On the other hand, since you are faced with interviewing with this company and others, best of luck in the job search!

  54. I was an Assistant Manager at Cydcor. The business is totally shady but its hard to prove because the shady part is in the “unwritten” part of the business.

    So many things are said to employees about money and company structure that are complete BS, but, because they are verbal and not in writing, it becomes gray and no one can really prove anything was said. There are a lot of promises that are intentionally only implied rather than written so that managers don’t have to take accountability for them later on.

    The offices are all independently incorporated. Meaning, although Cydcor makes money off every sale made in each office, and there is a lawyer available at Cydcor to the ICL managers, the managers are left legally liable for activity in their offices.

    Genius on the part of Cydcor.

  55. ANYONE can get a job at one of these companies but not everyone can read the writing on the walls or the print in the employment “agreement” which does clealy state that you will be paid on a strictly commission basis…

    it is an atypical pyramid scheme. as someone noted above, instead of putting in money, the input is labor. a simple overview of the business model reveals this. promotions occurr only if you build crews and convince people to stay and continue selling. everyone above you gets a cut.

    unlike other companies where your employment agreement binds you to the actual company you interviewed with, the corporate structure of these organizations is setup to legally protect, indemnify and hold harmless each level of managment (all the way up to the main client, whose shit you are trying to sell). higher levels of the chain can then argue that they had no legal control over a lower level if something goes wrong or there are unethical/illegal business practices. it is the corporate structure that makes this a pyramid scheme, ableit not in the typical sense.

    so what happens to your labor inputs? why is this a pyramid scheme? imagine working for a company, 10-12 hours a day and getting paid after 4 weeks of work, except that the amount on your paycheck is not what you expected. you know this because you were given a commission sheet detailing how much you are supposed to make based on the deals you have closed. you go to your boss and he explains that something happened, some of your sales didn’t go through, the client rescinded after three days; a regular rolla-dex of excuses and rebuttals. some will stay on. maybe you make some money (you actually can make money doing job…). others will quit. but you don’t ever recieve an official document explaining why your sales didn’t go through. your information comes from your superiors.

    it should be obvious that “management” has an incentive to try and get you to make sales; they then claim that said sales did not work out in the end. believing that you will eventually quit or stay on for longer, they are then able to take the comission from your sales that randomly “didn’t work out”

    i worked for one of these companies (really just randomly named affiliates) for a while. it’s not so much the corporate structure that bugged me so much as the people and the business ethics that are present.

    actually, YES, some of these companies do scam small/medium businesses and individuals, selling them goods that never arrive, online advertisements that never deliver hits and electricity contracts that are extremely deceptive. and some don’t…

    but the real issue here is the people you will be working with. the reason these companies exist is because the people working there are addicted to lieing. it’s that simple. i’ve been in meetings where someone says one thing and then 5 minutes later answers the same question differently. they lie to the customers. i have lied to customers. it’s a rush, a high. closing a sale.

    but even worse than the lies are the personalites. everyone is completely fake, and if your consider yourself a semi-genuine person, you will smell their $hit a mile away. i definitely smelled it, but hey, i was interviewing with a sales person highly trained in the psychological impulses of the human mind…and i am also generally a trusting person, seeing as all my life i’ve lived in virtuous ways

    i recently worked at one of these companies for a few days. i knew from the get-go that something was fishy, but i wasn’t terribly strapped for cash, and completely bored, being out of work, smoking bongs all day, watching bloomberg and sportscenter. i closed some sales. it’s not that hard. but i found myself losing the skepticism that i originally had and thought “damn maybe this won’t be so bad…”.

    but then, on the off chance that fate would look down on me, another new recruit asked me what i thought about the company, asking what research i’d done. i had done a little bit, but i hadn’t uncovered anything really substantial, and seeing as i didn’t mind the people at first, i relaxed a bit and let down my guard. the first few days i kept telling myself it wasn’t too good to be true. i was hungry for a job and wanted to impress people. but then this recuit told me to google a little bit harder. i knew right then and there.

    i would reccomend that you never work for one of these companies.

    two things:

    1) there is a school of thought which believes that in the signing of a contrat or an agreement, the onus of due dilligence is placed on the “customer”, regardless of whether the sales person lied or used deceptive tactics. survival of the fittest. i just call it unethical.

    2) do not work for this company or any other companies that use this training model


    do more research. the rabbit hole goes farther down than you think…

  56. FYI – This scam now goes by the name, “New York Partners.” Listings are everywhere – NY Times, Careerbuilder, etc. Who offers you an interview a day after the resume is sent in? No one, really. Be careful.

  57. Heh. I really, REALLY want to believe that the people that are saying that this is a scam are just lazy workers that just want money right away…lots of money.

    I just got hired last week at NYPartners. I am desperate for a job (my finances have taken a huge toll on me…I’ve gotten laid off two months ago). I’m also graduating this month. I also don’t have much experience in marketing…except a marketing internship with Verve Music Group.

    After reading these messages and being warned by my parents (who have been pushing me to get a job, yell at me that I’m at home all the time after 2 months of unemployment and 5 years of back to back classes, work, internships, volunteer service, etc…they also want me to move out) and my intelligent friends, I think I’m going to call my ‘trainer’ and back out so I don’t have to go in.

    I was so happy when they said the words ‘well, looks like you’ve got yourself a job right out of college…congratulations!’. I felt so proud and relieved. I’m definitely going to look at paid internships.

    • dear pamela,
      ok correct me if my memory isn’t right, but someone who interviewed me two years ago at new york business partners was you. or maybe someone with a similar name or it could have been someone with the same name. Anyways, what I wanted to say was your company is a total bs!!! Unless you’re a total fool, you should know this by now if you’ve been working there for a while. I’m saying this not to mock you but to save you and give you the momentum to move on with a real job k? I had been a fool for 2 days and I made the mistake of going to the 2nd interview but after going through 4 hours of brainwash by stupid girls of your company, I realized you guys are scammers. People like the managers of your company should be wiped out from this world.

      • LOL Zerona: do you know how many people in NYC are named Pamela?

        Even though I agree Cydcor’s affiliates are scumbags and should get sued by anyone who ever worked there, it seems to me you would’ve blended in the background just fine at Bart Yates’ BS company NY Business Partners, if you don’t have the brains to realize there just MAY be more than a single lady going by the first name Pamela in NYC!

  58. My resume is posted on a couple of sites and so far I have gotten an interview offer from Polaris Inc, Universal, AND most recently New York Partners all w/o me actually sending a resume. I don’t ever reply but they still call me – most of the time the same day they email me. One of them – I forget which – even called me every day for a whole week before I decided to email them and tell them I’m not interested!

    I’m sorry – if the aggressive sales-like recruiting doesn’t signal to you a scam, then at least ask yourself WHY they are that desperate to hire people. Esp in this economy.

  59. Hi Guys,

    Well, this has been absolutely enlighting for me. Allow me to add what I didn’t see mentioned. I interviewed with Polaris Inc. at 325 Broadway in Manhattan, NY. I was impressed that they were located across the street from the federal courthouse but less than impressed when I made my way into the building and than into the office. Bart Yates interviewed me and gave me the same blah blah blah you all got. I got called back and went to the day of observation. Something didn’t feel right so I did a little research. I contacted Staples and confirmed that they did indeed own Quill, however, when I contacted Quill they denied the existence of any marketing contract with “Polaris.” In fact Quill said that they have their own marketing department and would never contract those services out. Essentially, I found out that Polaris has no relationship with Quill other than as a customer. You can go to any staples and ask to speak with the general manager and get the number for the corporate counsel. Call the counsel’s office and instruct them that their name is being used to defraud individuals. They will take the next steps. Also, two of the numbers listed for Polaris get rerouted to 911 operators in NJ. I have already called the NYPD and informed them of what I experienced. As far as I know Polaris is not recognized by the BBB and currently has 415 complaints on file in 8 states with the BBB. Hope this was helpful.

    • Let’s do the appropriate research because this company needs to go.

    • I interviewed with polaris a few months ago and it was everything that people has mentioned here. I began to get a weird feeling when I went to the office and I saw a lot of people waiting to get interviewed and then seeing those interviews last 5 mins.

      They tried to sell me the idea that they were associated with Quill and almost had me to go on the Shadow outing. I did this a few years ago when there was an opening for another company that was direct marketing and I had to give out credit cards apps from early in morning into evening. There was a lot of rah rah but I saw on the face of the mentor was “I gotta get outta here.”

      Do research and trust your gut!

    • Hi mike,
      the exact same thing happened to me too. the first day of interview, i was like ok..what is this? the 2nd interview, wtf !?!?
      during the first interview, I asked the interviewer if she could give me a more detailed info about their case studies with quill, staples etc. She avoided giving any further info about it. Why wouldn’t a company share such things with their prospective employee whom they’re about to hire? It tells me that they never had any case studies to show and they’re complete liars.

  60. Now operating under Blue Rock Partners in Philly – http://www.bluerockpartners.net

  61. Stefan is hard at work in Philly again as Blue Rock Partners. I posted an update on Ripoffreport.com – which I only found after I googled the phone number and found all the affiliated names (or past names…).

    I too almost became a victim, but lucky for me I had a strong gut feeling and many years of hard work under my belt to know this was not good. They will not answer your questions, will avoid your inquiries about compensation and what the job really entails. I even mentioned to Stefan during my first interview how it was quite unusual to not find information about companies on the web. He didn’t seem to like my prying, but had someone call me for a second interview which I stood up. When I didn’t show for that second interview, I had a rude woman call me after 11 mins of being late (lol) and state I was suppose to be there. Whatever. I would not go from a salary position to this crap.

    BEWARE of this scam if you live in NYC or Philadelphia.

    • Coincidentally, MPC & Associates – which has no legit site – has the same address as Blue Rock Partners. I, too, had a gut feeling that something was wrong. Be careful out there!

      • http://www.michaelpaulconcepts.com is MPC $ Associates’ website. It’s a little less vague than Blue Rock Partners, which incidently I have an interview scheduled with tomorrow. Funny how I got the interview BEFORE I e-mailed them my resume… Kinda fishy to say the least.

    • I can not thank you enough for this information! I HAD and interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon….cancelled! I fell for this when they were under the name MPC associates (which is a real company in the UK) a few months out of school. Not again. FYI do not get Blue Rock associates (Real estate company in FL) or Black Rock (mutual fund company in Wilmington) confused with these people. Isn’t it funny that they get away with using the names of actual companies to rip you off? And by rip you off I am saying that they ask you to come in for a day of observation/training/working without talking about pay for the day. I don’t care if you are observing. A legit company will pay you for any time that you spend with them. ANY COMPANY.

      As a rule of thumb, I’ve learned, never accept a job from a place with a site that lists more information about “career opportunities” then what the company actually does. It’s a recipe for disaster.

  62. this is definitely a sketchy business. i had an interview today, and did not do my research before hand. i went in for my 1st interview. it seemed weird right off the bat because the office of Polaris Inc is in this apartment building. They have the 5th floor, and their offices are in this apartment, and individual offices are in teh once bedrooms. Then the guy seemed nice etc etc and told me that if I wanted to get involved in PR/Marketing (because I tol dhim thats what I want to get into once I graduate in 1 month) this would be a great place to start and that they do a lot of face-to face interactions with clients (aka from what I’m reading, door to door sales). If you google Polaris inc. you will not find their company website. If you go to their website pc-org.com it is the VAGUEST thing. I knew it seemed odd to me that they had no information on their about their clients and what exactly they do. I was invited back for a “shadowing” interview on Monday and will just not bother showing up.

    • Since I live close to where polaris inc’s office are. The one from pc.org.com (690 8th ave nyc) I went there the day before to check out where I would have to go for my future interview.

      This place is across the street from a peep show/strip club and literally next to a mcdonalds. 5 floors up, which looks like an apartment building is where Polaris Inc’s offices are, as Annie in the post above me states.

    • Same thing with MPC & Associates! I’m not showing up for my shadowing appointment either…something really shady is going on!

  63. These companies are trash. pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  64. WOW Thanks to everyone – I have an interview with them tomorrow and will NOT be showing up – tsk tsk tsk. I knew something was fishy from the start because the website was extremely vague and the person who called me for the phone interview was mumbling and I could tell she was a young trashy girl who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. SMH! Something needs to be done about these scams, but in the meantime more forums like this need to exist.

    OH and btw whoever is depending this company is obviously either an idiot who got sucked in or is part of the scam itself!! happy job hunting :)

  65. The company is also going by New York Business Partners in the NYC area. I received the same e-mails and call-backs for an interview a day after I had applied for the job. I actually scheduled an interview but upon reading these reviews I decided not to go. These people should be stopped manipulating people and giving people false hopes. The economy is bad enough that we do not need to be tricked into believing their lies.

    • I got the same call from them. It didn’t feel right. They called me the same day I sent my application. They were offering me the “Account Executive” position. It seemed to good for a person with no marketing/sales experience. I decided to cancel the interview, but they e-mailed me back to let me know that they would be able to reschedule the interview for whenever I wanted. It seems they are quite desperate for new victims. I am so glad I read this reviews.

  66. I am a manager at Polaris in New York City and s recent SMU grad. I have this to say, if the people working under me don’t mind working 12 hour days and getting 300-500$ a week that does not make it a scam , just makes them sheep. I may not answer all the questions they ask mr but I do not lie. Most of these sheep could not hold down a day job anyway.

    • taylor, please admit that you’re being scammed. You’re just a poor victim who got brainwashed. Get out of there right now! I’m saying this for your sake.

  67. If you don’t mind working 12 hours a day doing door to door sales in area of Brooklyn that I will only call undesirable because other terms are insensitive this job is for you, if you don’t mind working 12 hour days and paying your own way while doing door to door sales for a company that will not allow you to carry a card and operates out of a office with no signage this job is for you. Other important qualities to have are don’t trust your gut, don’t ask questions about the parent company Cydcor, and make sure that when ordered to drink the kool-aid you do so without hesitation.
    How is it possible for an operation like this to exist ???
    I recomend working at Polaris if you need a great topic for an article on job scams or cultish Corporate behavior programs.

  68. Thank you to all who have posted here! These company’s should be brought down!

    Calling all losers! Criminals! Alchi’s and Drugi’s! Moxy Marketing is for you!!! Ashley Allen will personally get waisted with you, disregard your criminal record, play you for months like the idiot you are, compensate your efforts with… nothing! Then, you will get fed the fuck up(while being broke), and leave without any route to get them back.. …you were warned!

    This marketing Co. in Pittsburgh, is the same story as their… affiliated NY Partners,Cydcor, and all these others.., Ashley Allen is the president(big title, big chick), scam. scam.. scam… scam…. scam…..

    Just like was already mentioned… the scam is to waste your time. They are looking for insecure, unstable, want-to-be professionals, in financial jeopardy. This is to take advantage of you.. if your living paycheck to paycheck and posses any of the above listed traits, you will stay on board, work your tail off with eager hopes of your new job working out. This is what they are looking for.. If your not the sharpest of your friends, dont get yourself into this Co. They will take advantage of you, because its what they do well.

    Unless of course, you really are a loser and want to wade in the kiddy pool for…ever.

    Good Luck!

    • Yes. Yes. Yes. Moxy Marketing is a scam… It is the most unprofessional work place, fat drunk girls, and a few fatter dudes. No one has been employed there long, and no one will be staying… except for Ashley Allen, and her gimp.. gross! Feel sorry for that guy! If you go to an interview, know that you will be hired. If you are dumb, as I was, you can find out first hand, that Ashley Allen is a two-faced liar. She is in this scam for her lifetime, no one working for her will make any money, till you either waste years of your life kissing ass to some fat, drunk, chicks.. pay off of a few hundred a month!!! OR, you get a better job, or just an ACTUAL JOB… pay off of a few thousand a month.

      Don’t believe anything she promises. All the employees are tools. Just keep asking questions… see how few clear answers you will get.

      Don’t think Moxy is different… It is the exact same as all these other posted experiences with NY partners, polaris, and blue rock… the interview process, all the shady players, the long, humiliating hours, the NO money thing, its all true. AND they are all affiliated!!! These business owners are all the same fraternity, and sorority.

      Moxy Marketing run by Ashley Allen is a scam. Tell anyone who is considering this Co. as an employment option, it is not a job at all, NOT a job!

      Good Luck won’t help here.

  69. I just got an e-mail back from a Chicago company called “Impact Executives” run by an Adam Balsinger. In trying to do due diligence on this company and learn about it I came upon this site and have seen his name mentioned a few times. All of the hallmarks of one of these scams has been met: the murky background, no list of clients, the same job posted everywhere looking for anyone. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this company and/or whether you’ve been in for an interview. I was so happy for a moment that I was finally getting callback, but now, alas, I’m put off.

  70. I saw MPC and Associates listed in almost every website I looked at to find a job. In their ad they claim to have entry level advertising jobs available, which I’m interested in getting into. I went to the interview today and felt uneasy by just how empty the office was. The details were very sketchy, but I was told that I may be called back for a second “shadow” interview. They called me back within four hours. Something didn’t feel right so I looked them up. This was pretty much the only thing I could find with information on them. I don’t think I’ll be going to the second interview after reading this. I can understand trying something out like this on my size if I was unemployed with no bills, but I have a secure city job and high student loans.

  71. I just went in an interview with Blue Rock Group. The man I interviewed with was named Dave, and thats it. He didn’t give me a sure name, nor was it on his desk. He didn’t even give me the chance to ask if the training was paid. My father, upon hearing my details, lead to this website. But there is one thing. When you all interviewed, did they say they’d call you in X days by X time if got the job? Thats what they said to me, and I kinda liked that they said it.

  72. These Co.’s are all the same scam, don’t waste your time! The wage is way less then minimum wage… They are ALL scams!!! Anything like cydcor, ny partners, moxy marketing, blue rock, polaris, mpc, ami,…..it’s all the same!!!! They are all over the country. They make money from employee turnover, and the ‘executives’ not paying out. Same set up everywhere.

    Please report your experiences with the BBB, and on sites like these. Check out wolfram.org/scam/cydcor.html, there are some lists of these Co.’s to avoid.


  73. JT I am in the same shoes as you are but if I had any notion that a guy with that name was scamming people in different states theres no doubt hes moved onto Chicago.. I am going to avoid Impact Execs. I didn’t send my resume until my sister told me to check into who im sending my stuff to… So I did and am happier I didn’t … Avoid..

  74. I just had an interview with Distinctive Solutions in Philadelphia. I had the same experience as others, where I sent in a resume and got a callback the same day. I went in for the interview and it all seemed above board although the fact that they seem to be interviewing everyone for the position seemed odd.

    Here’s my question. I see people saying that it is 100% commission, but in the interview I was told that it paid between 35,000 and 40,000. There was no mention of commission at all.

    So is the factor that makes it a scam they commission factor? I know that if it’s door to door they can eff off because the economy may be bad enough to make me take a low pay but it’s not bad enough to have me going door to door!

    • Cont. from post above ^

      Okay so they said they would call me by 5:30 and true to their word, they called at 5:27 and said that they would like to invite me back for a second interview which involves shadowing a “top sales rep”.

      When listing the items I should bring for this next step, she says “please wear comfortable shoes, as you will be meeting with clients”. So I say “I don’t quite understand the connection, why would I need comfortable shoes for meeting clients?” And she says well you’ll be shadowing a top exec in order to get the full experience (ok, not sure how that answers my question).

      So I’m pretty sure that you all are right about the door to door aspect, and I would pretty much be accepting a job as the Avon lady!!!

  75. Moxy Marketing, PA , is a scam, for sure! Same exact set up as all these others. I’m glad they are not going unnoticed…

  76. Ok I saw this ad in craigslist about a company called Polaris Inc at 690 8th Ave., 5th floor, NY,NY. I clicked on their website http://www.pc-org.com I found it weird that they are a marketing firm or so they call themselves and that their website was so boring. I sent in my resume on memorial day since I had nothing better to do and got an email the next day saying to call Jeanie Lau (human resources) to set up an appointment about an hour later I get a call from this Jeanie Lau and I set up an appointment for the next day. I found it weird that they were so eager to see me asap. All I read on the ad was that they were hiring an entry level account manager and that they provided all the training. They needed more account managers due to the fact that they were expanding and needed to fill the positions to better serve their customers.
    I went to the interview and I found it suspicious that their offices were so dull small room painted red with a small coffee table and a tv which had jerry springer on. I was nervous since there was others already waiting to be interview. The same as the previous comments I would do a lot of face to face with clients and the last thing he asked me was if I was comfortable with sales. Found everything suspicious but whatever I was eager since it was my first interview as a graduate. They told me they would review all applications and call me between 3 and 4 if I got a second interview “Shadowing” I was nervous the rest of the day and I got a call at 4:23 and told they would expect me the next day for a long day of shadowing from 9:30 to 6. I really couldn’t understand the rest of the details just to dress professionally since the secretary aka Jeanie Lau the human resources director (why would you be in human resources and a secratary). I came home and decided to do a full research on google typed polaris inc and scam came up along with there name. Thank goodness for this website I will not go to that shadowing interview crap tomorrow.

    • Ah, Gladys I just got a response from Polaris, Inc located at 690 8th street as well. They replied very quickly, and said I should call to schedule an interview. The only reason I was considering it was because it is actually not polarisnyc.com, and pc-org.com was slightly more legitimate looking if not a little boring. Also, their facebook page with their photos etc made it look like a legit small company.
      However, from your experience, should I just skip it? I am also a recent graduate and eager to find a job, but not doing door to door sales. Thanks so much!

      • I went there today for my second interview to shadow what they do. I think there is confusion. They do business to business sales, like pharmaceutical companies do. Not door to door so….

    • You are correct that Pharmaceutical company reps go from business to business. In most situations, they even have to go through a door to get into the business.
      But Pharma reps are employees of multibillion dollar corporations like Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Searle.
      So… sorry Sara but there’s no confusion between them and Polaris, Inc.

  77. thank you all. i was about to wake up tomorrow morning for my second ‘shadowing’ interview at blue rock. My first was today, and it was very shady. Blue Rock Partners is located on the third floor through the back entrance of a beat down building in Manayunk, Philadelphia. Everyone interviewing was an eager recent college grad. They called me back immediately for the second interview. Originally they sent me an email, when i didnt respond within 3 hours, they called me. Beware:

    Blue Rock Partners
    4320 Main St
    3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA

    • Blue Rock Partners became Marketing Partners and Associates at some point, and now it’s 7 Marketing at http://www.7marketing.org/ ..all located at 4320 Main St., 3rd Floor in Manayunk. I hope folks looking into 7 Marketing will find this thread

      • Just scheduled an interview with 7marketing located in manayunk this morning (after submitting a resume last night around 11pm) and cancelled it an hour later thanks to this thread. What was most odd about the call was it was for the manayunk office, yet a man from new York, mike, who didnt state his position,calling to set up the interview even though I never be meeting him. No thanks, I’m about to graduate but I’ll keep my job at the gym for 8.50 an hour until I find a real job, not a scam. Thank you everyone for your input.

      • Oh yeah he also told me “you should consider dressing professionally for the interview.” if the company was any bit professional you would not have to tell me to dress nice, pretty sure that’s implied you idiot. Red flags the whole phone call.

  78. Honestly, brotha, if my good friend hadn’t asked for the website for Polaris NYC, I wouldn’t have found this, and I’m pretty damn glad I did. I had the first interview this afternoon, and got called for the second one on Monday, but now I know I won’t be there after reading all of this. Much appreciated.

  79. thank you all so much for these comments! I knew something was fishy about blue rock partners site when they dont even list their clients. My interview was set up for Friday but theres no way in hell I’m going after reading all this

  80. Thanks all!! Polaris just called me for an interview, and now i know not to waste my time or money commuting.

    good people keep communicating!!

  81. Moxy Marketing is a Scam. Moxy Marketing is a Scam. Moxy Marketing is a Scam

    FWD:”This is B2B selling, where you are told to go back to the costumer even after he/she has said no and your butt hurts from them ripping you a new one. There is more read on.

    This company is a major MLM scam, running a pyramid scheme. They hire anyone who applies to the company, but lead you to believe that you were “chosen” out of the 25 people that the interviewed the day before.

    The second interview consists of going out in the field for 10-12 hours with a so called executive sales leader. After you survive, you are hired. Then the brain washing begins with working you 10+ hours a day and promises of owning your own office in 2 years and a 6 figure income. If you even question the rigorous pace, you are told that the hard work is only for a short time and if you don’t agree you are basically a slacker.

    After you have been accepted into their flock the brainwashing begins…
    A morning meeting starts the day with shouts and group pep rallies. Most questions are never answered. You are told to get with your team leader for a one on one. The problem is that, you can’t get a hold of your leader to have the question answered and then you are rushed out of the office to start your sales day. You are not permitted to come back to the office until the end of the day. A team leader was with you at all times except when you begin to sell solo, then your by yourself. This is done so you are never able to talk with any co-workers. They even walk you to your car every night to make sure you don’t talk with anyone else!!

    The worst part is the deceptive sales training. You are told to have all initials and signatures on the contract and not to worry about the content for they can fix it when you get back to the office. After my first day on my own, I came back to the office and the team leader added a service to the contract without disclosure to the customer. Trainees are also told to distract the customer if they ask any questions about the contract or disclosure statements. The reasoning told to the trainee is that you will be there all day if you answer any questions and you won’t make any other sales. Since you are paid only 100% commission, trainees will adhere to this advice.

    The day ends with another pep rally and a critique from your superior on how you could of snowed a customer into buying something that they did not need. You are then once again walked to your car by a team leader. Only to start the process over again the next day.

    There are some legitimate MLMs out there but, please beware that there are some out there preying on the millions of desperate unemployed people out there.

    I got out in time. Only because I was lucky enough to approach a business owner who was an ex FBI agent. He confirmed my suspicions.

    After doing some extensive research, I have found that this type of business racket is going on through out the CONUS and parts of Canada. Anyone looking for employment BEWARE!!! Anyone who owns a business and is solicited to purchase anything (phone services, office supplies etc.) by contract ask questions and if you are distracted DO NOT SIGN anything!!!

    I plan on filing a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General of the state.”

  82. Mediaplanet is a total scam. Just take a look at one of their publications.

  83. thank you all for this information. i too am a recent grad and applied to a job posting on craigslist yesterday for an entry level sales and marketing position with New York Business Partners (http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/mar/1837195850.html)

    after i sent in my resume i googled the company and couldn’t really find anything. i then got an email today saying:

    “Thank you for your interest in New York Business Partners and for submitting your resume for evaluation. Thus far, we have reviewed numerous resumes and after careful consideration, you have been selected for a preliminary interview which is step one in our three part interview process.

    We expect to fill entry level Account Executives positions for our sales and marketing campaigns as soon as possible. We are currently in the interviewing process and anticipate filling the open positions immediately. To ensure an opportunity, please contact us as soon as possible at 212-760-0233.

    For further information refer to our website.

    Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you!


    Human Resources
    New York Business Partners”

    no name at the bottom of the email? weird. so when i went to the website, i thought it was pretty vague and sketchy that it didnt have a list of clients. still, i called (about 30 min after receiving the email) and spoke with Jen, who said i needed to set up an interview tomorrow as the interview process was moving quickly. i set up an appt for tomorrow afternoon. then literally about 5 minutes later i received a call from Katie of the same company asking when i could set up an interview. i was like umm well i just got off the phone and have one set up already. i thought that was pretty strange, so i began researching and am SOOOO glad i came across this and will NOT be going to the interview tomorrow. thank you for this!!!!

    here is their info:
    New York Business Partners
    1350 Broadway (between 35th and 36th Street)
    Ste 1612 (16th Floor)
    New York, NY 10018

    • Thank god I did not show up to that interview.
      I got the same e-mail. I just knew there was something fishy about that company !

      • they got even skankier.. now they use their names at the bottom Jennifer (no last name? ) and their hords of history stuff in the letter as well (since 1998? i think)

        plus, the lengthy interview invitation letter just doesn’t look right

        I was gonna go to that interview even after googling the company because I got confused if new york partner (or looks like they change names from time to time? Solaris was one) is the same shit as new york business partner. there’r just too many similar name you’ve heard of and I wasn’t 100% sure of companies in the city.

        thank god I found the exact same number (their phone number212-760-0233 for the interview) and the actual name here..

        1350 Broadway.Suite 1612.New York, NY 10018

        their address too .

    • omg yes, i got emails and calls from jen and katie too. beeatches

  84. Interview with MPC & Associate at 1:30 today – Cancelled. Theres something wrong when you apply and receive an interview on the same day… No good.

  85. I just agreed to an interview tomorrow and found it very strange that she was so eager to meet with me. I am thrilled that I found this information before I wasted my time. Thank you.

  86. tay away from NEW YORK PARTNERS!!!!! Totally true what everyone is saying! I went for my “shadowing”, AKA 2nd interview yesterday and knew something was odd how they did business. I really needed a job and like everyone else I went, then after walking around with a very friendly trainer i sat down with Bart Yates, he was some what professional and definitely a smooth talker but totally got a shady feeling, i know that shady feeling, this is coming from a dirty south dude that used to be shady too. It takes one to know one type shit you know. anyhow. he hired me on the spot while at the same time there was loud ass music next door and chants when salesmen/women who entered. what! on some frat boy shit! then when i asked about salary, which is on the original resume sheet they told me it was only commission based. ive worked at a lot of places and never had that happened. So later that evening i did some research online and found mad shit on the company and the people who run it. CRAZY!!! Seriously everyone one the list of founders was a scam artist. And after doing more research i found that these fuckers have been on this since 2006 or so… cant believe they have been doing this for so long. STAY AWAY FROM NEW YORK PARTNERS…..AND NAMES LIKE
    Stefan MAINHART

    • Wow Am I glad I found this blog…first red flag was the voice message left for me was from katie, but the same girl picked up and answered as Jen. I was about to go throw a suit on and head over!

  87. Wow, just got back from my “shadowing” aka walking around the bronx watching another salesman not sell a single thing….This morning I showed up at the office (NY Partners) on broadway and 35th and I am told to fill out a sheet that basically says “I understand that I will not be compensated for shadowing today”. While I am waiting to go out to shadow I hear very enthusiastic people jumping around and hi fiving in the next room. The salesman and I go to the bronx (I payed for my subway fare) and we walk door to door to shitty little convience shops. He was selling “Direct Energy” a wholesale Energy Company who gives energy to ConEd. Everybody was suspicious of us (now I know why) and gave excuses like “my boss isn’t here” or “I dont speak english”. We walked around the whole day and DIDN’T SELL ONE THING. Then I come back to the office to get my bag and go home and never come back. As I’m there im asked to fill out a questionaire and after that one of the employees calls me into the office and asks me some questions about the day and hires me. While this is going on it sounds like a concert in the next room, music blasting, people jumping around. They asked me to go for drinks after, I declined thinking something felt odd….I found out that NY Business Partners is not even hired by Direct Energy to sell their product. NY Business Partners buys Energy in bulk thus getting a huge discount from them for lets say 7 cents a kilowatt…NYBP salesmen go around selling parts of that bulk for 11 cents (they would usually pay around 15 cents per kilowatt)…when NYBP call direct energy and plug in the customers account number they also plug in a code telling them its part of the bulk that nybp bought. So NYBP makes a 4 cent profit per kilowatt. NEW YORK BUSINESS PARTNERS ARE NOT HIRED BY DIRECT ENERGY. They are simply customers anyone can do this middle man scam if they can buy in bulk. I call it a scam because they say that Staples and Direct Energy are their “clients” and that they hire NYBP to do “face to face” marketing, which is bullshit. Any idiot can do what they are doing. All you need is A LOT of ignorant salesmen, which I will not be one of.

  88. I laugh at all of you who bash these companies. It just sounds like you are lazy spoiled people who wish to get the good life without working for it. yes, i work for one of the offices, and i make a decent living. i made 1880.00 dollars in COMMISIONS last week. why? cause I work hard and follow what i was trained. i’m not aggressive at all, i see my doors, offer value and savings and people buy. I’ve been doing this for 3 months now and make more then i every did in salary capped jobs. i’m in control of what i am worth. the more i put in the more i get out. why is that difficult to understand. yes you dont get paid for travel to work, what job pays you to get to work, please let me know. But my travel exspense, my cell phone bill, my lunches, my suites, and my dry clening, i get to write it off the end of the year. You all act so proud thet you did your research on the company, but what about research on the position????? sales is sales. it is what drives every business. and the team building, u fools, it is mangement training. if i can manage a small team as a ct then i can learn how to manage an office. I have seen people who completed the course and are living the sweet life and i am willing tio work hard to get there. IT SOUNDS LIKE THE CRY BABIES ON THIS SITE ARE NOT!! u all complain that its hard and not easy, well DUH!!! if it was we all be trumps now wouldnt we?? What is hard to me is working the same dead end job for 40 years making my 2 to 3 % raise each year and praying the whole time i dont loose my job while the whole time working for the man till my social security kicks in to combine with my pension so that i can live the rest of my days at retirement home. F THAT!!! What i can accomplish in a year here with this company, some people take a life time to do. So am I willing to work hard for about a year out of my life to get the thing i want out of life??? Hell yeah!! So you followers out there who dont have a mind of your own and follow the whaa whaaa of the people who want to complain and call it a scam cause they simply didnt have what it takes to make it, well, good luck get’n what you want out of life. Like I said, you want to do research, the research the posiitn, follow the training and get the most out of it. Oh, and by the way, 28% commisions is a high rate of compensation. Again, if you spent more time researching then bitching you would find that the market avg compensation is between 12 and 18% commision. So again, just lazy people who want to put the blame on the company instead of just admitting they got fired or quit cause the didnt have what it takes. BUT HEY THATS OK< THE WORLD NEEDS DITCH DIGGERS TOO!!



      Do you think you are intelligent, laughing guy? You work as a door to door salesman dude, it’s not management training!…& it’s 2010!!! LOL! No educated person could truly consider this a career. and by the way, your the prostitute to your boss, your opinion doesn’t count. You make more than anyone at the office because of it… I KNOW you didn’t make $1800 last week, and if you did it’s from extra curricular activities… 1800 a week once in a long while, after almost a year at the job.., and you would have, really worked your ass off for it!!! That’s not a positive statement… especially if you have to commute ALL over the city, everyday, all day, to ‘get to work’, no benefits. ‘Write off’ at the end of the year, like the EZ form isn’t familiar to you… LOL

      Who’s living the ‘sweet life’ in this cydcor scheme anyway? NO ONE! I sure as hell don’t see any of these ‘president’s’ living a sweet life, but compared to what you do, it must look that way. Hello!!! its called-your brainwashed!!!
      ..ditch diggers make about $20-$30 an hour. That is a job you could not do. Because you are lazy, like your entire office, settling the way you all have..

      You see, …some of us, know a couple things about computers.

      Nice try though, bullshitting is getting in your system. Wonder what the promotion label for that is? will there be a supermarket cake promo party? how does media manager sound? or maybe back to executive, or just, head of the ‘im your bitch’ ‘I.Y.B.’department? LOL


      • Sham on you Ashley Allen! What a crock of shit!

        Moxy Marketing, owned by Cydcor Inc., run by, Ashley Allen and her fiance Chris Ogden, has the least professional workplace in greater Pittsburgh. It is a sham of a business from the start. The entire Co. is set up in such a way, that, either one of two options will be a reality. If you are extremely desperate, she will see that, take extra interest in you, and brainwash you to believe: this is the ONLY opportunity in your life; to be promoted, and promoted some more, and on your way to ‘running’ your own office. This option is for those with very little experience and very low self-esteem. You will never have a life outside of this B.S. cydcor world, while making just enough to finance a car without completely stressing out. Most of the president’s of these Co.’s live with coworkers, and roommates. In Ashley’s case, her mom pays a portion of her rent!!! The other route, you can try this job, keep your hopes up, write off strange communications and situations, spend your money and time out at the bars with your coworkers, hoping that you will be getting paid in the end. Unfortunately, no one can live off of the very low commissions. You will ultimately be cornered financially, it may seem the only option, is to fulfill your dream of Cydcor. Or, you will be played with, doing the door to door, worried that, all will be for nothing, and you will be out all the gas money, drinking nights, and weeks without pay. If you are like me, your bills will make the choice for you…. A $20,000 financed car in one year of being paid less than the national minimum, doesn’t sound like the sweet life, that the ‘laughing guy’ desires. I must also submit my ‘opinion,’ that your numbers and percentages might work on the new hires, but when you put it in writing, it’s bunch of crap! You know nothing of what REAL companies offer. Just to give you an idea though: my sister’s Co. gives her a %5.5 increase each year. That’s about $13,000 she will bank this year opposed to last. But, Ashley doesn’t give raises anyway!!!

        Ashley Allen will lie to your face, talk shit about you just around the corner, sleep with anything, drink like the college kid that she is, and don’t believe for a moment-that you will be getting any benefits. If she says she offers it, ask her to put it in writing! – but then they’ll know your not a lemming, so you will be let go, or talked to… in that oh, so, humiliating way. …then you will understand all the angry posts on her sorry little outpost.


    • ^^ laughing guys post is 100% made up, false, and UNDOUBTEDLY posted by one of the fresh-faced jackasses that’ll “hire you” and fuck you over in a second.

      “28% commisions is a high rate of compensation.” Not without a base salary you lying sack of shit. Sweet lyfe

    • Raf, Raf, Raf…

      Are you capable of EVER trying to make a point without insulting those who try to preserve others by letting them know how twisted you and your buddies really are?

      This whole “laughing guy” post is nothing but a collection of curse words and demeaning assumptions about someone you obviously can’t even place, given the number of employees you lied to and stole from.

      It’s getting old, man…

  89. I checked Moxy Marketing Inc. online first. Then, to give THEM a chance, I checked them out at the interview.. very eager employees… Not in a good way. I kind of feel sorry for them. It was just like all the previous statements on this site. This kind of job is for real losers. It’s a NO!!!

  90. Sounds like fun!i!

  91. It’s scary, not funny at all. These people are being brainwashed. It will be months before they are completely broke, and hopefully figure it out why.

  92. If Moxy Marketing is really the same as NY Partners, beware! Anyone looking for work in NYC, the LAST place to go is NY Partners. Im so glad I found this site! Shadow interview… nah! I would rather be a ‘manager’ at McDonald’s!

  93. I applied to this job today and was called back within the hour. I was surprised at how quickly they called. When they called however, they did not identify themselves and were eager to set up an interview with me.

    To learn more about Polaris Inc. I went to the Web site they had posted on their CB ad – http://www.pc-org.com/
    The site tells me nothing about the company and I Googled the name and found many hits that included scam. Whether it is a scam or not, they are pulling a veil over people’s faces. When they called me they made it sound as if I would be working in an office not on the street. The bottom line is to be straightforward, there are people out there who enjoy doing door to door sales, I am not one of them. If I were, I’d be doing a legit job like working for the Census for $25/hr.

    They’re now operating under Polaris Inc. on 8th ave. b/w 43rd & 44th near Times Square.

  94. WOW, THANK YOU! (AND I LOVE THE SUBTITLE OF THIS SITE). JUST GOT A CALL FROM NY BUSINESS PARTNERS. I thought it was too good to be true. I researched “new york business partners” and noticed that the 3rd “auto-fill” down in google was “new york business partners scam.” I’ve seen a lot of these scams but they are largely located in North Jersey in this market. I never thought that with an address on Broadway between 35th and 36th this was another one of those pyramic marketing schemes. THANK YOU AUTHORS AND POSTERS FOR NOT WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME!

  95. I’m going to have to second dave’s comment about blue rock partners in philadelphia, pa.

    please beware if you find yourself on an interview with any of the following people:
    stefan mainhart
    filipe pereira
    dave kim

    these people are scam artists.

    • So true, true assholes. All three of them fuckin scam artists. “Wait till lunch time to talk about the pay scale” This is what they will tell you first day. “There’s no such thing as bad territory, just bad sales people.” they will also tell you. Ohh and yeah, Have you heard of “cold calling, its our system of going in and scheduling appointments for future dates”. Don’t trust people who don’t buy furniture! they will have you standing up by 8 in the morning, using all your money to get to your areas! they say all the people who write stuff about them being a scam are mad cause they “weren’t selling much” Bullshit everyone writing at one point was Account Executive or at least corporate trainer And yess they follow the Model set up by Ralph. Ohh yeah Laughing GUY is gay, sure you made that much. Stop covering your tracks you are one of these assholes listed below!!!! There’s not even a fuckin sign out front, my cousin went there and she said they had a fuckin piece of paper around the back of some old spot in Manayunk!! what type of shit is that really!

      stefan mainhart= Bitch with Spikey Hair (most unprofessional )
      filipe pereira= Tan lump of shit with aggression issues
      dave kim= Little midget with one suit!
      PS they claim they have sooo much money, look at their unpainted office. BLUE ROCK PARTNERS MAIN STREET MANAYUNK. DON’T let them TEAM NIGHT you into staying!

  96. I just signed up for an interview tomorrow with Blue Rock in Phila. After reading this, oh hell to the no. The girl on the phone was creepy and gave me sass when I asked for a different time to meet. And didn’t give me any background about what position I applied for. I just applied to apply. This is most certainly not the job I want. Question is, how the hell do I get out of the interview?

    • look: these people are completely shameless and waste everyone’s time on a daily basis.

      just don’t show up for your interview and don’t respond if they ever try to contact you. if you do show up, mock them openly to their face. trust me: they have no professional standing with anyone, so it’s not like you’ll lose credibility with anyone else you might be interviewing with later.

  97. Thank you everyone who posted on here. I was tipped off when I got a call the day after I sent in my resume to New York Partners AND a call the morning of the interview confirming I was still coming. Came in for the interview anyway and became really wary when I saw the logos of their ‘clients’ including Walmart and Staples among other huge reputable companies yet these guys are operating out of a four room rental office with bare walls. Bart was very convincing and I had an identical run-around like people here have explained calling me for my second interview within 5 minutes of the deadline he told me I would hear from them. I was actually in the process of reading this thread when I got the call back which I ignored.

    However, my reason for writing on here is that these people now have all my personal information including my social security number. How concerned should I be? I felt really uncomfortable providing my soc at the interview and now I feel even worse about it.

    • I also interviewed with them, and got offered the job before I did quit enough research to learn that its a pretty sketchy job. I felt uncomfortable putting my social down too, but made myself write it off thinking i was just being paranoid. Anythin ever happen with your credit?

  98. I worked for these assholes for a few months, and listen to me people, they are LIARS and SCAM ARTISTS.

    DO NOT fall for their BULLSHIT lies, they are all COMPULSIVE AND OBSESSIVE LIARS!

    EVERYTHING they tell you is a LIE. They are just trying to be nice to you and “win” you over so you can work for them for as long as possible, for FREE! They are seeking FREE/CHEAP LABOR. That is the entire premise of their scheme, CHEAP LABOR. How it is legal, I don’t know, but the creators of this scheme are fucking IDIOTS because it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that all they’re after is $$$$ and people who are ignorant, sheltered, naive, and stupid enough to work for them for very VERY CHEAPLY OR FOR FREE. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT FALL FOR IT.


    REPEAT: EVERYTHING they say to you is a LIE. They are LIARS, people!!! All the little tricks and “tactics” they teach you on how to close someone, is exactly what they’re using to CLOSE YOU. They want to “close you” aka an “outside deal” so they can suck you into working for their FAKE ASS company for as long as possible for less than what is LEGALLY ACCEPTABLE! Don’t do it! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! If you’ve passed third grade you should have enough knowledge and common sense to realize this scam!!!

    Take my advice and steer clear of these ASSHOLES! They are all LOSERS! I mean how could you be a “manager” (thats what they call it…) making “six figures” a year and still living with 3+ roommates on the out skirts of Manhattan! Shouldn’t you have a high enough income to afford YOUR OWN place IN Manahattan?! Doesn’t make sense.

    ALSO+++ They WILL steal your money from your paychecks and provide absolutely NO EVIDENCE of the total hours you’ve worked. They WILL loose your paychecks and never make an effort to re-emburst you although you’ve asked 5+ times! They WILL act in the utmost unproffessional manners, and they WILL lie right to your face!

    Save your time and energy for people or a company who actually DESERVES and NEEDS your hard work and efforts. These scum bag scammers don’t deserve any hard workers!….Oh wait that must be why their turn-over rate is rediculously high!!!!HAhaha and it’s because they’re expanding so quickly ;-) LOL. Suckers!

  99. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If Ashley Allen, the obese bitch at Moxy Marketing, actually got that dude to marry her… someone at Cydcor should give her a proper promotion. She will have pulled off-the ultimate scam. For that walrus to make her employees fuck her for their fake promotions is, in the least, …heard of. But, to brainwash, to the point, of getting your office boy to marry you …That might take a bit of a brain. Who knew! Mr. Chris Ogden, where is your sense bro? You went to college, right? Is there really nothing else on planet earth that you are capable of doing for a living? Judging by your handshake though, you possibly are lacking in some departments.. yes the tiny brain dept… Ashley you are sick. but, congrats on the husband! Gross!

    • Chris Ogden claimed he has no sexual relations with his boss…??? ………He also claims they are not running a scam. Ashley Allen has a reputation for being a skank, not only from Moxy Marketing, but all over this country. Florida mostly. These offices are all inbreed. They all live together too! if you are dumb enough to work at Moxy Marketing or its new name Keen Marketing, after experiencing the 1st interview…just be careful getting drunk on team nights, thats when they suck you in.

      Peace out!

      • How Funny! Just found: “Christopher Ogden, 35, of Scott, was charged early Sunday with public drunkenness on Hope Street.” -Thursday, October 28, 2010
        Pittsburgh Post-Gazette …Lets ask Ashley if this is her employee arrested on a team night! lol Stay tuned for their domestic violence charges!!!

        This is part of going out with the office, and ending up in a bad situation. Ashley Allen does need her employees to get that drunk, for them to ignore how badly they are getting screwed. I guess for Chris Ogden, having sex with Ashley Allen is just another form of getting screwed by Moxy Marketing and Cydcor, New York Partners, Polaris, Blue rock, Diaz, Yates and Mainhart!

        It’s all the same company.

        All the main players in these scams are very bad news!

  100. the philly office is now recruiting under marketing partners and associates. same thing as blue rock partners: STAY AWAY.

    • Thank you for your post alerting me to the fact that Blue Rock Partners = Marketing Partners and Associates. I googled the latter and did not find much information, but luckily your comment lead me to this site. I went to the Blue Rock website, and they have the same address as Marketing Partners. Who names a business Marketing Partners and Associates anyhow? It seems a bit redundant. I made clear to the recruiter that I was not interested in door-to-door sales, and she still scheduled an interview. Ha! I will be canceling first thing tomorrow.

      • I used to work there. Don’t do it! They are also working under the name ‘Fundraising Partners’.

        AMP = Blue Rock Partners = Marketing Partners & Associates = Fundraising Partners

        All the same skeevy people.

    • Thank you! I also almost wasted my time here. Also, note that ABC marketing in Philly falls under the same umbrella.

  101. New York Business Partners are getting slick with their tactics. They waited atleast a day or 2 before they contacted me instead of the same day calling. I got the 1st interview scheduled by good ol Jen. Went and met up with the infamous Bart Yates. Honestly these people cant lie worth a damn. During my first interview Bart looked at where I was from and was like oh I grew up out there too, then later in to our interview he totally forgot his first lie and was talking about how he grew up out in Kansas with his mom. I got scheduled for a second interview aka “shadowing” went on this shadowing trip with these 2 girls, ill call them A and J for distinguishing purposes. Girl A takes a look at my resume (which I thought was weird i had to bring another copy of my resume to a 2nd interview) and was like hey we live in the same area of Queens (ironically up the block from me) and proceeded to go on how she grew up there with her parents and then they moved to another area of the same town recently. 2 hours later i asked her about her education she was like “oh well i was raised in Jersey thats why i went to college out there” I looked at her like she was crazy like she couldnt remember her own lies. Then later when girl J was talking about visiting her family in Hong Kong for the holidays this yea all of a sudden Girl A is like”yea i cant figure out if i wanna go to San Jose to visit my mom or Hong Kong to visit my dad”. Maybe she forgot i was there so I asked to clarify “You mom lives in Cali and your dad lives in Hong Kong?” and she was like yea. Clearly she forgot she lied 2x earlier. during the shadow when we went to the small businesses in Astoria and I really questioned their tactics because Ive worked in retail for a while and when pushing a store credit card you know after 2 objections (possibly 3 at some stores) to just move on and try with the next customer. But these 2 were just so annoying with their persistence that I actually started to empathize with the customer about how annoying they were. Not to mention they would go into Bodegas and Restaurants to try to sell this office equipment and cleaners. And when I pointed out that my family is deep in the restaurant industry and i know for a fact most places like that go to Restaurant Depo for their needs, these 2 tagged teamed me into explaining how they closed alot of restaurants to just buy cleaning supplies (yea right). So as the day moves on we get to a law office that actually decides to buy a couple of cases of paper. Now the guy asked for 4 cases and emphasized it even with his bad english (he was Greek) I looked over as girl A was filling out the order form and put him down for 6 cases instead. So i pulled girl J over and asked her why is she doing that she told me not to worry. From then Ive been asking questions alllllll the time and questioning their behavior.

    Even with all my questions they hired me i did my first day of training and quit. And when i asked if they were tied to Polaris Girl J just responded oh it depends on where the manager completed his program. Bart is with Polaris, Bill is with a Energy company etc. Honestly I knew it was a crock from jump as soon as I saw the “I am aware i am viewed as a sales rep by the state of NY which means I am a worker for 100% Commissions therefore i forfeit the right to any minimum wage or salary compensation” statement on one of the forms they had me sign. I did the day one training for shits and giggles I kept asking my trainer (girl A from my shadow day) all these financial questions and questions about the company. I think I finally got on her nerves when I asked about the turnover rate which she answered with a lie. Then she got a lil peeved that i wasnt doing the Quill Pitch verbatim and I wasnt being aggressive enough like her (aka annoying as hell) especially when we went into Bodega and Restaurants. My thing was why should i S RIGHT TRAINING IS UNPAID! ANY SALES MADE GETS CLAIMED BY YOUR TRAINER)

    And honestly any company that makes people do imperial bows to the team that makes more money than them as conditions of a bet has issues not to mention a company that has a team called the Ninjas mainly made up of black and azns with in the “business” (read betwixt the lines people) is not a place i want to work. Not to mention they were anxious as hell to go out with them for Team night and get
    drinks Im sure this iswhen they slip some psycotrophic drug in your drink making them OVER EXCITED ZOMBIES about being a door to door sales person. (They use Business to Business sales or Account Executive to make you feel better about this joke of a job).

    LIES LIES LIES LIES I took it seriously first then upon my “second interview” observation I knew something was fishy from jump but for shits and giggles I decided let me see what happens on day one of training I wanted to see how far these people will go to try and convince you that you are going to succeed and you will be part of a family atmosphere. SMH family of liars.

    Honestly if you just need a good laugh just see how silly this whole company is. I think my favorite lie was how girl J went to school in England and studied Law (She claimed to go to Oxford) but somehow she ended up just doing B2B marketing… I dont care who you are in a recession like this if you have a degree in Law from a school in England ESPECIALLY OXFORD there is no way in hell you randomly decide you want to work in sales after working in a law firm as a legal secretary.

    Silly NYBP / Polaris Inc. Trix are for kids.

    • Maria,

      I am literally LOL at your post. I worked there not too long ago and you are right on the money with how the office is and they way the shadowing goes. The cooperate trainers are told to try and identify with the person that they are interviewing. That’s why they ask about where you are from and they try to relate. It’s part of the READ, RELATE, RELAX tactic that is also used for sales. You the read the interviewees/ customers, you try and relate to them, and hopefully they will relax. I was asked about favorite sports teams, where I went to school, my family, etc. I must say it worked like a charm because by the end of the shadowing they had me hook, line, & sinker. Its as if they are trying to impress you rather than you trying to impress them. The cold truth is that they WILL HIRE ANYBODY. It doesn’t matter what you put on your resume. They only bring the resume out for the day so they appear to be professional. The person leading the shadowing (usually the person who took your resume) needs you to be recruited onto the team so that they can be promoted to the next level. Even though they don’t immediately get cold cash off recruitment they earn it when they open their office. Opening an office is IMPOSSIBLE to do without recruiting people and getting them to stay. That’s why they asked to you go to “TEAM NIGHT” and where you and another office get together and your team leader (the one who did the interview) motivates you/ manipulates you into staying onboard. After team night they have “GROUP NIGHT” where the group (e,g Ninjas) further coax the new recruits into sticking it out. You spend so much time with these people that they wind up becoming like family and you don’t want to leave even though you should. Once you become a Corporate trainer and start interviewing people they have workshops on how to get people to want to stay. They teach you how to make the opportunity sound good by using the tech called the “F.U.G.I.E.S” also used for sales purposes

      F= fear of loss: There is only one position left (Lies.com)

      U= Sense of URGENCY today is the last day we’ll be conducting interviews so come in tomorrow or it is a no go. ( More Lies they hire everyday)

      G= Greed: There is so much financial freedom once you get your own office. (True if your the 1 n 50. Play the lotto instead)

      E= Keeping up with the jonEs: well so & so just got promoted and now they are going to get their own office. ( Everyone wants what their neighbor has)

      I= Indifference: We don’t care if you are on board or not because we hire so many people a day. (True because 90 percent of the people quit within the first 5 weeks remember no one gets a promotion without recruitment. Thus hiring is constant)

      I forgot what the S stands for but you get the picture. Truthfully however I can’t say that everyone is a scam artist. It depends on the office and the team leader because my team leader was honest with me from the door. He laid everything out for me BUT i noticed other team leaders not being as forthcoming. I didn’t deal with team Ninja too much but I have an idea of whom your are referring to. I stayed awhile in order to learn a valuable lesson. The lesson I learned is DO YOUR RESEARCH and to USE BETTER JUDGEMENT. No one reads the fine print or probes with deeper questions. That’s the problem with America as a whole. We just jump right into things. Sometimes the best lessons learned cost us the most. I spent over $3,000 (bus, train, food, cell phone) there but made less than 1,000. It wasn’t that I was a slacker there because I wasn’t. I just found it difficult for me to be a pain in the ass and mislead customers by leaving out important info all in the name of a sale. It wasn’t for me but for some people being an annoying individual works wonders for them.
      All I can say is do your research first, go on the 2nd interview for kicks and so you can see for your own 2 eyes how things work then form your own opinion. Maybe you are an undercover annoying person and this form of sales will work for you. *shrugs*

      • If your going to be in sales, your gonna need to learn how to be aggressive. I don’t think sales is cut out for you. Whether it is on the phone or in person, it is the same principles. This translates to any industry where there is sales: manufacturing, insurance, investment, office supplies, telecommunication, energy, etc. People demonize people who are aggressive, but those are the people who make money. You also probably call lawyers and doctors scam artists as well, don’t you? The most coveted of industries are those that require a real “don’t take no for an answer” mentality. If you can’t do that, don’t try.

      • There is a difference between being aggressive and being dishonest. It is a line that can easily be crossed.

      • GW (aka Raf Diaz),

        Can’t believe you dare define lying to your employees constantly and stealing from them as “aggressive”.

        It crosses that line you’re referring to by far, which is why everyone but you (and the other CEOs and managers who make fake positive posts on here) calls it “dishonest”.

        And by the way, who do you think you are to pass judgement on what others are cut out for ?

        If we’re going to make snap judgements on this thread, then let’s:

        Raphael Diaz, I don’t think you’re cut out to be a free man, you do way too much damage to society, you belong in a jail cell!

  102. I used to work out of the Philadelphia office and I can attest to the dishonest nature of the people and the work they do. I just wanted to let people know that the Philadelphia office at 4320 Main Street in Manayunk is now operating under the title of Fundraising Partners (www.fundraisingpartners.org) as well as Marketing Partners & Associates (marketingpartnersandassociates.com). I worked there at the beginning of 2010 when it was AMP (Apex Marketing & Promotions) and the week before I left it became Blue Rock Partners. They’re all the same operation run by the same slimy people: Stefan Mainhart; Felipe; Dave Kim. It says something when a business needs to change their name so many times in one year.

    • Thank you so much for posting this, I almost went an interview at the Philadelphia office unprepared.

      • wow thanks for the heads up, I had an interview with them tomorrow but now I gotta call up and cancel

    • The email that their “personnel manager” suggested that I google them before my interview…boy am I glad I did, because it brought me to this blog. Guess I have more free time tomorrow than I had planned, because there is no way on earth I am wasting my time.

  103. hey guys,

    thank you so much for your feedback here. I was a little concerned when I didn’t find any information on “New York Business Partners”but after some research and reading all your replies I will not be going to their “2nd interview” tomorrow

    I did go in for an “initial screening” today which consisted of like 10 minutes of some Chinese girl rambling a script that made no sense and asking me if I “followed her” weak delivery

    Anyway after reading all this I certainly will NOT be going to the 2nd interview tomorrow to follow around some loser all day

    It was kind of my fault though for not doing enough research and asking them if they provided a base salary.. not that they would have answered!

  104. I’m sooooo glad I stumbled upon this website. It took me a bit of digging though. Today I interviewed with Marketing and Fundraising Partners aka the lovely Philadelphia office. I saw their post on Craigslist and thought I would look into it. I couldn’t really find anything on them so I figured it was ok. They called me the same day that I sent them my resume, but I waited two days to call them back. I wanted to see if I could find more information. As I said, today was my interview and it was a bit strange. It was laid back and Stefan was pretty nice but it was very short and I wasn’t really asked too many “interview questions.” I didn’t think much of this because I recently interviewed at Sugar House Casino and that was NOTHING like a “normal” interview. I was told that I would get a call between 4 and 6 letting me know basically if I made the cut… Funny, my interview started at 4:05… I was under the impression of fundraising for the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency), a legit organization that needs all the raised funds it can get, however, when I checked out the website, there was no mention of marketing and fundraising partners at all. This pretty much confirmed any doubt about them that I had but I then doubted my better judgment, remembering that Stefan said they were a new company. I also remembered that he mentioned they started in DC and had a NY office as well. I tweaked my google search and found this site here.

    I just think that it’s terrible that they are using the UNHCR to help them do whatever it is they are doing… It’s not sales but now a shady fundraising scam. It also sucks because they are prying on us folks trying to get a job.

    Oh and I got a call from Stefan at 6pm, but I didn’t answer it. I won’t be calling him back tomorrow either.

  105. yeah, i definitely was duped by NYBP too. i put in my resume at night, got a call back from them in the morning (strange, but the same thing happened to me when i worked at circuit city {RIP}). i go into the first interview, and i know i bombed it. i was nerveous as hell and kept on stumbling on words. they still call me back for a second interview (desperate much?). then i go on the second interview aka shadowing a trainer. walked around BedSty Brooklyn all day going to these different businesses and try to convert them to directly get their electric and gas from Direct Energy. he even had a badge and everything haha. the funny thing is when i question him about the job. i flat out asked him, “so this is a sales job?” his answer was “no, we are a marketing company, we are not selling anything” yet all i seen him do all day was try to convince small business owners to buy their energy from direct energy. another thing that threw me off is their little corporate structure… they have this whole chart on the positions you can hold and typically how long you’re gonna be in that position. the first position is the “Account Executive”, second being something else and so on and so forth til you get to manager position. the second position is responsible for training and showing new recruits what the business is about. you typically stay at this position for 2-4 months or some odd number like that. the person that i was shadowing was in that position for a year and a half now. yeah, ill pass.
    P.S. i thought i was strange when i came back from the second interview and they were blasting 50 cent – i get money in the office smh

  106. mabe

  107. I worked for this guy for 4 days back in October 2003. I didn’t get conned by him because I kind of got scared off (fear keeps you out of trouble, byt the way.)

    Diaz is definitely a friendly sort of guy, and was very welcoming.

    The job involved this: show up at 6am in a suit and tie, get a (heavy) bag of sales gear, take the subway to some far-flung area of the city, walk around all day in a suit and tie with a 15 pound bag slung over your shoulder, and ask every business in the area if they want to buy office supplies from QUILL, whether they qualify or not.

    I was told I wouldn’t be paid for the first two weeks, and after that I’d only make a pittance for the first few months, and only on commission.

    I said to myself “why should I work 12 hour days and not get paid?”

    By Friday I’d quit.

  108. I just got a call from Polaris from the following number: 212.227.8393

    I am a recent college graduate and a recent immigrant to the USA. Because of this, I am very mindful of everything and approach with caution or not approached at all. Within the last few minutes I received a call from them for an interview on Monday and immediately googled them and this is what I found. I will be making a call to decline their offer for an interview.

    According to the person on the phone their address is:
    690 8th Ave, 5th fl, NYC.
    My contacts were either: Antoin or Alanna.

    Best wishes to all job hunter. Be smart. Be cautious. Be optimistic.

  109. ok first off let me clear up a few things…this is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. In a pyramid scheme you make money off the people you bring in and they cannot pass you. At polaris the people you bring help you to get promoted, however everything is performance based so anyone can pass you at anytime.

    The basis for any business is sales, without having sales a company would not have any revenue. What do you think is more effective…sending out a flyer or actually having a person present to answer any questions and address any concerns about the product/service.

    This is not an easy job, but it is no scam. I have worked for this company for 3 months and i have made decent money (400-700/week) but i have also seen others making great money (over 1000/week). I’m not going to lie its a lot of hard work and your end result depends on your work ethic and learning curve.

    However the main purpose of this job is not sales. It is a management training program. Who is more valuable to a company, a person who can generate sales or a person who can teach and manage other people to generate sales. After you learn the basics to the sales and become consistent, you get promoted to a corporate trainer. As a corporate trainer you will still be responsible for sales but you will also have the opportunity to train and interview other people. Wouldn’t you say that training and interviewing is a valuable skill to have? Every company has to train and interview, and even if you don’t make it all the way to management at least you learned a new skill that you can put on your resume.

    The main purpose is to promote people as fast as possible as the demand for our services is very high. We provide our client Quill with over 80% of their new customers, so as you can see we are very effective thus why there is such a high demand for our service.

    The average time it takes to get promoted to manager in this business is 9-12 months. Now of course that won’t be true for everyone, it may take longer for some it may take less for others. In the 3 months i’ve been with the company i’ve seen someone who’s been there for just over a year get promoted to management and actually leave and open her own office in NJ.

    It’s definitely a unique and great opportunity to be able to run your own company within a years time. However it is not an easy task and only the hardest working and motivated people will make it all the way. Once you get to a management position there is pretty much unlimited growth from there.

    • Oh John, you are too funny. You sound like poor misguided Keith up there. Be honest “John” are you really Bart Yates trying to stick up for your business?

      • That has to be Bart, all well spoken and all. The only way that he made it through the whole rep thing is that his dad and his girlfriend supported him.

    • whoaaa this is exactly what I was told during my 2nd interview. Did you memorize all these lines like you’re giving a lecture? Stop faking this bart yates. TOOOO HILARIOUS

    • thank you! Im so tired of people crying on here that its door to door, or commission or… my favorite… cultish. Im football team wasa little bit “cultish” as was pep rallys, and the army. Btw, i dont recruit anybody. I went on one of these interviews in Jersey and said “i gotta bring people in to get promoted??? Pyramid scheme!!!!!” well, you dont bring in people, they show up for a job, if youre doing well, you get the opportunity to train them. If they excell, you obviously did a good job so they give you another new start to train, etc. I dont make any money off what my guys do. (btw, its 40% commission, 30% for manager, 20% for cydcor or smartcircle or credico or apco or any client broker, and 10% bonus incentives for promoting owners).
      So here i am. Managing my people. I dont buy or sell the sheep-like zombiestuff, but i teach the sales system. If any of yall were in my office, id say (sounds like you have a bad case of being a little bitch, Id prescribe a healthy dose of man the fuck up.)
      Yall think youre too good to do door-to-door. Ok, its nothing new. Door to door sales have been around for hundreds of years. Theres always more offices to open up cuz theres a fuck load of people and a fuck load of things to sell em. Dont like it? Thats capitalism. If you think its a “bad” form of sales, go do telemarketing, sell nothing, then tell me how effective it is. Or make and distribute a tv commercial for $5,000,000.
      To be fair Bart probably did write that xD but shut your mouth and stop disqualifying peoples opinions because they come from the people whove been successful and Run the actual businesses youre criticizing. Dont want to do this? Fine, but commission and knocking on doors do NOT A SCAM MAKE! (p.s. We dont all knock on doors. We do in store and retail sales as well.
      All this stupid bullshit that you cant make enough money doing this? Dumb people living beyond their means is not a criticism of the job, but your finance and accounting savvy. I live in NYC, i only need to be making ~$1200 a month to get by. Because i dont spend my money of trivial business, and i watch my bottom line. $450/month on rent, $400/month on food and pocket cash, and $100 subway/transportation. $100 on internet/basic utilities. $150 on miscellaneous expenses and unforeseeables. Sooooooooooo basicly i could live on minimum wage even though i make much more than that.
      Anymore criticisms, please direct them at me. :-)

      • It really hurt my eyes to read your illiterate and illogical scrawl.

        First off, you CONTRADICTED yourself when you said:
        “I dont make any money off what my guys do. (btw, its 40% commission, 30% for manager, 20% for cydcor or smartcircle or credico or apco or any client broker, and 10% bonus incentives for promoting owners).” Don’t you get 30% of the cuts? You said it yourself, right, Mr. Manager?

        Cydcor/Credico/whatever the pharaoh is called nowadays determines your client. If you don’t call the shots, it’s not really your own business. How many mom-and-pop takeout joints have to rely on a superior to determine their product? And furthermore, the pharaoh gets a cut of the profits that YOU make. If it’s YOUR business, it should be yours to distribute as you see fit.

        You DON’T own your own business. You’re MIDDLE management to a large company.

        “Door to door sales have been around for hundreds of years.” Horses have been around for millennia, but are they still useful as a mode of transportation?

        “Theres always more offices to open up cuz theres a fuck load of people and a fuck load of things to sell em. Dont like it? Thats capitalism.”
        Do you even know the first thing about economics? They teach you MARKETING, as in a sales pitch, but not how markets actually work. The laws of supply and demand say that if there is no demand, then there is no market, and therefore no-one to sell to. You can FORCE some of them to buy your stuff, which is the magic of marketing, but market demand determines the purchase rate, and no amount of sneaky impulse tactics can change that.

        “Because i dont spend my money of trivial business, and i watch my bottom line.”
        I see your numbers, but I don’t see growth. Where’s the dream of owning your own business? A manager making “six figures” (which could be as little as $100K a year) shouldn’t even need to scrape by if he’s talented. Besides, I don’t see how much you have set aside for Uncle Sam, health insurance, investment portfolios, retirement plans….

        “Sooooooooooo basicly i could live on minimum wage even though i make much more than that.”
        So how much to you actually make, wise guy? You listed your expenses. Now list your income. Because the former is meaningless without the latter.

        “Fine, but commission and knocking on doors do NOT A SCAM MAKE!”
        That’s NOT where the scam lies!!! Stop dodging the point: The scam has been with recruitment tactics and the promotion model. Why don’t recruitment ads and interviews EVER tell you that it’s a door-to-door operation? It’s not healthy if things aren’t transparent.

        “you dont bring in people, they show up for a job, if youre doing well, you get the opportunity to train them. If they excell, you obviously did a good job so they give you another new start to train, etc.”
        Also, the way you described the promotion model is completely inaccurate. How much emphasis is put on “building a team”? It’s not according to a cyclical model as you describe it. When you as a CT are given a recruit to train, you not only have to promote them, but also RETAIN them. It’s not as simple as being given a new recruit, getting them promoted, which gets you promoted. If so, you could theoretically promote eight guys in a row and none of them even have to stay on, and you would STILL get promoted. No, they have to STAY on your team, and the production quota for promotion further emphasizes that: It’s impossible to get 80 sales a week under your downline UNLESS your downline is large enough to do so without pulling miracles.

    • John / Bart Yates: What a smooth talker you are!

      Agreed, this creative pyramid scheme in disguise is not about money you would ask employees to invest up front, it is about their hard-earned commissions, half of which everyone ranking them systematically steals from them.

      So there, you don’t ASK them to give you money to begin with, you STEAL it after they wasted time and energy earning it. Big diff!

      In fact, in addition to money, you also steal their manpower and break their spirits…

      Much better, that’s for sure!


  110. If the main purpose of this job, is Management training…that barely pays(& your not making $700 a week you liar) Polaris should not list it as a ‘job’ and not advertise on job sites. You have been conned John! The people running their own offices, are broke, this is not a unique opportunity to run a Co. This is not a Co. at all.

  111. Wow, I just read ever comment and I shocked that this firm has gotten away with this scam for years! I have an interview today with NY Business Partners that I am about to cancel. I thought it was weird that they sent me TWO emails and called me the same day but I went with it. I actually just Googled the company so that I would be briefed in what they do and prepared for the interview. I found it suspicious that their site looked like a friggin wordpress blog and it never actually described what they do. Then I stumbled upon this. So glad I did!

  112. I think that there also might be a company named New York Business Partners in Herald Square (35th and Broadway). I had two interviews today – the first was at Polaris Inc and the second at NYBP. I thought they were completely unrelated, but I had a strange feeling because they both were “face to face” marketing, had this three-step interview process, where on step #2 you got to follow an executive around all day. Both of these companies were expanding their offices to 16 locations in the next year, so they were looking to hire very quickly. It was the EXACT same language .. I went to school for Journalism and I thought this was just how marketing firms worked.
    I am SO glad I found this – I seriously almost sacrificed some Thanksgiving vacation time because of my second interview.

    • Hey can you give me more insight, I have an interview with them tomorrow!

      • All the insight you could possibly need is written above – I’m just glad I didn’t go any deeper than the first interview. I feel like an idiot for even wasting that much time.

  113. Found this site by searching for Paul Kluger who runs Galleria Marketing in Houston. Names before GM were
    Kluger Marketing Group and Meriam Marketing.
    Found a company Blogspot “interview” with his HR Manager.
    There’s 2 awesome quotes in the “interview”.
    First one is “I won the 2007 and 2008 Raf Diaz Organization Holiday contests and was awarded ‘Most Valuable Player’ at the 2008 National Conference for being a top performing recruiter in the Diaz Organization”.
    Thats how I found this post.
    Second one is: “”I got a concussion during my interview with Paul Kluger! ” Why, you may ask, is this quote funny? Because Paul Kluger was charged with felony domestic abuse by strangulation when he was Kluger Marketing Group in Oklahoma City. Public records are on OK City County Clerk website.
    Hey Yankees: SouthernMan got your MLM scams right here. Come on down y’all. The winters are warm.

    • I wonder how bad the police records are on all these guys? I just found a blotter relating to a Moxy Marketing Pittsburgh office employee. Chris Ogden being an annoying drunk…. but it would be interesting to find any charges relating to fraud, or at least an account of how many have sued Diaz, successful or not…

    • Thanks for the advice!

      I applied yesterday and received a call today for an interview in the afternoon. Kind of strange, I thought, but I wanted to see what did they offered. They didn’t make it clear on the phone.

      The interviewer seemed extremely fake. The whole thing just didn’t feel right. I just got the call for my “second” interview while I was reading this and of course I turn it down.

      Shady, very shady…

  114. • Christopher Ogden, 35, of Scott, was charged early Sunday with public drunkenness on Hope Street.

    Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10301/1098441-57.stm?cmpid=news.xml#ixzz16dpMt8Zo

  115. Keen Marketing and East Coast Marketing are the same as Moxy Marketing. Ashley Allen is the one running this scam. …Of course as a personal whore for diaz, but, anyway… They are advertising their jobs under this new name because of all the negative response online. Keep up the communication PA! Don’t let this Co. get away with this scam! They advertise under Moxy and Keen Marketing, its the same employment scam as all the others posted in this site. This job scam is advertised on Monster, jobisjob.com, simply hired, job search, craigslist, and have a pathetic facebook page. East Coast Marketing, are all the same employees from Moxy Marketing, as well. Run by, Yes, that disgusting woman Ashley Allen. They spread like a disease.

    Anyone interviewing with her should call her out! It’s pure entertainment to see such a loser get all defensive. In fact tape it and youtube it! lol!

  116. IMPACT EXECUTIVES= SCAM…So Adam Balsinger is now the owner of a company in Chicago, called IMPACT EXECUTIVES. I went there today for an interview and discovered the scam that it was right away… I walked into a room where there was a desk, with the bubbly, Raechel (HR director) as well as about 12 other people who were waiting to go into a 5 minute interview with some guy who was supposed to be the “owner” of the company. Well, he wasnt. Impact Executives does a great job of building up their website and making everything seem like its some legit company to work for but its really not. They advertise thier “position” on Craigslist stating that they are looking for a Marketing and Sales Associate….We’ll when you go into the interview, you learn that the position is to be some “Manager Sales Trainee” ummmm noo thanks… Anyway, I tried checking up on Impact Executives before going into the interview and I couldnt find anything.. so I thought maybe it was ok… Well its not, its a scam and I feel like I should share this information so other people dont waste their time….( I had my speculations when going into the interview, so my sights wernt set very high.)

  117. Share your favorite MLM scam ad header from an internet job board. Here’s 5 to get you started…

    1. Talk Trash with the Boss about SPORTS and do MARKETING!!!
    3. “SPORTS MINDED**Advertising & Marketing**FULL TRAINING** ”
    4. “APPLY TODAY *** START TOMORROW! Advertising / Marketing”
    5. “OUTGOING PEOPLE WANTED!!! Marketing and Advertising”

  118. Who Else Wants to Become a “MLM Rock Star?”

    Network Marketing Mastermind Event #7
    Houston, TX | October 28-30, 2011


    The Network Marketing Mastermind Event

    The rewards are simply stunning…

    But it’s more than even that…

    You need to be there!

    Now let’s talk about the guarantee.
    There is none. If you can’t get at least $500,000 worth of value just from the meal breaks with this group—you better take a job working in a lighthouse!

  119. I received an email from this people after responding to an ad on craigslist. As soon as I received an email inviting me for an interview, I put POLARIS into a google search and this is the first thing that came up. I immediately emailed those people back and told them I would not be coming in for an interview. Thank you so much for this post.

  120. MMI Marketing is the same scam as Moxy Marketing, East Coast Marketing, East Coast Innovations, Keen Marketing…etc. All these pathetic Co.’s are run by the same cydcor people. Biggest employment scam out there. The main manager in Pittsburgh is Ashley Allen(the herpes infested slut), Christopher Ogden(boy toy to Ashley), D.C. is Paula Fernandez(the want to be slut from Brazil), that Maurice loser(what a great head manager executive trainer you are?!?lol!) in D.C., and theres that other Chris guy…Wishing he were the office boy. Seriously, this is an inbreed and tainted group of total fucking idiots. The scam is so big, the LAST thing anyone in this lifetime needs, is to give Ashley Allen a second of your unpaid time. She wont even cover the bill at hop house, ‘optional’ team outing, no its not! Ashley deserves to walk her fat ass around Pitts to work off some of that guilt that will keep her from heaven. Not that she believes in anything but the budweiser fairy…. MMI Marketing, Pittsburgh, PA, home of the cydcor scam, one of many.

  121. I went through three rounds of interview over two consecutive days with this scam company. When I look back it was so stupid of me to not run a background check on them (I just checked the website link that i was given by them on craigslist which, of course, was saying how amazing the company is). After the very last interview, I smelled something fishy and googled them and never got back to them again. I’m not trying to brag about myself, but I’m a recent graduate of one of the ivy league colleges, even when I was being scammed, it took me a while to realize it, partly because I was being careless. I can’t believe this creepy company is still surviving somewhere. JUST AVOID THIS GROUP!!! THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY!!!

  122. When I was on that stupid field work interview (which is walking around middle of nowhere all day to sell shitty stuff door to door), the interviewer boasted that UN (united nations!!!!) is their client. Curious what UN would be doing with this odd company, I asked for more details about the work they do for UN. The interviewer just avoided and switched to another topic. She totally lied. I should tell this to UN so that UN would sue them.

  123. THANK GOD!!!! I had a scheduled interview here tomorrow….this site and your information saved me time. effort and most importantly aggrevation! THANK YOU!

  124. Thanks for this, also tried an interview with them, I shouldve done more research. New York Business Partners is not legit.

  125. They also disguise themselves on the craigslist ad as working for United Nations Refugee Agency. TOTAL LIE, UN is not listed anywhere under their shady ass website http://www.fundraising-initiatives.org/en/

  126. Raf Diaz is a God. I worship him.
    Long live Raf Diaz!

    • Son,

      Do I have to write it in stone?

      “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me,”

      Love ya’,


  127. How dare you people be so blind and tear down these people who are raising fnds to help non-profit organizations. They pay a base salary and raise funds for Organizations like the UNHCR. 90% of the funding for the UN refugee agency comes from private donors. My family and I are here in this country b/c of this agency. I don’t know about these others posts for this other business. As far as fundraising for the UN that’s as real as it’s gonna get. I’m proud to work there I’ve been to the UN with our company. Who ever is bashing fundraising should be ashamed of themselves. Have we slid so low in our feelings of entitlement that we just blindy bash anything facelessly and namelesssly.

    • How dare you! No one has a problem with fundraising you dumbass!!! Co’s-like ny bus partners lie about fundraising! It is stealing to associate yourself as connected to any type of org. that gives…if your NOT! It is a question of false advertising. If the Co can make you believe they care about helping the less fortunate…and that they can afford to donate, or afford to use a portion of the work day to generate donations…you-the dumb ass-might think it is a legit Co. that has the financial flexibility to afford …you. This blog has NOTHING to do with anti-fundraising…can you fucking read!?? This is a blog to discuss the cydcor employment scam, that has affected this entire country and Canada. If you really are in this country because of a U.N. program…you better be paying your taxes, 1st of all! 2nd-get an education!, so you dont continue to get scammed and taken advantage of…and end up costing ‘us’ even more….and stop taking advantage yourself, you have NO right! You can just say ‘thanks for the freedom everyone, but im a loser and I chose to work for cydcor!’

      • Dear Fundraiser,

        How dare you write something that stupid and partial, and think no one here will understand you’re a Cydcor/Credico company’s CEO???

        You guys are big, fat dopes, really…

    • http://www.fundraising-initiatives.org/en/united-states/group-companies/person-to-person/

      “The job’s been fantastic. I love that I get to meet lots of people every day and change a small bit of the world every time I sign someone up.”

      Is this you? Are you so lazy that you couldn’t even make up a different name than “Fundraiser”.

  128. FII or Funraising Initiatives International is a 15 year Global London based fundraising firm. FII has raised millions of dollars/pounds/euros/reales around the world to help charities I know b/c I worked in their office in spain. How is that a scam. I think the bloger above is very misinformed. There are thousands of articles on the work they’ve done around the world. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet find out for your self. K you should really take down your post it’s an insult to the thousands of people FII employs world wide and to the millions of people they provide aid to.

  129. You know it’s a scam when the upstream folks rush in to post indignant letters.

  130. O come on! FII has nothing to do with Cydcor. I don’t know who that is. I think some people on this blog are confusing two different companies. What are you talking about pay your taxes? It’s this kinda of racist talk that makes me sick to my stomach, and is hurting this country. Post your real name and address. Your words are very tough lol on a blog your a tough guy on the internet I would love to meet you to discuss all of this further. That won’t happen though will it b/c your a weak internet geek.

    • Im a chick, so tone the testosterone down. This blog isn’t about fundraising, so stop patting yourself on the back…If you dont have anything to add about the cydcor employment scam, stop posting here. I was scammed by this BS Co., im disgusted that anyone would post anything positive about these scammers. Taking their side because they flash the fundraising card…whos fundraising for unemployed masters degree holders who got scammed??? If you work for cydcor and advertise to your potential customers that NY business partners donates a percentage of profit to …say operation smile. You are lying, and that is a common part of this employment scam-asking people to lie for the corporation to help sucker sales…If you care about your fundraising org-that might be totally legit, i wouldn’t repeat the name one more time on this blog-this blog is associated with the shadiest people in our country-you really should be weary. as far as racist… just cuz i think you should get an education, and not blow your chance in this country by fucking it all up-by being a whore to Raf Diaz, …….doesnt make me racist. some of the smartest people cant get in this country, but some org’s let in people with nothing to offer. -if you were given a chance by donation to get in the USA and you ended up loving working for NY biz partners…….it would be because you wern’t smart enough to see that you are scamming people…so you should leave and give someone with IQ an opportunity at the american dream. good bye. you dont even know what cydcor is, so go to some fundraising site

    • LOL “Mohamed”,

      You either smoke WAY too much weed so it makes you paranoid, or yours is yet another fake post by Raf Diaz…

      Since when is talking about paying one’s taxes an act of racism??? Learn how to read, O come on never implied anything negative about a particular religion or ethnic background.

      Not only are your arguments completely unfounded, hence incredibly stupid and irrelevant, but you also call the guy names, so I’d bet my sweet a** you’re Raf!

  131. Yank FII raises millions of dollars a year around the world for charities and non-profits around the world how can you or anyone bash that? I myself have been an aide worker and have worked in refugee camps around the world and first hand of witnessed the good work of the UNHCR and FII. I was in Malaysia after the tsunami and with out the funding from orgs like FII we couldn’t do our work. I now understand why people have an issue with cydcor after reading more of this blog but that has nothing to do with FII and it’s thousands of employees around the world. Istead of hurling stones on a blog I hope some of you get involved in your communities and make a difference in the world in a psitive not just by blogging bad things about an amazing organization like FII. Yank have you ever fundraised? Yank have you ever volunteered anywhere? Have you ever been an aide worker? Yank what do you do for a living?

    • From a manager’s email re: Raf and fundraising
      “This the conversation I had with Sheri, she told me that Raf can not be associated with FI or influence anyone on the charity and that I need to go through Derek if I want to work on any charity under Fi. The only way to work on the charity in new York is through Brian. The steps to work on charity would be to first get incorporated and come down for 5 days and get manger training. “

  132. I don’t work for the company or the man you speak of but the hate in your words is sad. Your right I won’t waste my time with this hate that is going on here but when people bash things they know nothing about like the refugee agency someone has to stand up to self brats like you. Yes I’m a legal immigrant in this amazing country and now a citizen and yes I have an education. I’m sorry you were sammed but when you or anyone else takes a shot @ non-profit orgs it discredit’s you. Ma Salama

    • Yeah, Mohamed you DO work for that company or one of its affiliates

      Anyone who’s unfortunate enough to have met Raf knows his level of sophistication, and consequently know you’re probably him.

      It’s the manipulation and hate in YOUR words that convinced me of that from your first post!

      • Ha have u meet the scum bag Pani Verma he promoted? Beware of the west palm beach fl office! Marketing concepts! This guy is complete trash! I went for a interview with Pani Verma and he hit on me the whole time! It was so unprofessional! I did get the job their but kept my guard up the whole time. Come to find out he has slept with several employees more than 10! When I started their he was dating his admin at that time. Se was such a very nice girl. One day she came into office bruised from head to toe because he beat her up! I couldn’t BELIVE it! He is probably around 6″2 and this poor girl was no taller than 5 ft. His entire office quit! To make it worse his promoting owner Raf Diaz flew down from NY to protect him! What kind of buisness is this where the men get together to help each other out abusing women! Raf Diaz flew down to protect this abusive man! SICK! So I quit this job and the entire office of at least 15 people quit also! So I stayed friends and with this girl and others. She had continued to work with him. So Raf Diaz helped Pani get back on his feet by assisting him in recruiting new employees. So he got a few new employes together and took a buisness trip to Miami. Where I guess it was a drunkin drug fest. And during that business trip he slep with a new employee meghan dynow ( who now is his new girlfriend and admin) while his girlfriend (the one he beat up several occasions) was working with other employees . So while she is doing his job he was having sexual relations with a employee who hasn’t even worked for him for a week!! What kind of business is this? What kind of buisness man is this? Every employee quit So once again here come raf diaz to the rescue and protects him again. Raf Diaz should be ashamed as he is a married man assisting the assault of a women with hush hush money and allowed Pani Verma to keep his campaign knowing that he also frauding the government, IRS and the entire campaign. Maybe that’s just how Raf Diaz runs his company’s in New York.

        Pani verma company ” marketing concepts” is contracted by a company cydcor and does a campaign called quill where we would sell office products. He seemed real secretitive about what else was going on in the office and a to find out he was illegaly running several other scam campaigns that cydcor was not aware of. when i found out I was told not to say anything. I also found out that two people I worked with was not even who they said the where! Pani Verma had them working under two x-employees names and SSN numbers! I’m actually worried now there is a possibility that employers are working under mine. I had contacted the IRS and they actually have been investigating him for a while. He tells everyone im CEO who is untouchable. That he can “sell” his way out of anything and hes so much smarter than the government. He threatens people with his “daddy’s lawyers” his dad is I guess a big shot that works for the stock exchange in NY. He says his daddy’s lawyers are sharks and will bury you if you tell. Only if daddy knew that his son sexually assaults and beats women and to add complete IRS FRAUD. This man should not be running a company he should BE IN JAIL! If you have worked with him or this company please make a report it is the only way to stop people like him!

  133. again, no one was bashing fundraising or non-profits. you were using this”employment scam” blog to promote and praise. This blog is to shame these scammers and liars. ‘self brats’??? christ! dont get so stuck on the ‘hate’ word…some of us, still think of it as simply a word, its not an insult that you can sense the hatred in my tone. You were in the wrong place, causing the confusion. Ma Salama to you Mohamed-try not to threaten women anymore, especially us big girls!

  134. For those of you who are complaining, grow up and move on. All of you were given an opportunity. But most of you made excuses, lied, and did not give 100%.

    Good luck to those who have failed in our business. I’m sure some of you will be successful in another area.

    • You sound like a female that has been mind fucked by Bart or Raf . One day all managers wake up and quit and think, wow why was I wasting my time wait it was my first job !!

    • Always the same manipulation techniques from those “successful ICL owners” and their high-ranking staff:

      – desperately trying to make it look like former employees who uncover their well-laid scam are worthless and therefore bitter.. which we are not, we are all DAMN HAPPY we saw through it before losing every single brain cell drinking the kool-aid they serve their poor victims. We’re just infuriated they still get do it to others instead of rotting in jail or in the dumpster they crawled out of.

      – turning things around on them saying they’re the liars.

      You guys really are like bulls in china shops…

  135. I hope you felt great writing your post above…. your such a successful ICL owner…cuz you wrote it, it must be true. Im so glad you found the time in between interviewing the masses, to check up on here…way to give %100! Keep those fingers crossed, im sure your going to be promoted soon to…hummm lead owner, or executive owner, why don’t you go for the assistant president title… cydcor…lol

    • I know that I will get promoted to Organizational Consultant. It is just a matter of time.

      My job is to provide the same opportunity to other Leaders. As for you, good luck in whatever you do.

      Just remember to maintain that positive attitude of your’s.

  136. I worked for them In Australia, Yank it always amazes me how crazy people are sometimes. That article in Canada is about how up to half a donation goes to the fundraiser. Would you rather no one get paid or would you rather no one fundraise? Either one doesn’t sound good. A portion of every donation will always go to marketing, administration, etc. I was been to the refugee camps and these people thank us on their hands and knees for what we do.

    • “I was been to the refugee camps and these people thank us on their hands and knees for what we do.”

      I sure as hell hope you didn’t teach them grammar!

    • People in refugee camps thanked you “on their hands and knees”???

      Very charitable attitude on your part, telling the world about it…

      If you really were the type of big-hearted person who bust their hump raising money to help the underprivileged, you wouldn’t say such things even if they were true, as the point of charity is to help others, not to jerk-off because you did something humane.

  137. These guys are now operating as a company that claims to be working with United Nations Refugee organization.
    Allegedly raising funds and taking a cut or all the money. The name of the company is Fund Raising Initiative aka New York Partners. they advertise on craigs list under non profit jobs. They also use screen grabs from the UNHCR site and links to the official UN site to give it an air of legitimacy. Their website http://www.fundraising-initiatives.org/en/
    I believe they are committing a fraudulent act through misrepresentation and accepting $$$under false pretense i.e. the UN affiliation/non profit org.. They need to be stopped. Their office address 1350 Broadway #1612. Telephone #212.760.0234
    Report them to the NY attorney generals office.
    Raphael Diaz is still involved.

  138. Blow the whistle, what are you talking about? Do you work for the UNHCR? Have you ever worked for NYP? Are you just going off of what other bloggers Wright. FII is a 15 year old international fundraising org. They do fundraising around the world not just for the UNHCR but for many other charities. Every charity keeps a portion of donations for operation costs. FII pays all its employees a base salary. Do you really think the UN would let someone falsely represent them? I can’t believe people are so pathetic here that you need to slander a charity.

    Mr. Potts you wanna play games with the United Nations? You just went too far

    • Enough, let me ask you something:

      How can the UN “let” someone falsely represent them?

      You allow someone represent you when you know about it, but if the representation is false, by definition, the UN didn’t authorize anything…

      Simple logic, honey, use your brain (assuming you have any left)

  139. No more bashing please!

    • Enough/Mohammed eljamal/Brit/Aussie or whatever you want to call your same self today- Please know that I personally don’t care about your fundraising group. I came here to bash Multi Level Marketing scams.
      The first thing a fundraiser person ringing my doorbell hears is a shotgun cocking. Even if its a Girl Scout. Their cookies have been terrible ever since the food police took away my trans fats.
      For those who do care, I suggest you contact the Federal Trade Commission and report the organization in question. The online form can be found at
      In the recent past, the FTC has investigated companies when they have gotten a lot of complaints and taken action. “Operation False Charity” was a recent example. Someone at the FTC may be interested in the whole United Nations angle.
      Let’s get back to warning Marketing and liberal arts majors about Cydcor!

  140. I worked at another company like this one called Impact Executives. Same deal. I thought the shadow day (where my executive didn’t make a single sale) was maybe just a fluke, so I gave it a shot after they hired me. I then went on 2 more training days with one of their top sellers, and each of those two days, we didn’t make a single sale. So not only did I not make any money, supposedly one of their top sellers didn’t either. These weren’t short days either. Each of the 3 days, I was there from 7:30am to 6:30pm. So in total, I worked 33 hours with people who should be successful at this job and all of us didn’t make a dime. I actually lost money from this job having to pay for gas and public transportation costs. Not to mention, hot shot owner Adam Balsinger giving us an in house training session, which basically trained us how to talk to people like machines and told us not to care about the customer. I sent in my resignation the next day.

  141. So Adam Balsinger of Bold Acquisitions in Tarrytown, NY is now in Chicago as Impact Executives?
    Quick search shows Impact Executives has the same address as CorConcepts. CorConcepts seems to have a lot of branches around the country.


    “The better you do, the more you learn.
    The more you learn, the further you will go. The further you go, the better we do.”


    You’ll be on your way up!
    You’ll be seeing great sights!
    You’ll join the high fliers
    who soar to high heights.”

    • Not shit right! Wonder if Adam and Ashley are friends…one of these offices posted on their facebook page, a photo of Ashley receiving this book as a gift-at a promotion meeting. Thought you would laugh. …These are some shady shady people were talking about.

      • With apology to Theodor Geisel (Dr Seuss)———

        I am a Scam

        That Scam- I- am
        That Scam- I- am
        They do not like that Scam- I -am

        Do you like green eggs and scam?
        I do not like them Scam- I -am
        I do not like green eggs and scam.

        Would you walk from here to there?

        I would not walk from here to there
        I would not walk from anywhere

        I do not like green eggs and scam
        I do not like them Scam-I-am

        Would you walk from door to door?
        Would you sleep upon the floor?

        OK That’s enough.

  142. I went thru this exact same thing, at MMI Marketing in Pittsburgh,PA. HOW BIG IS THIS SCAM??? Ashley Allen in Pittsburgh doesn’t seem to be doing very well, and she is the president of the Co.!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is making money here? seems impossible!?! even for these owners/presidents/managers…i dont totally understand the lingo… they seem to be lying about their ‘success’ …and a few other scandalous topics, eww.

    This is truly sad. That there is space in this world for such pointless behavior. There are so many things that one can do to make money. Lying, cheating, sexually exploiting…., ive heard it all on these blogs….and they are still recruiting successfully. Very strange life you people lead.

  143. What is the connection between all of these MLM companies and the cleft palate charity called
    “Operation Smile”?
    MMI had it’s workers fundraise as did another Cydcor/Quill re-run called AMI Tampa.
    Try to associate your favorite MLM with Operation Smile and post here.
    I was interested by an old post in the Daily Kos about how Operation Smile got 5% from a day at the mall.

  144. The Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Career Services Office / Indiana University Bloomington allows Stephen Kordella from TMG Solutions to recruit at campus sanctioned events. Why can’t a top 25 Undergrad B-School use due diligence in researching companies on campus? Students and parents trust that the school has vetted these companies before letting seniors sign up.
    He was on campus recruiting for The Merl Group in 2009 before it changed names.
    TMG Solutions was The Merl Group up until 2008.
    Sold AT&T services at The Merl Group.
    Now sells T-Mobile services as TMG.

    • That is really creepy! The list of all these Cydcor Co. should be sent to all schools, everywhere! Wish i had the time….

  145. Just got back from the same interview process here in Rockville, MD. Company by the name of RED F INC. Call back tomorrow, won’t be going though after reading all this. They have an fundraiser called operation smile going on! Can anyone let me know if they think it is legit. I just want to get back at these fuckers for lying to the world. I want to report their asses. Please respond so I can take action!!!

    • You can find a picture of the boss you almost had at his parent company webpage http://www.cxninc.biz/

    • I had the same experience…who did you interview with?, im wondering if it was Deric Boyer? East Coast Innovations is the same scam too. I know that ALL CYDCOR offices are using this Op smile scam. There is no way it is legit! This is so upsetting, that this Co is scamming across the whole country and no one seems to be able to stop it. I wish this whole donation scam could be brought to the public via an embarrassing CNN story…How sick though honestly! If you find a way to take action, let me know…I have emailed Op smile and hope to get a response…I will post what/if they say anything. I bet a huge org like that has no comment.

      Cheers to having a conscience

  146. Can anyone explain it a little bit more in detail? Where does the scheme come in? As far as I understand, they hire you as a salesperson, and then you sell for them, they don’t pay you your full earnings. Where do they get their products from. For example, the place I went to said they were working with Verizon, so how does Verizon even agree to deal with these people?

  147. Just a heads up that IMPACT is Adam Balsinger’s newest company in Chicago that went belly up this week. Another one is Bjorn Berg’s company (jointly sharing office space with Adam’s company) called Odyssey Marketing. I fell into this myself and have never recieved training pay as promised or quiz bonus pay. All in all, I am owed 1200 as of now.

    The way that this company works is to burn through people.. Open an office hire people and let them do a few comission sales each week promises of training pay and bonus pay (always on the way, never will you get a direct response)… by the time you’ve invested yourself and spent money and time and possibly training other new employees then when you can’t get paid….. then you get why blog complaints like this exsist.

  148. I just been offered a job, from the “Philadelphia Marketing Solutions” has anyone heard of this or whether it is real or not? After reading some of this info, on this site…I am enlightened

  149. Based on their CAREERBUILDER AD, I think its like all of the others here.


    We currently have more work than we can handle right now due to new clients we have taken on. We are seeking college grads and students who are majoring in communications, public relations, marketing, and management who want to get some real experience with event marketing.

    (There are NO door to door, business to business, telemarketing, or graphic design positions available!)

    Everything here is done hands on. We coach, train and mentor each individual to help them become top performers within our company.
    Immediate Hire!

    Philadelphia Marketing Solutions is one of Philly’s fastest growing promotional advertising firm. Based in Feasterville, we have just signed 2 new national accounts launching this year. And we are opening several new locations throughout the South and Northeast areas! Due to our expanding client base, we are looking for ambitious, hardworking individuals with great attitudes to join our team of professionals.

    Our new entry-level openings are in:

    -Management Trainee – Challenging hands-on training program focuses on the areas of Marketing, Customer Service, Account Management, and Office Management Skills
    -Direct supervision of 10-12 individuals responsible for coordinating Marketing and Promotions activities on a day to day basis, as well as scheduling with respect to time deadlines and production goals
    -Promotions/Distribution Representative – Day to day responsibilities for representing clients from sports and hospitality industries at trade shows and events, providing distribution support and assistance.
    Recent expansion has left us short handed. With our new offices we have 10 openings available now!


    Highly qualified candidates will possess great skills in communications, leadership, and driven for success. New hires will work hard, learn multiple aspects of our operations, improve interpersonal skills and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    All openings are immediate and are considered entry level!

    Interviews are now being scheduled!

    Applicants must possess the following:
    Great Attitude
    Strong Work Ethic
    Student Mentality
    Team Player

    • When did “Student Mentality” become a skill set?

    • How dare you fuckers advertise on here!!!!!!!!! loooking to screw over kids now, 17-18 year old high school grads…you people need to check out of life asap!!!

  150. Major scam. Don’t bother. I realized it after a week and although I kept going back a bit longer, it’s not worth it. Sad for the people who work there, outside of management, because there are really great people who don’t realize it what a scam it is.

  151. Has anyone heard of Image NYC or Image Branding operating at a fifth avenue salon called ‘Renait’?

    I went in for ‘training’ which was basically telling me I had to go out on the streets and try and pitch to potential customers the idea of coming to the salon for a haircut etc.

    There were about 7 other people there for ‘training’ and the hiring manager (Michael Anthony-if that is even his real name) took copies of our Social security Number and passport. When I told him I no longer wanted to be considered for a position and would like my details to be destroyed or returned to me he was very rude and refused to do so on the grounds that ‘he could keep an eye on me incase I was working for his competition or incase I was going to steal his business idea’. Of course I assured him I wasn’t but he told me he NEEDED the info (as said with a smug smile on his face) and told me to leave.

    I don’t know who to contact now, I am worried about identity theft. ‘Michael’ was leading this training with a guy called ‘John Phillip’ – ironic that they both have last names which are first names and we were contacted by an elusive ‘Jenny Daniel’ to schedule an interview for this firm and she was yet to make an appearance on either interview or hiring date. Instead we were greeted by a receptionist called Rebecca who was hired the same day I interviewed.

    Does anyone have any info on this or know whom best to contact regarding him having my SSN and passport copies on file? Is that legal?

    • What do you live in a Bubble? Not everyThing is a scam!

      • No you dumb fuck!!! But, all these Co’s are scams! If you support them, why did you even find this site. …unless you work at one, or are the one ripping people off-running one. People with legit jobs-don’t have time to roam the ‘scam site/blogs’ -go back inside your Cydcor bubble, Ashley Allen of MMI marketing will sleep with any employee, head to Pittsburgh!

    • I actually went to college w/ Jenny Daniels, good friend of mine who loves freelancing as the executive assistant to Image Branding. Oh, and btw, her last name is w/ a S as in Daniels and I met Michael and John several times; great guys with amazing vision, as well as all the nice words Jenny has said about them.

      P.S. It also sounds like this person is being Bias about another individuals last name. (careful now)

      • And I ‘actually’ already called you a dumb fuck on the above comment. Mellissa…lol!!! Your ‘freelancer to an executive assistant, good friend Jenny…lol…is a joke. That is not a title…’great guys with an amazing vision’…holly crap you deserve to believe in the easter bunny. Jesus too. Only the most vulnerable of personalities can actually believe these scams.. I guess your going to heaven too for sticking up for…Jenny.lol! Bias over a last name!?!, yep thats what this whole blog is about-FUCKING IDIOT…lol wow! (And YOU BETTER BE CAREFUL NOW!!!) If you want a war-let me know!?! Tell us what office you work for…
        …loves freelancing…lmao

      • he’s right, your a scum bag of the earth, deserve to live on sarajevo’s sniper alley in the middle 90’s type… how DARE YOU be relentless after he obviously just stated they took his information and WOULD NOT GIVE IT BACK… very dangerous kind of “great guys” to me. Who are you that you’re sticking up for these guys? Thank god I read this, these cock suckers almost had me coming in for an interview. God, we really are in a recession.

      • See, now I think you’re being unfair, “you idiot”…

        You gotta give it them, those guys do have great vision in a L. Ron Hubbard sort of way, as it can’t be easy to trick a whole bunch of people (stupid as they may be) to:

        – believing anything they say unconditionally without ever providing any actual evidence their claims are true,

        – constantly getting half their commissions stolen without raising an eyebrow,

        – lying to their coworkers about how much they make to look more successful than they are without ever wondering why, or if others are making as much as they say,

        – putting lies in writing on order forms that get sent to the client without fearing for an instant there might be consequences,

        – stealing from lower-ranking employees every week without even thinking they might get ripped off by higher ranking ones themselves,

        – investing their own money to become “CEO” of their “own”subsidiary, not worrying at all they’ll have to share profits with Cydcor/Credico, which will not only call all the shots, but will let them be held solely responsible and in debt in case of failure…

        Deceiving people to this extent does requires vision and finesse in the way you filter information… If Scientology recruiters told people from the start that when they get to be level OT 6 (or 7? 8? can’t remember how advanced) they’ll be able to actually talk to trees like John Travolta does, I doubt many people would be gullible enough to fall for it… But how many Scientologists are there across the globe again? Right.

        Ahhhh, the art of manipulation…

      • I wish to apologize for my stupid joke above that doesn’t even reflect any real opinion on my part on the Church of Scientology or any of its members.
        It’s just some silly thing I heard years ago that had made me laugh a lot at the time, and which came back to me while starting to write this post. I was tired, the mental image popped into my mind while I was writing, and I just started laughing and got carried away, which drove me to this joke. It seemed harmless then, but reading it again now, I can’t help but feeling a little uneasy, the whole thing just seems out of the blue and not particularly funny, so I can see how it could be perceived as offensive to the Church of Scientology. Again, it wasn’t my intent, it was nothing more than a silly moment and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  152. premium advertising out of Mt. Laurel, NJ falls under the same umbrella, they responded 30 minutes after i applied and gave me the job after 2 interviews that totaled 45 minutes. Marketing partners and associates did followed suit by emailing me today and calling me 1 hour later asking me to meet with Stefan. what a joke

  153. Hi, i am going to leave my name anonymous but I was contacted today by MMI Marketing in Pittsburgh for an internship opportunity that I applied for via Craigslist. When I answered I was talking to a woman named Ashley, who told me that she had my resume and that a woman named Lynn would call me back. About an hour and a half went past so I called back again, just to see if maybe I missed a call from them or something. But when I called back, I talked to this Ashley woman again and she didn’t even remember telling me anything of the sort. She then said that she was sorry because she has so many resumes to deal with. Then she asked for my phone number, which I thought was unusual since I sent my resume which has ALL my information already on it. She then ended the call by saying that she will make sure I receive a call tomorrow.

    I have read many of the posts on this site and am now quite certain this is a scam. If anyone can confirm this I would be greatly appreciative.
    Thank you very much!

    • You can be certain! Ashley Allen is scamming anyone who will show up. She has nothing to lose Pittsburgh. After she destroys her name from fraudulent business practices…Cydcor will simply send her to another state to start over. Cydcor has done so much research on how to dance around the law, by making you sign your rights as an employee away. I worked for her in Pittsburgh last year…it was called Moxy Marketing then…I still check up on these sites to make sure people know about her antics. I hope you understand, I do this out of sheer anger… because she is the epitome of dishonest, and I resent every second I foolishly spent working for nothing…and she made money out of putting me in debt-without shame. They put it to you as such an incredible opportunity-lucky you! Yup-for Ashley to personally suck you dry.’ EMPLOYMENT SCAM’ is the only way to say it.. nationwide too. It’s infuriating.



  154. Thanks so much for all of this info. I have an interview tomorrow and thanks to all of this info provided I will not go and waste my time.

  155. All these cydcor llc, inc, and all are bull shit !!!

  156. I’m so glad I found this thread! My story is very similar to everyone else’s so I will spare that. I will say there were some def red flags so I did a google search but nothing substantial came of it. I would like to bring to your attention another “company” to watch out for. They are called ark marketing. I was actually contacted by ark and Stephan’s company. On the same day I was interviewed by both. I called a friend before the interview saying I have some doubts but what’s it gonna hurt to interview? She told me her boyfriend almost got roped into this scam, he went onto the famous second “shadow” interview. But he hightailed it out of there because he saw it for what it was. I told her the names of the places I was interviewing at it it wasn’t the same as her boyfriend’s scam so there may be a third scam going on in the Philly area. Anyway both interviews had some real red flags. The interviews hardly felt like interviews, the so called “corporate” offices were small, not well furbished or polished and VERY empty it seemed to me that there was just the receptionist and the interviewer. But the kicker came when they spoke of this “shadowing” interview, sounded an awful lot like what my friend had warned me about. When I got a call back later saying I would need to wear comfortable shoes I got back on google and searched harder. So thank you, thank you, thank you! This information needs to be in more than just this thread. And also look out for Ark marketing and possibly a third “company” in the Philly area.

    • As Kitty said above, watch out for ARK marketing consultants. I too interviewed at the Penn Treaty Park location in Philadelphia last week, as well as with Stefan at Marketing Partners $ Associates in Manayunk later the very same day. Both offices seemed off, shoddy rooms, furniture, artwork, lack of computers etc. I am glad I found this thread, Temple University as well as other business schools in the city should warn their students about these types of companies.

  157. All of you are bashing Cydcor since you guys failed in our business. So grow the fuck up and just move on with life. I am sick and tired of seeing you guys whine and complain again and again and again.

    • Then stop looking. Im sick of losers like you, defending the fact that they work for nothin, and that its better for you than being wrong, or brainwashed.. im an adult, and i pay rent. No matter what you say, you can’t make it as an adult working for Cydcor. Period!

    • Nobody’s whining, they’re just exposing your methods.

      One of which, is precisely to pretend all those who criticize your obviously dishonest ways are bitter failures.

      Which you just did.

      Just like most other posts on this thread defending these crappy, crappy companies.

  158. I’m so glad I saw these warnings before I went for my second interview. I am a vulnerable grad, and I had no idea that this was a scam. My interview was going to be with Stefan at Marketing Partners and Associates in Manayunk, but I will be canceling it. What terrifyingly shady people. The office was sparsely furnished, which should’ve given me the warning in the first place. I will be looking elsewhere for a position.

    • What’s your definition of a scam? Since you claim to be a vulnerable grad, why not take this opportunity to speak up? Good luck looking elsewhere. In this economy, your best bet will be working at Burger King or Wendy’s.

      • Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your fear. Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.

      • I thought you were sick of all this? Go away lemming! And, you should take your own advise, Wendy’s.

        When a Co. threatens you with the ‘bad economy’ that’s their first try at putting you under their shoe. It’s not that bad out there, really. If you get off your ass, there are lots of jobs.

      • Oooooh, some low-life Cydcor/Credico CEO trying to persuade people the sky will fall if they don’t come work them…

        Here’s another classic manipulation technique!

        If you don’t take this incredible one-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, as there are only crapy jobs out there, aside from this one.

        You just keep getting more and more obvious guys, you really ought to stop embarrassing yourselves!

  159. Me: Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.
    Luke: I’ll never join you!
    Me: If you only knew the power of the Dark Side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
    Luke: He told me enough! He told me *you* killed him!
    Darth Vader: No. *I* am your father.
    Luke: No. No. That’s not true. That’s impossible!
    Darth Vader: Search your feelings, you *know* it to be true!
    Luke: No! No!


  160. I am currently a student gaining their Advertising/Marketing degree. I was very upset with the outcome of my 2nd interview. I left mid-way through. The employee I was “shadowing” had no idea the streets of NY so I had to direct where (I will keep the address disclosed). Also, the location was horrible (mind you I was in a 3pc suit while the person training me was in flats and business casual clothing). I was taken to do “some selling” for a store where my trainer and the manager of the store did not speak a word of English in front of me the entire time. How does one even go about continuing after such an experience? I’m very upset that such a company continues to do so. In addition, when speaking of all of the companies “successes” she couldn’t even get the script right ie: “we have dealt with successful clients such as Verizon, KMart..” “You mean Walmart.” “Oh yes.. Them.” Again, I am very upset that my time was wasted. This is not a marketing company.

  161. Wow. After reading these stories, I actually WANT to meet some of these people….if for no other reason than to put a face with the names. This Stefon guy seems like a real snake-charmer. I’m guessing the people at Distinctive in Bala Cynwyd will be less entertaining (the ‘principles’ don’t seem as out there as the Blue Rock/Marketing Partnership & Associates)…but worth the drive to Bala Cynwyd. I do want to see this ragtag building out in Manayunk. I hope they offer me a coke or a water during the interview. I’m gonna try to drink three of them (unless it looks like they are going to bill me). I’ll report back.

  162. I fell for this.. I also found out you don’t get paid for training.. well you get $200 on your check after you make a sale which is near impossible. So basically your whole first week you make $0. 6 out of 9 employees where i was made less than $300 for working a 50 hour work week. You also have to use your own gas to drive wherever they send you. Stay away from them!!!!!

    • You must be a really bad salesperson, I made 300$ in my first week not including training.

      • Sure, Common Sense, just because you say it, we believe you…

        No wait ! We don’t work for you anymore, we don’t have to!

  163. The 1350 Broadway location is listed on the BBB site as Universal Marketing & Consulting. There are no complaints on file, or under Polaris Inc which is listed at 325 Broadway. Just an FYI for everyone!



    • I worked in the office with Scott you were fired for fraud. I see your still a loser, Raf whatever but when you start with racial stuff you discredit yourself completely. Scott get a life, get some hair, loose some weight, stop smoking pot all day(at least you did) move out from momy and dady’s in upstate NY and grow up.

      • Scott Sullivan I wonder if the employment agency you work for know your a bigot. Here’s Help Staffing and Recruitment. I think I’ll write them a nice letter about your feelings towards Latinos. people like you make me sick.

      • Corporate Office
        682 East Main Street
        Suite 2B
        Middletown, NY 10940

        Phone: 845.344.3434 | FAX: 845.344.1060

        E-Mail: info@hereshelp.com
        This is where Scott Sullivan the racist works

      • What do you say to a nice girl like Melissa?
        “C U Next Tuesday”

    • Sorry you had a lack of judgment, and worked for that loser! Raf is dirty-I know this for sure! He has herpes, if that makes you feel any better-it probably sucks pretty bad for him…

  165. Seriously, stop complaining.

    Maybe if people weren’t writing on blogs and shit some of us might have jobs!

    Plain and simple if you went for an interview at some company that was deemed a “scam” then dont work for them… how fucking hard is that???

    I think people should make judgements based on their own expereince instead of reading about shit that may or may not have been true.

  166. Or… maybe by getting the word out in advance, we can save someone from wasting their time, gas and money.

    Seriously, stop trolling.

  167. so…it’s currently my X day at New York Business Partners. The “office” is a shit hole, the people are yelling at 8 in the morning because what they don’t tell you on this “first interview” in a tiny box of an office with filthy walls, is that they want you to be there all god damned day (seriously, like 8am-6:30 pm) with no guarantee that you’ll be paid for all that time.

    Bart and Bill and the whole office and principle of drilling these marketing strategies into a trainee’s head seem to be pretty sketchy. I’m getting the fuck out ASAP (as in…tomorrow morning). Sure, they’re all nice, but I guess they have to be because they’re promising you this great opportunity that you clearly are not getting. Beware. Do NOT let your desperation be your downfall.

    I can’t speak for these other affiliated “PR Firms”, but I have heard the name Stefan and the name Adam and recently a name Kayla (sp?). So, when you get your really random call from Jennifer or whoever they have posing as their Human Resources jerk, make sure to KEEP IT MOVING.

    Fuck the KISS vs. KILL principle and the FUGIES, the LOA, SAD, SACS, and anything else you think they may have taught you. Sure, those acronyms are cute and all, but they damn sure aren’t putting money in your pockets.

    My recommendation? Look elsewhere for (REAL) gainful employment. As a very strong, highly intelligent young woman, I cringe to think that I did not do more thorough research on these people and this so-called “boutique public relations firm” <—(Bill's word's–verbatim) because I did not want to be 21 and without a job for the summer. Speaking of Bill, what is this guy's real last name? Victori? Victolee? I am assuming both of those are complete fabrications so that it is less likely that he or Bart Yates (also probably an alias) can be tracked down and sued.

    Not to keep this long and lengthy, but since i'm not trying to sell you the bullshit they are, there's no need for me to keep it short and simple. You're better of staying in bed and catching up on sleep than you are wasting your time, energy and money traveling to and from their little cardboard box suite on Broadway, spending money on metrocards or LIRR tickets or daily lunches and Team Night dinners/drinks. Catch those zzz's and keep looking. Watch out for them and people who sound like them.

    I could go on forever….just DON'T.

    • I know this is kind of personal, but I’m kind of freaking out here. Because you were an employee for NY Business Partners, you had to give them your personal information. ssn, address, birth date, etc. have you been a victim of identity theft?… more importantly, by them?

  168. You all are crazy
    If you are looser why you wanna convince others to be loosers? They teach life and career, leadership.
    Everyone should give recognition to the young fighter spirits who are going to be next CEO’s in the new world!
    But: winners never quit, quitters never win!
    Any way, I’ll hire you in my branch offices when ever you ll be looking for “real” job!

    • Young fighter spirits?
      Cannot even spell loser!
      Time for seppuku

    • it’s true that winners never quit and quitters never win, but you should absolutely quit when a “company” is trying to take advantage of you by having you work a 10-12 hour day, wants you to come in on weekends, and YOU DON’T EVEN MAKE MINIMUM WAGE.

      they will NOT be the next CEOs of the world if they’re stupid enough to stay where they are…door-to-door. even the most successful people (your bosses) aren’t doing anything close to what a real CEO does. This company and its affiliates are in a word: BULLSHIT

    • You’re one to talk, “Winner”…

      If you’re a thief and a liar, why do you want to convince others to be thieves and liars? Oh, right… So they can steal and lie for you, while you discreetly steal and lie to them. You only teach nonsense, failure, and submission.

      Everyone should sue those embezzling incompetents who are going to be inmates at Rikers one day!

      Anyway, don’t worry, we’ll apply for a job in “your” branch offices whenever we’ll be looking for a “real” soft-core colonoscopy !

  169. Young fighter spirits
    Cannot even spell loser
    Time for seppuku

  170. You guys who bad mouth this or similar companies are all idiots. It’s a commission based sales job. Have any of you been in sales? Just a little hint for those of you who have no idea what sales is, it requires cold calling and door-to-door most of the time. This is how you establish clients, they just don’t come to you. I am working with a company in conjunction with the ones you mention and I am making around what would be equivalent to $50K a year even though I just joined a month ago. I am having the time of my life with this company; the boss treats me as a friend and I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to promote team bonding with your coworkers after hours. In fact, I have met a few really close friends because of this and am happy to be a part of it. For those of you who want a cushy desk job where no actual work is required, this is not for you. Yes there may be some walking involved, so sorry to my fat ass, lazy people, but again this isn’t the job for you.

    Furthermore, pyramid scheme? Are you guys really that dumb? Do you even know what a pyramid scheme is? If you did, and knew anything about this legit job, you would obviously understand that there is no way this could even be remotely connected with that. For one, you put no money in. Two, those you are under do not make money off of your success. Three, you can easily surpass those you are under, which I did.

    Have some common sense, this is a good start-up job for recent grads, especially those looking for their visa sponsorships. Oh and on a last note, do you think the US Government would actually allow, as you so ignorantly put it, scammers such as these to sponsor official visas? Have some common sense.

    • The government stops things when they find out there is a problem. I am not saying they are a scam, but scams have occurred for long periods of time under the radar, a prime example is Madoff.(No relation as a ponzi scheme was never mentioned here) I have sales experience and think this company is not worth working for, simply because by the looks of it you might as well buy goods, create your own business, and keep all the profits, especially if you are selling office supplies and water coolers, or really anything with a big enough margin to pay a sales person 28 percent. although I do not know what the actual commission is I think it was mentioned earlier in this blog, and it is possible each product has a different commission. it does not look as if these guys are giving you advertising or any name brand recognition, In my opinion it appears to be as if you are acting as your own business owner, but paying some one as a partner.

      • All of you can start your own direct marketing firm. You do not have to go through the mangement training program at Cydcor. Besides, the managers at Cydcor do not make a lot of money. It is a sad fact. The managers will not admit it, but it is true.

    • well good thing mr common sense is here to set us all straight! /sarcasam

      Before i start i’d be suprised if you’re still working there a lil over a month after your comment….

      look dude im gonna try to be as nice about his as possible, seeing as how it sounds like they got you to buy into the lies and brainwashing pretty quick.

      I worked for one of these places for several months, Distinctive Solutions Inc. in Bala Cynwood PA so i know what im talking about (some practices differ SLIGHTLY from office to office).

      First off, as for your projection of 50k based on your first month of work, you really need to do a little more math. You have probably only recieved one paycheck so far (they wait almost a month to give you your first check, reason they do that is so they can get people to buy into their lies/brainwashing before one sees how shitty their first check is in most cases) and all your subsequent checks will vary in amount, wait till you get a check for for $125 after a 70 hr work week (dosent matter how good you are at sales you are gonna have weeks like that) and wait till one of your sales from a month ago gets cancelled and the commision you lost gets subtracted from a future check (its possible to owe them $ at the end of the week). Now its time to factor in your expenses…

      Car/gas – get ready to use lots and lots of gas, i was filling my tank 4-6 times a week, not only do you have to drive a good distance (up to 2hrs in my office) to your terriortory but you also have to drive all around and up and down it all day for most of 8 hours, this also leads to a ton of extra wear and tear on your car that you will have to get fixed cause you more or less cant do this job without it. also factor in the increased chance for accidents and tickets since your driving so much more and in unfamiliar places.

      Phone – depending on what campaign your on, you will be using your phone a TON, there will be days when you will be on your phone for 4 or 5 hours a day just at work, i hope your phone carrier has a real nice unlimited plan cause otherwise your low cost phone plan is going to have to get turned into a expensive unlimited one.

      Food – seeing as how your at the office or in the feild 10-12 hours a day get ready to have to eat at least 2 meals a day on the go. Dont forget the $ you’ll have to spend on the bi weeekley team nights

      Health Insurance – my office said they would give me a whopping 50$ a month towards it, never saw a dime, even if i had, 50$ a month is barely a dent in a health insurance bill, so factor in a shitload of money a year there too.

      Clothes – your gonna need at least 2 suits, and thats really not enough, also your shoes (and suits/shirts) will get destroyed from a lot of walking (in rain and snow and high heat)

      Shopping – if your on a B2B campaign your gonna be walking into 25-50 stores a day, i didnt do this much, but lots of people i worked with would pick shit up they didnt need in the stores they went into almost daily.

      Rent/moving – this only applies if you have been there for a while and they ask you to move to another office in another city, but trust me, its not cheap

      Now a little before i quit i factored all this in to my projected yearly income and my yearly income would have been in the 8k-12k range working 70 hours a week depending on how the fluctuating paychecks would have added up. Heres the basics of the formula – wait 3 months calculate your average check and slice it about in half to account for all your “buisness” expenses and that is what youll have at the end of a year. Keep in mind thats before all your normal living expenses like car insurance and food for your home and anything else you might want or need through the course of a year.

      I spent a ton of time on that so ill go through the rest quick,

      they said you’ll be a manager making 150k in a year or 2 right? Go around your office and see how many people have been there for 1,2,3,7 years that are still on the same 100% commision based payscale as you, the guy who has been there a month.

      Also in a month take inventory of how many people you have seen quit and how many you have been there longer than, for me after 2 months i had been there longer than about 15 people in my office and had seen 30 quit.

      Now you are right about it not being a pyrimid scheme technically, it has some slight variations, these variations make it a multi level marketing scam, that is the proper term for this scam.

      There is so much more i can say, but im sure most of it is on here so ill just end with this…

      You talk about how you like team night and have made some really close freinds (in a month but i digress), first they are really only nice cause they dont want you to quit, secondly if you do quit i 100% garuntee you will never talk to them again if they still work there, try this the next time someone quits, go to one of your leadears and start asking questions and talking about the person who left, see what kind of reaction you will get.

      Your post is tough to read because you sound like a bunch of the people who i worked with there that just got sucked in a ruined their life, people who had been there for 5 years or more with no life outside the office since they had moved for the job* with nothing to show for it, people who coulodnt afford to eat dinner at the endof the day cause all there money was going to keeping themselves afloat at this job. Dont be one of them.

      *a huge tactic of these places is to cut you off from any life you have outside of the office (including family), thats why they encourage you to move to other cities and move in with other coworkers and go out with other coworkers. They wont force you do, but they love it when you do.

      in closing, i hope you already saw through it and quit, if not just do me a favor and keep your mind and your eyes open, remeber these people are not only trained to sell products, they are trained to sell you on the job and the same dishonest ruthless attitude and tactics they have towards a product they sell to a customer is the the same attitude they have about selling this scam job to you.

    • Now it’s been a year and a half, do you still work for them?

      If you were naive enough to think you were “very close friends” with some of your co-workers after a month, what are you now, married to one of them? You must be some kind of geek that never had a single real friend in his/her life!

      This pyramid scheme is not based on you investing money in the company, at least right away, it only comes to that if you’re stupid/dishonest enough to stay long enough to “run” your own office. The pyramid scheme is in the company’s structure:

      – everyone in the company not only gets a higher percentage on their own sales and a bonus if their team does well, but also a cut on the lower-ranking employees’ sales;
      – you have to recruit new reps in order to get promoted… since when is a sales rep supposed to handle HR? At legit companies, sales team leaders train and supervise the reps hired by the company, he/she does not do the hiring them him/herself. It’s just a different job;
      – there are many companies like the one you work for all over the US, not necessarily selling the same products or services or going by the same name, but using the exact same methods and their staff attends meetings with you;
      – managers switching from one company to the other, some of which names keep changing as often as 6 times a year;
      – all those companies report to the same bigger company, previously Cydcor, now Credico;
      – the decision-making process lies with Credico, the rep companies’ “CEOs” are not the ones calling the shots in their “own” business;
      – reps can never get a straight answer from their management as to what it is exactly the companies does, Credico’s involvment, how much the company and the people working there really make, or why an order didn’t go through so you didn’t get your commission. What little answers you get are never put in writing or justified in any way.
      – reps don’t get their commission as long as the delivery wasn’t made, because if an order get cancelled, so does the rep’s commission. And when they claim that happened, they never provide the rep any proof of the cancellation, which coincidentally happens when the rep is on a new territory on the other side of town and can no longer go check with the customer;
      – CEOs and management arbitrarily impose conditions that make it impossible to find customers that qualify, letting you think the client whose products/services you’re selling imposed them. Then they advise you to lie on the order forms to make it appear as though your customers qualify when they don’t in order to make a commission, all the while letting you know their demanding client whose products you sell might check once in awhile and when the number’s not right, you won’t get your commission. This allows them to deny you any commission they want, and when they do you never get any written proof of the client’s refusal, of course…

      By the way, why is this wonderful job so great “especially for those looking for their visa sponsorship”? So that they can work under someone else’s account while the paperwork for their sponsorship doesn’t get signed or sent to the government? Of course, it’s great for the company to use people who will never be able to sue them because after you make them illegals against their will by not sending the paperwork, they know you only have one phone call to make to get them deported if they try to uncover the huge scam your company is… Huh Raf?

      Yeah, we know it’s you… Had your post been smarter and more civilized it probably would’ve been Bart or Bill, but the insulting tone and the stupidity of the arguments have Raf Diaz written all over them!

  171. Should we/I be worried about Identity Theft from these companies. They asked for all of your information before the interview, including your social security. What did people do about this?

    • No need to worry. Cydcor gets your information so that they can conduct a background check.

  172. Is this job strictly commission? Any benefits available?

  173. I’M PISSED! I have just been scamed out of 9,200.00 from a company i thought was legit. i had been doing small errands for them for about 3 weeks. next thing i know they wire $ to my account claiming it’s from one of there clients and i need to pull cash out and send in western union to sub-contracters and clients. bank called me 8 hours later to tell me the wire was a fraud and they want the money back. problem is that i’m young and obviously nieve…and i did what they had asked. so the money is gone. so my lesson learned that i hope will help others…if it’s a foreign voice of the other end of the phone…tell them were to shove it and hang up on them. The cops said most of these cases, the ppl aren’t even in the states, names, numbers, adn addresses are all fake. Nigera’s big ‘cash cow’ is scams and now the problem is rising is other countries as well. My scam they think is based out of Ukraine.
    BYC Consulting Group out of Kansas City, MO is bogus!

    • Shannon you are the biggest faggot I have ever seen. BYC Consulting is a firm that provides opportunities for young men and women. Obviously, you failed to grab the opportunity. Shame on you.

      • @Doug. Shame on YOU for using that word in such a derogatory manner. Use your brain and learn to express yourself in another way. It’s disgusting.

    • I have a hard time believing you Shannon, as you story is very, very strange, I really don’t think anyone in the world can be this naive:

      You didn’t find it WEIRD that your American boss needed to use YOUR PERSONAL bank account for business transactions??? Ever wonder why he wouldn’t use his company’s account?

      Or why he wanted you to send the money to their “subcontractors and clients” through Western Union, which is way less traceable than banking transactions? Banks are like cell phones, you know, they have them pretty much everywhere on the planet. And even in impoverished countries, at least big cities do have Internet access and computers, that’s how the guys from Western Union get the money, too, bye the way…

      And I’m absolutely amazed, I’m sorry but if this a true story, you are gullible to the point of being purely and solely stupid, especially since even after getting screwed over, you still haven’t understood where you messed up at all!

      Because the lesson to be learned here, is really not the racist shortcut you took at all. And even following your train of thoughts, it wouldn’t be a matter of the voice on the phone sounding foreign, as an American accomplice may very well be in Nigeria of Ukraine, the red flag would be the phone number you dialed to get that person on the phone, LOL.

      The conclusion you would’ve come to if you had half a brain should be: don’t let your boss (or anyone, for that matter) use your personal bank account to transfer money, especially if it’s a high amount of money and he tells you to withdraw it in cash right away and send it through Western Union!




  174. Chicago area job seekers beware….they go by Chicago Business Strategies here.

  175. I responded to an add on Careerbuilder.com, for an Account Exec job for a company called BBB International. I immediately received an email from John Newhouse, with no company email and no telephone number……FIRST CLUE. So I googled the address, and lo and behold the address belonged to Polaris, not BBB International….SECOND CLUE. I did further research on BBB International, and no such company exists in NYC…THIRD CLUE. So I called the Polaris number and asked for John Newhouse, the guy that sent me the email, and I was told, that HE DOES NOT WORK THERE,i was referred to the HR dept after explaing that I had interview and they confirmed that my interview had already been scheduled….FOURTH CLUE. I just want to know who the hell is Polaris??? Its obvious that Polaris is now operating under an alias so that when you google their new name, BBB International, the word SCAM wouldn’t show up in the search and they can still lure potential unsuspecting and desperate unemployed New Yorkers. I’m so happy I found this site, now I know I’m not paranoid!! Just so you know the address is 690 8th ave, FL 5
    New York, NY 10036…and the polaris number is 212- 227-8327 …this is where supposedly BBB International is located.

  176. A scam?? Lol i worked for a similar company, door to door sales arent a scam, its difficult work that most people do not have the ability to do. Get over it

    • Do you know how to read, Ivee?

      No one said the door to door part is the scam, it’s the company’s structure and the way they constantly lie to their employee, that are are a set up to scam them.

      So please stop trying to pretend you didn’t understand that just to beat around the bush, Mr. Cydcor/Credico affiliated CEO.

  177. Reading this thread has compelled me to speak up as the pragmatic voice. Approximately 15 minutes ago I called Faith, one of the front desk receptionists, to inform her that I will not be returning to Polaris for my third day of training. I want to share my experience with you all because I am not returning but I also wasnt screwed over and that allows me to offer some objective analysis of the situation.

    First of all, I would not classify Polaris or similar business models as a scam. Polaris does business to business sales and marketing, which is a legitimate sales industry service. It was mentioned above that a pyramid scheme is one in which lower level employees pay into a system where money is supposed to trickle back down to them. Polaris does not operate this way. However, it was also mentioned that upper level employees make money off the lower levels and that is certainly an important part of the corporate structure at polaris. In fact, during your second round interview corporate structure is discussed, and the fact that “corporate trainers” (the first promotion tier which they tell u will happen after about 8 months) make money off what their team accomplishes is a big selling point for getting you to stay with the company. The reason polaris comes off as a scam to many is because they try to glamorize what you are doing. “They,” meaning the higher ups in the company who will do all the talking at first, skew the real deal by making the interview process very serious. Multiple tiers and even an exam at the end of your second interview. They require staff to wear jackets in the office at all times to give a corporate environment. And they go on and on about promotions. All of this gives the impression that you are entering a corporate office like a law firm. The truth of the matter is, you are a door to door sales man. That’s what makes it feel like a scam. If they didnt make this big hooplah like they do something prestigious and just said, “we’re door to door salesmen and we need more motivated sales people out in the field” ppl wouldnt feel so duped when that fact settled in. I had done this kind of sales before so I knew what it was before walking in. The suits and midtown office didnt fool me, I was applying for a job as a door to door salesmen no matter how much they tried to pretend that I was interviewing for something more important or greater than that.

    Second, there is certainly weight to those who have made the comment that they make or can make good money doing this work and working for Polaris directly. 28% commission plus bonuses is the entry level rate, which is very generous. The bonuses apply for various things like getting a customer to sign up online or by having a high rate of repeat buying customers (“clients” they call them.) Managers (which takes about a year and a half to get promoted to) make a higher commission and a per diem salary for days when they arent in the field. Below a manager is a corporate trainer who makes 42% commission plus bonuses. They also get a bonus for interviewing/ training “account executives” (which is the entry position) and when account executives from their team do well. That being said, it was alarming to me that so many people seemed to have other jobs. I was shocked when a corporate trainer asked me if I could help refer her to one of my old bartending jobs because she needs to work weekends. I will be honest that I did not pry, so maybe she wants to bartend weekends just for fun. but the look in her eyes said “I need another job cuz i need money!”

    Now someone mentioned earlier that it’s commission based so if you dont do well then you simply dont work hard enough or suck. I can say for a fact that that’s not true at polaris. There are so many requirements for a sale before you get paid that you could work very hard and still not make much. For example, make a sale to a small personal law firm of $100. You should get $28. Oh but wait! turns out the firm has an office supply acct through us already and they just ordered. So now i dont get my full commission because i only get full commission on new accounts. Now I get 10% which is $10. Or the customer canceled the order before delivers so now I get 0%. I dont get paid until delivery, so the fact that I made the sale doesnt matter. Now dont get me wrong. One corporate trainer in the office was wearing gucci pumps and made the comment that she wants to have 20k in the bank in a year so it’s hard to judge wat ppl are really bringing in. But I went out training with a corporate trainer who is one of the highest earners in the office and over two days with him he only had $200 in personal profit over those two days. That’s good. but not exactly breaking the bank. I made my first sale on my second training day, which is very impressive, yet just crunching the numbers even my incredibly driven, 3 job holding self, cant see how Id make more doing polaris than I do bartending right now.

    Third, someone above did a great job of breaking down all the things you personally have to pay for that deeply cut into your profit. So i wont repeat it in such detail but to briefly recap:
    1. transportation out in the field not paid for or reimbursed
    2. polaris requires you to call in orders from the field (reminder – polaris does not “require” you to have a phone so the calls wont be tax deductible even though I was told it would be) also want to mention that we call in to check the last order date on at least 1/3 of the businesses we saw. it’s ALOT of calling.
    3. food in the field
    4. twice a week team and crew nights that you’re expected to attend
    the list really does go on and on. and it takes a serious toll on the money coming in. I think it is important to mention that the day is from 8am to 6pm. When you are promoted that becomes 7am to 7pm. When you do the math, if you earn $100 in personal profit a day (which is what polaris says is the range starting out), You are making $12.50 per hour. To make $100 in personal profit you need to sell $357 in stuff. On my second day with my trainer he only had $50 in personal profit. So he made $6.25 an hour for a 12 hour day. Not pennies. But even at $12.50, that’s a meager income to have to pay out all those expenses.

    Fourth, the biggest lesson I learned over my time training for Polaris is that the people who really do well are those who genuinely aspire to rise in the company and create a life around sales. Someone mentioned they think they’re Gordon Gecko’s or Andrew Carnegies. People who do well here first and foremost have a passion for sales. They actually like sales and want to have their own companies etc. So for those ppl polaris is really rewarding because they feel like they go out every day and independently run their own little business of self. I am a law student on an academic break – I have no interest in becoming a manager or other higher level in the sales industry- so that rewarding feeling isnt there.

    The bottom line is for the majority of us, it’s just a job. and as jobs go, it’s not a great one. If you are like me and just needed a job that felt comparable to your skill set that would pay the bills until you move on to what you really want to do, polaris and similar work will make you unhappy. What is demanded of you from polaris will only feel right if you are getting a career out of it in return. It is far too many hours, too many expenses, and too many hours to be good for “just a job.”

    My recommendation to ppl looking for a job, who believe they can do sales, but are worried about scams or structures like polaris where success is too uncertain is threefold:
    1. Pick a sales company like appco that does CHARITY campaigns. I used to do this kind of sales and, while you’re still doing sales so there are expenses,etc, it is much less stressful. people dont tend to slam doors in your face or have security throw you out for soliciting (both of which happned during my training for polaris) because you have a good cause and you dont really come off as “selling” something.
    2. Find a job, again like appco, (i only mention these guys because my fiance works for them and has enjoyed it), that pays a salary plus commission as opposed to just commission. and
    3. Take any sales job for what it is. If you are not passionate for sales, understand that you are going to have to do a lot of work to “fake it” and make it worthwhile for you. accept and appreciate the sales techniques and theories you learn because they are definitely applicable skills to anything you do in life. If you ARE passionate for sales, if you worship people who can retire before 50, if you think learning growing a team of staff is important to your career goals, then polaris is a great place to start your climb of the ladder.

  178. Aly, your post is way too long. Didn’t you learn the concept, “KISS vs. KILL”?

    Good luck finding another job.

  179. Just a heads up, Polaris is now operating under BBB Conglomerate with the same address in their NYC 43/44th ST address.

  180. Why the fuck so they change their name every time?

  181. I left a Cydcor office a few weeks ago. The best decision I ever made.

  182. Confirmed. I went in for an “interview” today at BBB (http://bbbconglomerate.com), and it still says polaris on the door. I fed them what they wanted to hear, and now waiting for them to call me back… also was at a place called Logan Business Concepts in Long Island City earlier in the week, same thing. shitty office, shitty presentation. NY Business Solutions is still running, and SG Ventures is going strong. I will post the link to a story i’m writing about these businesses shortly for the voice…

  183. The scam is in having the “office manager” become incorporated and therefore remove any liability for their actions from both Verizon and Cydcor.Essentially, Cydcor pawns off the “employment liability” onto the ICL, or manager’s corporation….. meaning all the payroll tax liability falls on the small business owner making $.40 on the dollar, not the corporation making $.60 on the dollar from 200 “office managers” , or ICL’s. Verizon doesn’t care because they’re in the death war with cable companies for the same , limited pool of residential or business customers; they’re happy to have the volume , and can’t be held liable for any deception. Cydcor’s ICL employees average length of employment is 14 days. They average hiring one person per day. They average hiring almost 200,000 people a year and currently have around 210 offices. Their average office size is approximately 12 sales people. The average office “owner” is GROSSING less than $9000 per week. looking at advertising costs ($25/ad x 15-20/week), administrative costs ($500-$700/week); rent for office space ($200-400/week) commissions (averaging around 55% of the sales-$5000/week) and payroll tax liability (mine was 12% of payroll or about $1000 of this amount)……at the low end of the scale, before they pay for ANY miscellaneous operating expenses like phone lines, Internet, meals, their own payroll, (mine was usually around $400-500/week)…they get $70k left for themselves….they pay double payroll taxes ((25%) because they pay employee AND employer taxes…. they do well if they bring home 700-800/week, or about $10 an hour….net income. That’s awful for generating as much revenue as they do…..

  184. I in addition to my friends appeared to be viewing the nice hints from your web blog and unexpectedly developed a horrible suspicion I had not thanked the website owner for those techniques. My ladies happened to be certainly happy to read through them and have now honestly been loving these things. We appreciate you turning out to be quite kind and also for deciding on some fabulous subject areas most people are really desirous to learn about. Our honest regret for not saying thanks to you sooner.

  185. I just received an email from Kim Birk, a recruiter from The Henry Group inviting me for an interview, but I’m not sure I’m going to get back to them. I haven’t found any info online about the company and their website doesn’t have any examples of their work or clients. The recruiter’s email is jobsatthehenrygroup@gmail.com. Something seems sketchy.

    I’ve also received an email invite from NYBP (New York Business Parners), and The-VIII, other sketchy organizations. Getting fake interview offers when you’re desperately looking for a job is just mean. My resume is also posted on careerbuilder.com.

    • Tips to be more sure of things:

      -Names are changed because new managers are promoted and do not operate under original company name.

      -You are getting your facts from a website called, “Pissed and Petty.”

      -There are no costs to an employee for certification, licensing, tests or textbooks.

      -Experience things for yourself and make decisions for yourself.

      -Three rounds of interviews are a chance to have ALL of your questions answered. No one can force you to work.

      • Funny how there was this high-ranking lady named Clemence (which isn’t really a common name in the US) at one of the Cydcor-affiliated companies when I was there.

        Rarely met anyone looking so fake, btw.

  186. Stephen Kordella, of TMG Indy and The Merl Group in Indianapolis IN is now in Hollywood, FL under the name CLEARWATER COMMUNICATIONS.

  187. I received a call for an interview at Image Branding in NYC. 375 5th Ave. 5th Floor. Did a google search and found nothing on the company other than another person requesting information. I called the guy who contacted me and asked him for a web address to which he replies it’s under construction and asks in a very clipped tone, “Do you want the interview or not?” I tell him that I want to be prepared for the interview his response is, “Right, I’ll put in a good word for you.” Just wanted all my fellow job-seeker comrades to be aware. I won’t be wasting my time or train fair by going to this interview. I’d be much better off going to the career fair instead.

    • 90% of Success is showing up! 5th Ave in Midtown is a pretty good location last time I checked and most companies Won’t conduct phone interviews. A 3000 sq ft lease in a prime NYC location is much more important than a domain w/ graphics that any joe shmoe can attain! You need to keep a more open mind in this job market because discouragement will certainly trickle down and miss out on an opportunity when one arrives, like this company was offering.

      This slander is malicious and false as well as uncalled for and we wish you luck at the fair. No male has ever been a receptionist or booked even one appiontment-Ever; so we know that is a lie as well.

      • I too have heard many allegations of rape and sexual harrasment, including one employee in a NY location asking for the name of some lawyer friends of mine. I knew Bart Yates, back in the day, when he was still a solid and contributing citizen. This company is rife with misinformation, rampant with misdirection, and more importantly, it takes advantage of people. I am a salesman, have been my whole career. I’ve worked on commission-only, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, and was treated better than the people at these companies are. Travel was paid for. phone was paid for, and meals were paid for. All of the pieces of this company add up incorrectly: Office managers pressuring candidates to come in for interviews, TERRIBLE office space–sure 5th ave is great, but between 5th and 6th is not so great, especially when you see the building entrance, and finally the companies changing names so much! Sure it’s the new “managers” opening their “businesses.” but it’s also a part of the scam to make sure they are never found. Business to Business direct sales IS a reputable industry–just not the way this organization does it. Bottom line, in NYC, no matter how low, there will always be a base salary to the sales jobs that you can make a career out of. Keep that in mind. Also, I see that ‘Raf Diaz” has joined us on this thread. Why a personal email address? Why not a professional one? The business is run similar to the cold-era Soviet Union. Everyone gets the same, everyone has opportunity, except for those in the Politburo. You want to talk about legit companies? LinkedIn presence? None of the companies have legit presence on LinkedIn, and even worse, none of the executives have profiles. S.K.E.T.C.H.Y.

  188. Hello there! This blog post could not be written any better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I am going to forward this information to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

  189. MMI Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) represents some the nation’s largest Fortune 100/500 companies. These companies hire MMI Marketing to represent them and build personal relationships with their respective business accounts where other forms of marketing such as: telemarketing, direct mail and e-mail marketing have failed to produce desired results.

  190. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  191. Best of all, you’ll have all the resources you need to learn step by step how to become a successful internet marketer. And that is hands down the best of the online internet work at home jobs out there.

  192. I recently got hired by “The Henry Group” which is what they’re being called now.. I guess they changed their name because of all the negative comments on blogs such as this one. I did do a search for the company before I went on the interview. Since they recently changed their name there wasn’t anything on them as yet. After a day of “shadowing” an employee of the company I quickly realized that there was something not quite right with the company practices. The next day I was told to come in and they hired me on the spot. After standing there and listening to the employees chant “Go Team” montra’s all morning (which I thought was weird as well). One of the trainers said “If a customer says they’re going to record you RUN!” A bunch of red flags were raised including the form I signed saying The Henry Group is not liable if you get sued. Since when does a legit company not back it’s employees on services that company is rendering? After hearing this I promptly went back home and did a more extensive search and found that they were named Polaris (which is what came up on my caller ID when they called) THIS IS A SCAM! The trainers are very vague about certian questions. Such as benefits and how long they themselves worked in the company. It all seems cultish when you’re doing the chants in the mornings and speaking about the goals for the day (of which you cannot sit or lean against the walls) This is all before you have to go out and walk around sketchy New York neighborhoods for 8hrs all just to come back to the office for some sort of quality time with the other employees. If you get a call from “The Henry Group” I’d advise to just, as the trainer said, “RUN!”.. Oh just an update they’re now located in Midtown Manhattan the address is 690 8th ave fl 5
    New York City, NY 10036
    The owner is a lady named Brenda Bernal. WATCH OUT!.. I ignored many red flags in the beginning cause I was just happy to finally find a job. Don’t waste your time and money as I did. :/

    • Thanks for this info. My daughter has been contacted by them and we couldn’t find any info on them but their urgency and demeanor didn’t seem right. You are doing a service by letting others know.

    • If you got hired by them, then that means you went through their interview process. From what people are saying about these guys on here, you would have been walking around with somebody for the day, watching what they do on a day to day basis…..If you thought it was a scam, why did you take the job? Red flags or not, what changed from your interview to you doing the job? Did you just suck at it and that’s why your taking it out on the company through this blog or was there something else?

      • Jamesy Jamesy tut tut no need to be snappy.. I think you should read what I wrote in my comment again and read yours.. I believe I explained all your questions in mine.. Is it that you can’t read? Maybe you should have someone read it for you then or maybe you are an idiot that already works for them? Pretty sad individual if I do say myself and your stupidity is another reason why you’d be perfect for working in such a retarded place.. You know, only the best of idiots can work there for more than a week so have a nice day and make sure you find someone to read this for you :).

  193. You are all pathetic. Why don’t you go and get yourselves a waaa Burger and some french cries.

    • Well we can’t all be as lucky as you are.. You know living in your moms basement, using the McDonald’s wifi and getting food stamps. Some of us actually do have responsibilities other than picking our noses and scratching our asses all day long. Good Luck to you sir. :)

      • Trollin, I assume you feel that anybody not spewing their negativity on this website is a spoon fed parasite? First off, your comments and their inaccuracies speak to your ignorance. If someone was living in their parents basement and have no responsibilities they wouldn’t be entitled to food stamps.

      • And most of us just assume that anybody desperately trying to defend those bogus companies on here has to be you or your partners in crime, Raf.

        Your pass judgement on others’ comments while yours are only insulting, demeaning, and don’t actually convey any real arguments, but rather pompous assumptions you make about those who didn’t lean forward when you try to sneak behind them!

    • If what you say were true then why would I have gotten on you to begin with? You were being more negative than anyone on here. That shows that even though your vernacular might be up to par, you still make have no point. As to your little food stamp comment, being as my wife works for The NYC Dept. of Social Services EVERYONE is entitled to food stamps She actually giggled when she saw your post cause it really shows how even someone with a great vocabulary can be such a retard. You should really do some research before you try to state facts little man.. Nice try though.. :)

      • Sounds like your wife needs some re-training. There are specific qualifications one needs to have to obtain food stamps. Someone living at home would be a dependent for their parents. This fact alone disqualifies that individual from obtaining food stamps. Their parents may qualify their family for food stamps if they meet the qualifications, which for New York are as follows:
        Calculate your Gross monthly income. This is the income you receive before all deductions, taxes, and other money taken out of your check such as retirement funds, insurance, etc. If you have other income that is received monthly such as investment income (non retirement) or bank interest income then include these amounts also.
        If you are paid every two weeks then you will receive 26 checks per year. To get an estimate take the gross amount of one pay check and multiply by 26, then divide by 12.
        If you are paid each week then you will typically receive 52 checks per year. To get an estimate take the gross amount of one pay check and multiply by 52, then divide by 12.
        Repeat Step 1 and calculate the gross monthly income of your spouse. If they do not earn income, use $0. Add the amount calculated in Step 1 to the total from this step to get a combined gross monthly income for your household.
        Calculate your yearly gross income if you think the amount might be lower. This may be true if you were previously out of work and recently got a job.
        Using the total number of people in your household, compare the amounts calculated in Step 2 and Step 3 to the maximum allowable gross monthly and gross yearly income to be eligible for food stamps in New York.
        Family Size/Gross monthly income/Yearly gross income
        1/ $ 1,174/ $ 14,088
        2/ $ 1,579/ $ 18,948
        3/ $ 1,984/ $ 23,808
        4/ $ 2,389/ $ 28,668
        For each additional person add $406 per month or $4872 per year.
        If your family has any dependent care costs, such as taking care of an elderly family member in your home or child care costs, then use the following maximum income amounts:
        Family Size/Gross monthly income/Yearly gross income
        1 $ 1,805 $ 21,660
        2 $ 2,428 $ 29,136
        3 $ 3,052 $ 36,624
        4 $ 3,675 $ 44,100
        For each additional person add $623 per month or $7476 per year.

        How’s that for research? If you or your wife have any questions about what qualify for food stamps in other states, please let me know as I am more than happy to accommodate. Thank you for the compliment on how I use vocabulary, but it was unnecessary.

      • As a sub-note to my most recent post; if someone who works for one of these companies and does qualify for food stamps, they would be crazy not to apply and obtain food stamps. If your not too proud to do door-to-door or business-to-business sales, don’t be too proud to get assistance for the government. You pay for this in your taxes, you might as well take advantage of it to help your life be easier. Food Stamps aren’t meant to be a social stigma, they are meant to help you when you need help. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison would probably tell you the same thing. Coincidentally to me mentioning those names, they also started going Door-to-Door. I bet if you met one of them face to face, you wouldn’t criticize their beginnings now would you?

      • In the post above, there was a typo:
        “If your not too proud to do door-to-door or business-to-business sales, don’t be too proud to get assistance for the government.”
        It was supposed to say, “…don’t be too proud to get assistance from the government.”

    • @ GW:

      And why don’t you try the Jenny Craig, at least the money you steal from your reps wouldn’t all go into fast-food crap, Raf, you fat-ass, oily-skinned SOB!

  194. For everyone saying that “it’s only commission sales.. If you can’t handle it get another job” “It’s not a scam” blah blah blah.. If it wasn’t a scam why would they make you sign a waiver showing they’re not liable for anything you do? So if you get sued for promoting something that THEY’RE making you sell why wouldn’t they back you up? Furthermore, why would a company tell their employees “If the customer tells you that they’re going to record your conversation with them RUN!” Not a scam you say? I think some of you people been sipping the red kool-aid given at their offices a bit too long.

    • If someone is going to go business to business or door to door and aren’t in an environment easily monitored by whatever company that individual is doing sales for, of course there is going to be a liability waiver to protect the company. Most negative experiences customers have with the products or services that these reps sell are because the reps were doing shady things, not the company. Why do you think companies monitor emails and that the things you do on a companies computer can be used against you. BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE COMPANY LIABLE. If they are sued for something YOU did and not based upon the quality or validity of a product, why should the company be liable? Every single phone call you make to a company nowadays is recorded; whether it is the phone company, the power company, insurance company, bank, etc.

      • Oh? So a legit company would tell their employees “If the customer states they’re going to record your conversation RUN!” and then the room just chuckled about it. Yeah, all that you said is all fine and dandy but that was the BIG red flag for me. I signed the waiver and everything it did raise the red flags but not enough for me not to persue it further.. It was after they said that line that EVERYTHING just didn’t make sense. That’s when I did a little more digging and found out that the company was named Polaris, not “The Henry Group”. I’ve worked for Medicare where we were monitored all the time I understand the monitoring part of it. But working for that entity only gave me insights as to how the unscrupulous take advantage of people just trying to survive. When a company lies from JUMP saying that “We just share a floor with a company named Polaris”. It doesn’t give me a high vote of confidence in them.. btw.. You were naming LEGIT companies there.. not a fraud one such as this one. Name one that would make you sign a waiver when in sales. You can take your time cause there are none.

      • Any major company would have you sign a waiver. I’m not limiting this to the sales industry. I have worked for law firms that have me sign waiver’s so as to not implicate their company in lawsuits if someone disagrees with my decorum. I am not going to list any specific company name as that would be poor taste. People would connect the negativity of this blog/page to their company name, which is not the purpose of my responses.
        As far as sales companies go, each and every single one of them that offer “outside sales positions” or “independent contractor positions” will have a clause in the new hire paperwork that will protect the company. The reason you had your calls monitored is because you were part of an “inside” unit. I can guarantee if you asked your previous employer for a copy of your new hire paperwork (which you are entitled to), you would find a clause in there authorizing them to monitor you and making you liable for any action needed to be taken if an issue arose. These clauses aren’t enough though, which is why regulatory commissions put in place standards and practices that a company must take on in order to PREVENT their representatives from doing unethical business practices.
        You mention people surviving. This is how companies survive people taking advantage of them. In America people are “sue happy.” Someone can file a lawsuit even if they already know 100% they will lose, but the mere fact a suit has been processed is negative press a company needs to avoid. A good way in doing this is having waivers so that their name stays out of any legal action. You are very correct in stating that there are unscrupulous companies that take advantage of people, but there are just as much unscrupulous people who try to take advantage of companies.
        You mentioned being weary of their comment about recorded conversations; let’s address that. You have no idea why someone wants a “personally recorded” message, nor what they want to do with it. There are people out there who have nothing better to do than to “fight the power” or “stick it to the man” and would take great pleasure in editing it for their own purposes and putting it on youtube or some video blog site. People can selectively take things out of context to suit their own purposes to make a company look bad. This would not only hurt the company the person represents, but also any other company that is associated with this. There are many examples of this that have already been done and have been discussed in mainstream media. Separate to that, depending on the type of industry someone is doing outside sales for, there can be major regulations/penalties that the company has to be concerned with. This is why companies have a Public Relations department. Their job is to answer and address all of the concerns and questions the public has and takes on the responsibility of being the mouth for the company. The outside sales representative is not equipped to be this person without proper training on how to say things or what to say/not say. You quoted something that someone said regarding avoiding customers recording conversations as how people chuckled at the comment. This is why that person was saying that. It sounds like they made light of the situation to avoid reps being overly concerned. I think it would have been better if the person explained why they were saying that and explain the seriousness of the matter. I assume they did and you are taking that quote out of context to suit your point, which is why companies don’t want conversations recorded by those not with their company.
        There is only so much a company can do to protect itself and its customer base. When everything is said and done, it is on the individual to make their own decisions and make either the right or wrong choices. You cannot hold a company responsible for the actions of one person. I assume these people who do the wrong things will not survive long in business let alone these companies “sales/management” programs. The problem is, bad habits breed other bad habits. People tend to be more comfortable following other people doing the wrong thing than to stand up against it or address it directly with management.

  195. Based on some inside rumors, there is a lot of sexual harassment going on at New York Business Partners. No HR department, “rapists” welcome.

    • Not True just call and ask. I have not “forced” anyone into anything, they didn’t want to do.

      1 914.625.9091 Mobile

      • Raf, you’re a joke. When you want to start making some real money, start a real company, lot more rewarding, and you don’t have to live with all the guilt. You, by proxy of your employees, are a rapist, sir.

      • “I have not forced anyone into anything, they didn’t want to do”…

        So you don’t even deny you having sex with people you work with???…

        BIG mistake, my dear Raf, since sexual harassment / rape at the workplace is not necessarily a matter of physically “forcing” a woman, it’s a matter of power you have over you prey. And as the CEO, you have power over everyone there, sweetie.

        How did you do it? Did you cancel half a woman’s accounts and tell her during a little one to one in your office that you could make it easier for her to get her accounts to go through?

        Anyway it doesn’t even matter, just having sex with one of your employees when you’re the CEO – as your post pretty much admits you did – even if she wasn’t crying or yelling or kicking, IS sexual harassment AT BEST, probably more like rape!

        Somebody on here call NY Special Victims Unit so they take care of this guy, seriously!!!

  196. I was recently interviewed in chicago for a marketing company. Chicago business strategies. All of this information sounds similiar to what I experienced. It seems as though these jobs are growing across the country but my gut instinct is telling me not to go back for a second interview.

  197. whoever originally posted this, went through alot of trouble trying to sound like a real “hard hitting” journalist. HaHa! I hope they found out during the past 4 years just how pathetic he/she really is.

    • What’s pathetic is how these companies pimp their employees selling them dreams just to come away with almost nothing for their effort and their time. No benefits, little compensation for 10hrs of work, manditory “quality time”, I’m assuming to slip you some kinda drug so you won’t realize how much of a waste of time this shit is.. Pathetic is what you’re kinda doing right now.. trolling internet sites for a company YOU yourself work for just to TRY and make your company look good.. Don’t worry.. All sleezeballs have their day.. But not everyday is Christmas buddy.. there will be a time to pay the piper as the term goes. I’ve already gotten the ball rolling.. ;)

      • “Paying the piper”? that may not happen. I am an insider at the NYBP office on 35th and Broadway. These jobs may be just that, JOBS. A means to make some money while trying to pursue something else. These organization thrive from today’s difficulties finding jobs and ignorance. Yes, this may be a short term path for the alternative for podiatry school dropouts, people with an associates degree in communications, and the few that do not have a degree, but I feel there are more factors that will keep the company “running”. Ignorance is not just a lack of discernible skill sets, but also job seekers who are inexperienced and gullible. People need to know more about New York Business Partners and other like it so they can make informed decisions.

        NYBP has every right to create a work culture or enshrinement to keep up moral and retain workers (even if they are presenting delusions). With that being said I strongly disagree with how they go about doing it. I love the b.s. titles employees have:”Account Executive”, “Corporate Trainer” “Asisstant manager” etc. If you are a “Corporate Trainer” and you have an new hire, you are required to go to the mandatory “Team Night” and are requested to stick around until the new hire leaves. “Team Night” is going out to local bars. Can be a good time, but combine young people and a lack of a human resource department and the work environment could be conducive to sexual harassment. I know of managers who take advantage of employees. Now I am not nieve enough to believe harassment does not happen at other places, but this work environment will increase the odds.

        If you do apply, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Not just the questions they avoid like pay and benefits. Questions like: How long has the average person maintained a job here? Does anyone have a family here (husband, wife, kids)? What about time off? (I know people who have been fired from NYBP for missing work due to medical emergencies) – If anyone else has more questions to ask please comment.

        If you decide to work protect yourself, you are only a number. You work for yourself, so make money by any means and forget the corporate propaganda.

    • When you google search “NY Business Partners” this site calling the company a scam comes up second.
      When you google search “Raf Diaz” this site calling Raf a douche bag and a rapist comes up first. That is a win.

  198. I cant say is a scam, at least not as if you will loose money.I graduated from NYU with a history degree… I had no luck getting no job, had a warehouse job and kept looking for others.
    Stimble into the account executive offer.
    I guess most people are pissed because they are offered a door to door job instead of what they believed.
    Is the opportunity to own your own business,and the money is THERE, just that u have to go and get it YOURSELF.

    Cant say I had a blast, but I dont regret working there for 5 months, was not the strongest link, nor the weekest.. but I did learn how to talk better to people which helped me on job interviews.

    • It is a scam. You will loose money. At least 95% of the people in the office are not breaking even when they receive their paychecks, and no one is in the position to be saving any money. Between transportation costs, field food, and mandatory alcohol consumption on team nights… you are pretty much guaranteed to loose money. In addition, you don’t receive your first check for a month, and when you do receive that first check… it is usually for a pittance (literally, if it’s over a hundred dollars you should consider yourself “lucky”). Subsequent checks will be better, but not by much… due to unexplained cancellations for which you will be provided with little if any documentation for. Also… your time should be worth something… and you will be forced to work 60 hours a week for sub minimum wage compensation.

  199. Hey guys-

    My office is switching to Restaurant.com from APGE until we get charity back. There might be people that call the office, bc on the receipt they get it will say EQ Charity, and they might forget what they bought, or get confused. If ANYONE calls the office from now until forever to ask about EQ Charity, and sounds confused about a purchase, MAKE SURE YOU SAY OOOOHH WELL WE MARKET AND SELL LOTS OF DIFFERENT THINGS. DID YOU BUY A RESTAURANT.COM CARD AND HELP FUNDRAISING FOR FEED THE CHILDREN? THAT MIGHT BE WHAT THE CHARGE IS? Or something like that….

    Elana Stein

  200. Jane, You mentioned about getting the charity back,. Do you know why it left??? I tell you why, because of FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD!!!!! You get paid when a person donates on a month to month electonic withdrawl from thier bank account. You get paid a higher commission for higher donations. So when a SALES REP cons a nice person that it is only a one time donation(because it is an easier sell) and gets paid more then what the charity gets, you are STEALING FROM A CHARITY!!!! Yeah, this is such a great company to work for.(sarcasim)
    Managers helping sales reps to fake customers signatures on contracts, tellling them tricks on scamming, etc. And when the company that sponsored the charities caught on, they pulled them from CREDICO(thats the company behind it all). So, what did creditco do?? They bought out that company to get the charities back since they are able to make soo much money off of misrepresentation of a charity. What does that tell you about the company now???? These Managers are just people that could not make it in real business and are trained on scamming clients, customers and employees to make thier money. BOTTOM LINE!!

  201. Awesome post.

  202. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I have recently made the decision to change careers and applied to an ad (which stressed that I would receive training) from New York Business Partners. On July 4th (which I found odd but hey it’s NYC) I got an e-mail (in which I was told the preliminary interview would be 45 mins. to an hour) as well as a call to come in the next day and interview, I looked at the company website and proceeded to select my outfit and prepare mentally for my interview. I went the next day to a dinky little office and had a 10-15 min. interview in which he took more time to try to explain to me what it is they did rather than asking questions. The man that interviewed me was very nice I really liked him but I left not feeling very confident and still didn’t think I had a very good understanding of what it is exactly they do there. I didn’t think I had done well and the minute I walked in the office I got the vibe that I was very under-qualified for the position, so I was taken aback when I got a call before I had even gotten home that I was moving on to a second interview. My current job is a weekend and night gig so we scheduled the all day shadowing interview for tomorrow (Monday). These last 3 days have given me time to really look and research this place which is when I found this site among others. After talking about the information I have uncovered as well as the interview and my feelings at length with friends and family I decided to cancel (but not before getting a confirmation call…on a sunday…) and am so incredibly grateful to this site and those that have commented. I feel in my gut that I made the right decision and see all the red flags as I look back on the experience. I can see how they prey on the desperate and in this economy that’s not hard to find, unfortunately. If I did not have current employment and was really strapped for money I might have ignored everything that was said here. I just feel sorry for those that didn’t catch it in time before wasting their time and travel money on something like this. Thank you!!

  203. I heard that a Cydcor manager got a Corporate Trainer pregnant.
    I guess he was on the Gong! lol

  204. I wouldn’t doubt it!! After so many drunken “team nights” I’m impressed there isn’t any date rape charges. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there is nothing professional about this business. Hell the leader of Credico named Derek who is married and has kids, is followed around by a 6 foot blonde on every business trip he takes. “admin” is what she is called, but never seen an admin in skinny jeans, f” me pumps and a hang top with pancake make up on follwing a manager around without so much as a pen or paper on her. This “business” is all about brain washing young adults with partying, booze and pipe dreams of success. Once you no longer produce cash flow for them you are let go. You’re made to believe you have friends in the office, but once you quit or get fired, the office is told not to bring them to team night anymore nor hang with them because they will be a “negative influence”. again, please hust look at the pics on 7Marketing.org and thier face book page. As a professional claimed office, why is all you have pics up is partying?????????? Why do you keep changing your business name?????????? Why do you keep loosing clients?????????? Why does your office look like a crack house?????? And why to you cheat your employees out of the money they slaved for you to earn?????!!!! WHY????

    • You should check out RAF’s guy he promoted in Florida PANI VERMA.. RAFS BEST FRIEND! now this is a sick twisted SOB, This guy is complete trash! I went for a interview with Pani Verma and he hit on me the whole time! It was so unprofessional! I did get the job their but kept my guard up the whole time. Come to find out he has slept with several employees more than 10! When I started their he was dating his admin at that time. Se was such a very nice girl. One day she came into office bruised from head to toe because he beat her up! I couldn’t BELIVE it! He is probably around 6″2 and this poor girl was no taller than 5 ft. His entire office quit! To make it worse his promoting owner Raf Diaz flew down from NY to protect him! What kind of buisness is this where the men get together to help each other out abusing and screwing women! Raf Diaz flew down to protect this abusive man! SICK! So I quit this job and the entire office of at least 15 people quit also! So I stayed friends and with this girl and others. She had continued to work with him. So Raf Diaz helped Pani get back on his feet by assisting him in recruiting new employees. So he got a few new employes together and took a buisness trip to Miami. Where I guess it was a drunkin drug fest. And during that buisness trip he slept
      with a new employee meghan dynow ( who now is his new girlfriend and admin) while his girlfriend (the one he beat up several occasions) was working with other employees . So while she is doing his job he was having sexual relations with a employee who hasn’t even worked for him for a week!! What kind of buisness is this? What kind of buisness man is this? Every employee quit So once again here come raf diaz to the rescue and protects him again. Raf Diaz should be ashamed as he is a married man assisting the assault of a women with hush hush money and allowed Pani Verma to keep his campaign knowing that he also frauding the government, IRS and the entire campaign. Maybe that’s just how Raf Diaz runs his company’s in New York.

      Pani vermas company ” marketing concepts” is contracted by a company cydcor and does a campaign called quill where we would sell office products. He seemed real secretitive about what else was going on in the office and a to find out he was illegaly running several other scam campaings that cydcor was not aware of. when i found out I was told not to say anything. I also found out that two people I worked with was not even who they said the where! Pani Verma had them working under two x-employees names and SSN numbers! I’m actually worried now there is a possibility that employers are working under mine. I had contacted the IRS and they actually have been investigating him for a while. He tells everyone im CEO who is untouchable. That he can “sell” his way out of anything and hes so much smarter than the government. He threatens people with his “daddy’s lawyers” his dad is I guess a big shot that works for the stock exchange in NY. He says his daddy’s lawyers are sharks and will bury you if you tell. Only if daddy knew that his son sexually assaults and beats women and to add complete IRS FRAUD. This man should not be running a company he should BE IN JAIL! If you have worked with him or this company please make a report it is the only way to stop people like him!

      • You would not be surprised that two years later, Raf Diaz and Pani Verma, as well as most of his other Cydcor lackeys, are now continuing the same practices under different company names for Credico.

        I have a class-action lawsuit filed against Credico, so anyone who’s ever worked for a Raf Diaz office can join. My e-mail is listed below. Contact me if you’d like to contribute to finally giving these criminals the comeuppance they deserve.


  205. Hey everyone,

    I’m writing an article on the Universal Online Promotions/Polaris/NYBP “scam” and I’m looking to interview people who have worked for any of these companies (the more recent, the better). If you have had either positive or negative experiences working or interviewing at any of the NY-based companies discussed above, please email me at ndemi89@gmail.com as soon as possible!


  206. YOU should also look up 7Marketing, it is run out of Phila and is one of Universal’s first stage pyramid scams. It is ran by Stefan Mainhart, who has changed the company’s name six times in the past year starting with APEX marketing. This company as well as its’ promoters are all guilty of scamming money from the people that work for it.

  207. I’m glad to have found this among many other websites shedding light on the Cydcor umbrella and all the other names their smaller branches go by. I posted my resume up on Careerbuilders.com and immediately was contacted the next day by a company that called itself The Marketing Professionals, INC. However, in my conversation on the phone, the woman constantly spoke of Verizon, almost leading me to believe that I was being contacted BY Verizon itself. I was told I was being considered for an Account Executive position and the lady who spoke to me over the phone said the job was rapidly expanding and seeking new-hires that could move up quickly into management within the company. I was called for an interview in New Brunswick, NJ and I wanted to get directions, so I looked up the address and typed in Verizon, since I originally thought the marketing group went under the same name. After being unable to find anything at all with Verizon’s name under the address the woman gave me, I looked up the address and it came up under The Marketing Professionals, INC. Once I googled this company, what’s the first thing that comes up? Entryleveljobscamsblog.blogspot.com.


    As this didn’t seem like too professional of a site, I did a bit more research, not liking what I was seeing. I came across a Scaminformer.com post about BOLD Marketing Strategies and it also listed other companies and what they’re called under Cydcor, as well as the businesses it tries to deal with.


    Some companies listed? Polaris, INC, Distinctive Marketing, and lo and behold, The Marketing Professionals, INC. After finding this thread as well, I’ve made the decision to not even bother going to my first interview today. I hope the links I listed will be of use to anyone else, especially that list of other names and companies that do the same thing. I would advise anyone who has that bad feeling in their gut about a particular job or opportunity that seems too good to be true to check that list and see of the company who contacted you is listed there! I sincerely hope that we can help educate more people and stop the horrible cycle of drawing people into a nasty job situation.

    – Rachel

  208. This spands Nation Wide!!! Look at 7Marketing in Phila.

  209. They are now operating under the credit broker Credico. Elana Stein and Raf Diaz will be married this weekend… joining NYBP (New York Business Partners… operating at 34th St. and Polaris… now operating as World Wide Marketing and EQ Charity) operating at 43 and 8th ave. The offices operating out of 690 are Worldwide Marketing, EQ, EQ “Charity” under Elana Stein… The Henry Group of NY under Brenda Bernal, ALPHA Global Marketing under the newest manager Sara Weisberg, BBB Conglomerate under Antoine Bell. Of all of these owners, Raf and Elana are by far the sketchiest… However, Brenda Bernal can be commended for being the dumbest… having taken six years to get promoted to management. Any statement that all managers make at least 80k a year is b.s. as in Brenda’s case she is constantly asking her employees to buy her coffee and beer as she never has any money. At the Wall St. office (located at 40 Exchange Place) are Black Ops managed by Nona Black, Northstar Marketing Consultants managed by Bart Yates and Eric Martin. They have recently been joined by Tim Kennedy who has flown in from London.

    • Jane- this is great information! I’m writing an article and I would love to speak with people like you who have insight into these companies. Please email me at ndemi89@gmail.com if you would like to help! I’m submitting it Monday morning, but am reachable all weekend.

    • I haven’t worked there in a while…this is a scarily accurate update. Good for you.

      If you think Raf and Elana are sketch, I’ll assume you’ve never worked for/with Bart? I worked with him for a short time (I was employed by another office that shared space with his) and he was a real jerk. Talked about everyone behind their back and was convinced everyone was always sleeping together (mainly because all the managers were always looking for someone new to sleep with.) That office made me sick.

  210. The newest managers around the country… about whom there may be little or no information on the internet are:
    Ayush Sukhani of Ace Marketing Inc. in Silver Spring, MD promoting owner Bart Yates
    Amanda Bush of Transcend Consulting Inc. in Hartford, CT on the Direct Energy campaign promoting owner Jason Ward
    Steve Rodriguez of DLDM Marketing Solutions in Columbus OH on DE res promoting owner Kristine Gaviola
    Sindy Zapata of Unique Marketing Group in Jersey City, NJ on Verizon Fios promoting owner Adrien Fourny
    Rick Lasky of Live to Give LLC in Boca Raton, FL promoting owner Paul Kluger
    Kala Nielson of Neilson Enterprises in Fairfield, NJ promoting owner Allie Anapolsky on Verizon B2B
    Alice Lee of Kore Integrated Communications, Inc in Columbus, OH promoting owner Antoine Bell
    Xavier Otero of Arsenal Marketing Inc in Silver Springs, Maryland promoting owner Stefan Mainhart on Verizon Fios
    Jeremiah Buden company unknown in Silver Springs, MD promoting owner Adrien Fourny on Verizon Fios
    If you receive an email inviting you to an interview from any of these “companies” beware… and if you want to have a little fun with the recruiter on the phone or the person who is interviewing you (should you make the god awful decision to go in and interview) ask them what they liked about your resume… they will be at a loss for words as the “recruiters” don’t actually read any resumes… if you apply for these jobs you are almost 100% guaranteed to be hired… they are just relying on the “law of averages” that some people will be desperate enough to come and work for them.

  211. jane: You nailed it.

  212. for an idea of how huge this scheme is… also google “JMS Direct/ JMS Marketing” “DS Max”

  213. I used to work at New York Business Partners. I quit because of Jason Malone.

    • Everyone quits b/c of Jason Malone. While I worked there, he gave me the middle finger, told me to shut the eff up, go out there and make me some money, go get me some lunch, blah blah blah. he was (and probably still is) an incompetent MESS with a bad drug and alcohol dependency. Why he has a job and so many talented people don’t have jobs I’ll never know.

  214. A brainwashed corporate trainer begs to stay on a campaign… hasn’t been promoted to management even after a year… begs not to be thrown off the campaign…

    I take full responsibility for every no sale I’ve ever had.
    I have wanted to help everyone, no matter if they were busy, I’d explain in 30-seconds, and promise them a 2.5 minute phone call. Even if they were really old, & irrate, I would be paitient, and go over every thing.
    While I’ve definitely improved on my ability to read people, & not sign up people who dont make it through tpv. I hadn’t fully figured out how to insure good sales with quality people, & I’ve made the same mistakes explaining the phone call over and over again.
    It’s unacceptable, and I apologize for all the extra time and effort you’ve spent listening to my voice.
    I am committed to bring our office up to an 85% good sale rate. That means I’m leading from the front with 100%.
    I now only sign up quality people, and ill have at least three extra people a day that dont have time to make tpv, or spouses that I could put on tpv, but they’ve been dropping too many hints about talking with spouse.
    Here’s my no sale report from Saturday.
    > Paul, my trainee, pre-empted a man born in 1927; he was completely coherent. I explained to Paul this isn’t our target market, because of low usage, yes? I wanted him to practice tpv pre-empting, and having good sales.
> We both learned today that we have to quiz customers, to make sure they understand.
    We were outside the apartment, and heard him say something other than yes, after his name. I opened the already ajar door and poked my head in, and he said, “He’s in my home.”
> The second call, I asked him to bring the corded phone closer to the door, because we didn’t want him to miss the call and the door was slightly cracked as we held the phone up on the other side of the door; we had no eye contact.
    Again he said “no” to premises question, most likely although I didn’t listen to the call.
> Lastly, we quizzed him, and he went through. We will be out of your sight. They’ll say, “has the agent left the premises?” What will you say if you dont see us? Listen to the customer practice mock the call.
> BTN: 212.555.1212
> No sale xxxxxxxxx @ 4 p.m.
> No Sale xxxxxxxx
> Good Sale: xxxxxxx

  215. Raf Diaz New York Business Partners, Elana Stein EQ Marketing, EQ Charity, Brenda Bernal “The Henry Group”, Bart Yates “Northstar Consulting” Stefan Mainhart, Derek Colantonio, etc. etc. watch out for this pitch on your resume… ask about CREDICO… straight out of central recruiting

    Hi, is _________ available please?
    Hi ________, this is _________ calling with __________ in regards to your resume, how are you? Great, I’m calling because our hiring managers had a chance to review your resume and are interested in scheduling an interview with you.
    My managers did however, want me to confirm our location with you. We are located ______________ Is that a feasible commute for you? (You don’t have to say feasible) Great!
    So, just as a refresher for you, as a company, we handle the customer acquisitions, as well as retention, on behalf of our clients. Right now, my managers are looking for someone that they can train and develop through our management training program, to where they can ultimately transition that individual into a managerial role for the company. That fits what you are looking for right?
    Great, Just so you know for scheduling purposes, the interview typically lasts, in or around about a half hour, and is a one on one interview of course. That being said, the hiring managers are currently interviewing, we have a ________ or a _________ available. Which works best for you and your schedule?
    Ok great so _______ at _____ you will be meeting with _______ and ____ asks that you bring in a hard copy of your resume and dress business professional.
    Now if you have a pen _____ I can give you the exact address.
    Also, you will receive a confirmation email, with specific directions to our office, but other than that you’re all set to meet with _______ at ______ on _______, we look forward to meeting you ________ ; have a great day!


    1. What is the pay?
    a. The pay ranges anywhere between 30-45k, based off your background and qualifications
    2. Is this commission?
    b. The hiring managers have multiple pay packages for this position. Just so you know how this works, the managers are the ones who review the resumes, and they forward me the contact information for those candidates they feel are the most qualified for this position. So unfortunately, outside of your name, phone #, and email, that’s all I know about you.
    3. What is the day to day of this position?
    a. (Use the answer above about the process of managers reviewing resume first) Ultimately, as an acting manager in our company, you will be in charge of overseeing people running the HR, PR, Sales and Customer Service etc. Our managers want to train that individual on the systems we have in place, for those different departments, so that they can oversee those people running them, effectively. But again, the manager will be going over all of that much more specifically for you in the interview.
    (If someone seems iffy about coming in for the interview)
    It doesn’t matter to me either way if you decide to come, all I know is the managers after reviewing your qualifications, feel like you could be a good fit for this position, and would like to sit down with you. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, and or aren’t sure about it, then that’s no problem either, and we of course would wish you the very best of luck!

  216. Please, google ” Interview on Main Street” on the PhiladelphiaSpeaks Forum. It is two pages of fresh insight on how the offices mentioned here spread. The 7Marketing office that is managed by Stefan Mainhart is the subject of this major messed up scam in Philadelphia. This guy was “promoted” by Raf Diaz. In over ten years of “managing” an office, he has had 4 offices, lost 3 and has changed the company’s name 6 times in the last 2 years to hide from the fraud he has committed. He started out as Apex, then Amp, next was Blue Rock Partners, on charity he was Fund Raiser Partners, that didnt work so he became Marketing Partners, I think there is another one in there, but now the office is called 7Marketing. Mind you, all these name changes are at the same location on MAIN ST, in Philadelphia. If you look at the website pics on 7marketing a .org website, all you see is pics of a broken down office that looks like a crack house and young adults being brainwashed and turned into binge drinkers. The majority of actions is to get them partying and feeling almost like a cult where you interact only with the office people. You get yelled at and threatened when you bring an outsider to a bar with the office on “team night” which is almost everynite by the way. And God forbid you bring a person who use to work there and quited. Whoa, thats a big no no, cause they can tell the weak minded fools working there that its a scam and ” I left cause I wasnt getting paid” But check out the forum for yourself. Its an eye opener!

    • The company has now opened up an office at 1341 Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia. They are operating as Global Fundraising, Inc. (www.globalfundraisinginc.com). I have an interview with them tomorrow. I have no interest in getting hired by them as I have sufficient income from self-employment. I own two tax preparation offices. However, my curiosity has been peaked that I just want to know what they have to say. I will post my discoveries here for you all to see.

  217. This guy is the owner of the company I work for and he owes me $6500 alone not to include the other 7 co workers I worked with that quit because of no paychecks. He better watch himself one way or another il be getting my $

    • Make a fake letterhead from a lawyer and send it to the office. Make sure you use your cell as the contact # so you can answer if they call.The content of the letter should threaten to follow up with appropriate legal action should you not receive a check for the correct amount within 30 days. Include the exact amount you are owed with an itemized list of your sales if possible. The girl at the front desk (who I always felt bad for because that job looked to be almost as shitty as the “field”) who opens the mail will freak out and tell the manager and he’ll call his accountant and have him/her send you the money. Also, don’t threaten…you won’t get anything that way and you make yourself sound as crazy as they are. Good luck..hope you get your money!

  218. Stay away from companies that don’t openly & honestly disclose information regarding how they make their money or form relationships with their clients. That being said, let me clear this up for you guys.

    Raf Diaz (Bart, Bill, Antoine, Elana, Nona, Eric, Brenda etc) all used to be a part of Cydcor. They ran shady businesses and were persuaded multiple times by people close to them (actually most of the recruiters such as myself, had backgrounds in HR and knew things to be illegal, or at the very least, bad business) to alter the way they practiced business. For people like them, $$$$$$$ is ALL that matters.

    In late 2010, Raf received an offer from a long time buddy of his Derek Colantonio. “Come join Credico, Raf.” For months, Raf had sales teams in all of his offices working campaigns for Cydcor AND working campaigns for Credico. They even worked on competing ESCO’s simultaneously. Cydcor is a huge company and they are owned by a bank; they watch their money carefully. They noticed some issues with Raf’s sales; customers were switching back and forth from one ESCO to another an awful lot. They soon discovered that Raf’s offices were violating the terms of their non-compete contracts with Cydcor (and Cydcor clients). So Cydcor sued them http://dockets.justia.com/docket/new-york/nysdce/1:2011cv09115/389236/.

    In the fall of 2011, Raf and all of his offices were told to resign from their jobs with Cydcor, or be forced to consent to a legal investigation regarding the business/es that he was running. He would need to submit phone records, employee files, bank account information, books, computers, and last but not least, the attorneys wanted to question ALL employees regarding their daily functions. He knew he’d get caught, so he encouraged the people who looked to him as an example to resign from their jobs because, essentially, his decisions had cost them all their jobs. Shockingly, all but ONE of the managers running offices at the time followed his lead and left their jobs. The other office was the only office not working two campaigns and the only office not violating its non-compete. That office still works with Cydcor (its in Manayunk..or someplace near White Plains…).

    Now Raf and all of his offices (the list written by Jane above is so accurate it’s scary..she must work for an office in NY) work for Credico (doing sales for B2B, Res and retail) and Fundraising Initiatives (fundraising for Charities). THey are not a scam; you make money, but let’s get real, it’s barely a legitimate business. I make three times what I made working for the ICL I worked for now and work 37.5-40 hours a week instead of the 60-65 I worked before. This is the kind of work environment where you’ll NEVER get a sick day, vacation day or time off for ANYTHING. When my aunt died, my manager asked me if I was sure I really need to take two whole days off. Afterall, the wake wasn’t even a full day, just from 2-5pm. Couldn’t I come to work and leave at 1pm? These people don’t have any respect for anyone they encounter and would sell their own parents, spouses, children if it meant making an extra buck.

    When I quit, my manager said “Dammit, I really tried to brain wash you, but I guess it didn’t work, huh?”

  219. Brenda bernal at 690 8th ave 5 fl NY,NY 10038 appears to have changed names from The Henry Group of NY to THG of New York. Emails for recruitment are coming from a woman named Sydetra. Be forewarned.

  220. I never had a problem with Bill Victolee, Bart Yates, or Antoine Bell. But I did have a problem with Jason Malone.

    Jason Malone would never keep his promises. For example, we would schedule a one-on-one but he would forget and instead, give me a BS excuse.

    While I was in training, my Trainer left me in the field all by myself. My trainer told me that he had to run an errand but he actually went to see his girlfriend. I told Jason about it but he would do nothing about it.

    Jason Malone, go fuck yourself.

  221. I plan on posting a list of managers who have commited fraud or sexual harassment.

    Stay tuned. This will be very entertaining.

  222. ALERT: The Raf Diaz/DS-MAX/Cydcor taint has arrived in Silver Spring, MD. Be very wary of ads on Craigslist or CareerBuilder from the following companies:

    Rock Solid Associates (Jeremiah Buden), for Entry-level Account Executive
    Fundraising Initiatives (Courtney Pounds, HR Director, recruits for Joe Meshak and Ayush Sukhani), for Charity Ambassador

    They are all affiliated with Derek Colantonio’s Credico, which doesn’t seem to be related to the Canadian company of the same name (and same ties to Cydcor).


    8630 Fenton St. Suite 814
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

    More details available upon request.

    • To add to that, there are 2 additional managers: Xavier Otero and Joe Meshak

      8630 Fenton St. Suite 814
      Silver Spring, MD 20910
      More details available upon request.

  223. I worked in Raf’s office for a month. My main concern was the high turnover rate. I saw at least 50 employees come and go. Team Night was a time for all of us to get drunk and smoke weed. lol

  224. NYBP is the most unprofessional job environment I have ever experienced in my entire life. First of all pathetic managers talking about work ethic and integrity using the most improper language. Manager, (this word isn’t really appropriate for those people, i would offend those ones that they worked hard and have the knowledge to be entitled of such a position) who promote to work on Saturdays to be successful, to plan spending most of your spare time with your team members, to go on business trips where you have to pay for all your expenses and eventually sleep at some unknown manager house , to work on a commission structure that has been decided between them and their client, to go every single Thursday night at an event called “Team Night” to have drinks and spend money that of course you don’t have since every single paycheck is at least half of what you expect, to scream out loud and to be excited when you come back at the office after 8 hours running around (of course you need to show the new start and potential candidates that the job environment is the best in the world), and of course if you complain about something with your co-workers you become “the negative person”…
    Please any of you that will be contacted from those clowns, please don’t even considerate to write them back, it is just a waste of time.
    P.s. for those ones that believe that they give you the opportunity to open up an office for free remember that you need to save 15k $, if i am not wrong that money is your! also i would never want to run such a shady business, misleading employees and selling something that none out there is looking for.
    Stay tuned, this is just the begin. All former or current employees, that believe that this type of organization shouldn’t exist, should find a way to signal this abuse to a competent authority.

    • Does anyone know if ECM Aquistions is a scam?

      • if you are talking about them http://www.ecmacquisitions.com/about.html yes, 100% is a scam as NYBP, stay away from those people!

      • YES. Nine weeks later and I still haven’t gotten paid. But I HAVE been threatened by Eric on the phone. Lovely.

      • I went for a first interview with ECM Acquisitions and Eric C. Martin, the CEO and Founder, interviewed me. There are a few things that you could notice in an office that can tell a lot about what kind of company this is.

        1. First of all, why would the CEO and Founder have nothing better to do but interview someone for a entry sales level position?

        2. Second, the office had no carpeting, no signs on the wall, each of the rooms had no labels, and there was loud music playing like in a club.

        3. There was no information given about salary and benefits.

        4. There are no other positions available, apparently everyone starts at an entry level positions even if you want something administrative related.

        5. I got called in for the second interview within an hour of my first one, and they told me to wear comfortable shoes as I will be walking around a lot the next day for the second interview.

        6. And they keep telling you to bring your resume over and over again. How many copies do they need?

        7. I also saw some of the workers there in unprofessional clothing; like tight jeans, ect. Its funny that they tell the interviewees to dress business like while their own employers dress inappropriate.

        I currently work for the city and the pay is not that great compared to my qualities, and the job market is tough out there. But I do know that I will get a bi-weekly paycheck with hour and half overtime money for any extra hours I do. Plus I get S/L and A/L. So its better for me to stick with the city rather than join some private company that seems so sketchy.

        For everyone out there eager to get a job, please do a good search on the company and look for little things that tell a lot about the atmosphere that you will be in. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT AND INSTINCT!

  225. I’m gone to tell my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this website on regular basis to get updated from newest news update.

  226. Brenda Bernal is going to be switching the company name again because she cant take the heat that these websites are giving off. The new name is going to be along the lines of Hudson Marketing

  227. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up
    losing several weeks of hard work due to no backup. Do you
    have any methods to prevent hackers?

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  229. D1 Consulting Group opened up in Lisle, Il this summer.
    “CEO” Alyssa Huneke’s has ties to Blue, Inc in Schaumburg, Il.
    Lots of reviews online for Blue, Inc. but D1 ( Division 1 ) is probably too new. Heads up Chicago.

  230. I want to you to ask one favor . IF you can please report this scams to
    It would save a lot of us from these people. Thank God Today Is my interview I was ready to go . I Just googled and found this. Thanks Google and you wonderful people

  231. I worked for Diaz at UOP for two weeks before I realised it was nothing but a ripoff. I knew I would never make money. They’d send me to the poorest part of Queens to sell Quill Office Supplies, in an area where nobody had any money.

    Despite the name “Universal Online Promotions,” there was nothing “online” involved. They make you think you’re part of some slick business suit firm and that you’re going to be the next Gordon Gekko. The ones that don’t get scared off easily are the ones who stay on for a year, getting no money from their sales, while telling others what a great place this is to work. Everyone I met there was convinced that they were doing great when in fact they weren’t making a dime.

  232. OMG 7 Marketing is a scam? 0_o

  233. I went for a first interview with ECM Acquisitions and Eric C. Martin, the CEO and Founder, interviewed me. There are a few things that you could notice in an office that can tell a lot about what kind of company this is.

    1. First of all, why would the CEO and Founder have nothing better to do but interview someone for a entry sales level position?

    2. Second, the office had no carpeting, no signs on the wall, each of the rooms had no labels, and there was loud music playing like in a club.

    3. There was no information given about salary and benefits.

    4. There are no other positions available, apparently everyone starts at an entry level positions even if you want something administrative related.

    5. I got called in for the second interview within an hour of my first one, and they told me to wear comfortable shoes as I will be walking around a lot the next day for the second interview.

    6. And they keep telling you to bring your resume over and over again. How many copies do they need?

    7. I also saw some of the workers there in unprofessional clothing; like tight jeans, ect. Its funny that they tell the interviewees to dress business like while their own employers dress inappropriate.

    I currently work for the city and the pay is not that great compared to my qualities, and the job market is tough out there. But I do know that I will get a bi-weekly paycheck with hour and half overtime money for any extra hours I do. Plus I get S/L and A/L. So its better for me to stick with the city rather than join some private company that seems so sketchy.

    For everyone out there eager to get a job, please do a good search on the company and look for little things that tell a lot about the atmosphere that you will be in. USE YOUR JUDGEMENT AND INSTINCT!

  234. Paul Kluger’s Galleria Marketing in Houston, TX has changed it’s name to
    Houston Marketing Worx
    Yes, they spell it “Worx”

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    great written and include almost all important infos.
    I would like to peer extra posts like this .

  236. Is Universal Online Promotions still in activity?

    Amazing … A former coworker or mine there wanted to flag them to the IRS, I thought Raf and his friends would’ve at least had to shut it down and change its name!

    Not only did I move, I switched continents a few years back to come work for that scumbag Raphael “Raf” Diaz in NYC, only to end up :

    – working under the radar because he wouldn’t get the work visa sponsoring process started without trying me out first,

    – not being allowed to sit – EVER – except in Raf’s office while in the company’s building (as we needed to be proactive), not even in the evening when we were back to turn in our order sheets after a harassing day constantly walking outside… When I asked why there were chairs then, I was told they were only for applicants to feel comfortable waiting for their interview…

    – having to go to their drunken nights out otherwise you wouldn’t be considered a team-player. They would insist on your coming on karaoke night even though you told them you don’t like it and can’t sing, other times its was burlesque shows: I have a great picture of Raf Diaz with a balloon C.U.Next.Tuesday on top of his head during dinner with Bill pretending to fist it, and others with Raf, Bart and Bill taking a nap in an abandoned building on a NJ beach, Bart and Bill asleep sitting on a disgustingly stained couch, with Bart holding a huge beer bottle we were sharing, and Raf lying at their feet on one of the cushions, right on the floor… Classy CEO, huh ?

    – coming in at 7.45 AM to look at some guy drawing a big house, a boat, a beach and a limo on a board after all of us – trainees or not – were asked to share our “dreams for the future”, and listening to how it could all be ours if we were committed to the job, meaning keep on working very hard for very little money, none of which you’re ever sure to get, even after closing a 100% legit sale.
    That wasn’t training day, that was the incentive discourse – or brainwash – we all had to go through as part of the sales training every morning before going out in the field…


    You first problem on the job is, it’s difficult – to say the least – to close any sale in the territories they assign you to: they are usually pretty far from the office, and sometimes in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods, even as your resume states you don’t speak Spanish (don’t worry, sweet Raf translated the pitch you have to learn by heart in Spanish, so anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish can still recite it). In any case, those territories have been worked a hundred times before you set foot there, and some business owners have nervous breakdowns, yelling at you to stop harassing them and insulting you right as you walk in…

    But the main problem is roughly 98% of the businesses on your territory:
    – already have an account with Quill (zero commission),
    – had one and stopped ordering for over a year (in which case you get less than half your usual commission),
    – but most of the time, it wouldn’t even matter, as they don’t even “qualify” because there aren’t enough employees there (number required varies depending on type of business, but if not enough employees: no commission). And this is something you couldn’t possibly know before talking to the manager there and wasting your time trying not to be thrown out right from the start!

    So after getting a customer to agree to a new account, you do what your corporate manager (in my case, Bart Yates, as this was several years ago he was a corporate manager at Universal Online Promotions) advised you to on your training day (off the record, of course), you outright lie on the application: “How many employees work in this office?” – “4”. You know you need a minimum of 6 employees in that type of business to get your commission, so you do what you saw your corporate manager do all day long when you were his “shadow”: “You know what? Quill offers better discounts on following orders for businesses that employ 6 or more (which, of course, isn’t even true), so let’s just write down 7, OK?”. Most of the time the office manager agrees, not giving a damn, and so, you do it.
    Sure, the corporate manager tells you you’re not supposed to, and that even though the “client” (Quill) don’t check every account it can happen, and when they do you can forget your commission, but he also did it (or tried, but couldn’t as the honest business owner/manager refused) in front of you on every single sale you saw him close and told you it was a good way of reaching your (otherwise unattainable) goals…

    To sum it up, you spend a day or two watching your corporate manager attain his goals and make commissions only by lying about the number of employees working for the businesses he opens accounts for, he does tells you if you get caught doing this your won’t get your commission on that sale, but it doesn’t seem to happen very often, since he keeps doing it on every sale. And if you put 2 and 2 together you can see for yourself that he – the super corporate manager everyone at the office seems to be trying to keep up with – would’ve never met his goals (actually, wouldn’t have made a DIME in commissions) on the day(s) you spent with him hadn’t he lied on every single application, because NONE of the business he opened accounts for actually had enough employees to “qualify”.


    So you resort to this, because everyone else does it, and because when at the end of the day you haven’t opened your 3 new accounts, not only have you made zero commissions that day, on the first time it happens to you they let you know right away you might very well get fired if you don’t compensate for it, and even if you do, it’d better not happen regularly.

    Your poor performance has of course, nothing to do with the fact that 90% of businesses in Washington Heights are very small ones that don’t even qualify since they usually employ less than 5 people. Just try and say that… Raf and the managers at the office will call you incompetent, it’s your fault if you didn’t look right, you have to cover every suite of every floor of every building and you’ll find businesses that do qualify. Others before you had that problem, and they managed to find some.
    So you try telling them that’s just what you did for several days, and there really are no businesses that qualify, or at least none that don’t already have corporate headquarters handling office supplies from them or an active account with Quill, and maybe the guy who was there before you cornered the last ones… or maybe there already weren’t any left for him, but with the way you talk down on people who complain about their territories he just didn’t write down the real number of employees in order to make the businesses qualify when they didn’t?
    That’s when they’ll make fun of you like you’re a lazy cry-baby and you’re just looking for excuses for your incompetence. Whatever problems you have selling Quill supplies, it’s either because you’re a slacker or doing something wrong… “Are you sure you got the pitch down ? Lets hear it again !”.

    So in a nice gesture to prevent you from getting fired, your team leader – or “corporate manager” as they call them – personally goes with you to nearby businesses for an hour or two at the end of your long, long day in order to close deals… Sure, subsidiaries of huge corporations (so regional headquarters handle office supplies for them) on Midtown avenues, and on crossing streets, tiny businesses with guys working on their own so they don’t qualify!… So basically what your corporate manager does is walk with you into businesses that are obviously too small to qualify, and watch you struggle to make your sale to a lone guy, to whom hundreds of people like you working at the same office tried to sell the same supplies at the end of a bad sales day over the past years, and watch over your shoulder as you lie about the number of employees on the order form. And after you’ve closed your missing deals, he goes like “see, it was doable, wasn’t it?”. This isn’t the territory you were assigned to, and none of the businesses you opened accounts for around the office qualified so you might very well never see your commission, but yeah, that was easy…


    You get a weekly check, and when it arrives… surpriiiiiiiiiise! The amount is always lower than the sum of the commissions you neatly wrote down every night of the week. You’re handed what is basically a list of all the accounts you opened or reactivated, and in front of some of them (usually the juicier ones, of course) it says the new account was rejected by the “client” (Quill) without further information or justification. And when you go ask Raf for one, he pretends to look something up on his computer but won’t let you see the screen, and tells you he doesn’t have any more details at the moment, but the “client” must have had his reasons, and the most usual ground for rejection is the number of people working there… “Are you sure there were really 6 people working in that law office on Jamaica by the way?”.

    Raf Diaz knows damn well his corporate managers tell trainees to lie about how many people work at a business, HE’S the one who told them to do so when he was training them! In order to convince me to lie since I wasn’t willing to at first, my manager Bart Yates TOLD me that Raf in person had told him off the record to do that when he was training him, LOL.

    And from what I read on this thread, Quill is not actually a client of theirs, Universal Online Promotions just buys bulk from them to sell retail. So contrarily to what they tell you, it can’t be “the client” (Quill) that has requirements regarding the size of the businesses you sell their supplies to, and then checks your new accounts and refuses to pay your commission if the business doesn’t qualify. HE, RAF DIAZ, MADE UP those requirements (as he did his “client” Quill by the way), sending salespeople to areas where he KNOWS you won’t find such businesses so you will HAVE to lie about the number of employees working for businesses if you want to make a single buck, so he will be able to refuse to pay your commission on almost any given account, and you won’t be able to protest…

    And if you dare do so, because you know you didn’t lie and the number of employees there was real, Raf will then improvise, telling you maybe the customer had second thoughts and cancelled the order before delivery, which consequently cancels your commission… And you can’t even go check on that with your customer, because on paycheck day you’re already assigned a new territory on the other side of town, so if you want to meet your goals this week you just don’t have time to go back…

    Just to confirm what others are saying about expenses, you do pay for your own transportation from the home office to your assigned territory, and even split the gas bill between employees in each car when you drive to out-of-town business trips (where hotel rooms payed for by UOP only has 2 beds for 3 employees, so you have to share a bed with your coworkers…same in every room so you know it’s not a one-time mistake), and you do have to call from your own cell phone at least to place every single order, and to get answers for every question your customerq might have, and never get reimbursed for any of the above.


    Well, you get none, plain and simple. At first I thought it was only me because I was foreign and trying to prove myself working under the radar for them so they would get me a work visa, but even U.S. citizens that seemed to be legally employed had no coverage.

    Oh, but don’t worry about it, you won’t need benefits working for them, because if you’re sick, your boss Raf Diaz won’t let you take a day off anyway, he’ll give you his own personal leftover prescription drugs instead!

    After a week or so walking outside everyday all day long in the winter, even with a good coat I got the flu and one morning was feeling so lousy that I finally took my roommate’s advice and called in sick.I was willing to sit on my commission for one day to go to the doctor’s and rest, but on the phone Raf told me he was concerned that I was already calling in sick after such a short time working for him, that he needed people who can handle a job outside, that maybe I wasn’t cut out for it even though I had good people skill when it comes to sales. I’m a woman, so needless to say I didn’t want to appear as the weak little lady, so… it worked on me, I went to work. And Raf, considerate as he is, gave me some leftover prescription drug of his (I think they were antibiotics, that was several years ago, but still… !).

    Never before had I even HEARD of a boss giving away his leftover prescription drugs to an employee so he/she wouldn’t miss work to go to see a doctor! Thanks Raf, you’re such a good boss!


    After they tell you you’re hired they ask you to fill paperwork that doesn’t get sent anywhere if you’re not an American citizen or a Green card holder (not even sure it does for at least several weeks when you’re legal…). They wanted me to sign the contract leaving my social security # and other problematic fields blank (I didn’t, I just put my foreign one though it didn’t fit in the boxes), and Raf only gave me a copy of the contract because I kept insisting, and some of the sections weren’t signed by the company yet. When I realized that and asked Rafk about it, he told me they were waiting before sending them since I couldn’t legally work there until I got a visa, and they wouldn’t get the visa process started before trying me out, and that was supposed to explain why not everything was signed yet…

    When I was there, there were 2 French ladies and a German one among the new recruits, working under the radar like that. There was also this guy from Eastern Europe who had been there at least 6 months, still didn’t have a visa and didn’t seem close to getting one, and obviously didn’t make enough money to live off of in NYC, since he had been sleeping on the boss’s couch since he had gotten there… Yes, on Raphael Diaz’s – the CEO’s – couch, in virtually the same room as him actually, as it was a duplex apartment so the bedroom where Raf fucked his girlfriend on the second floor opened right into the living room, over the couch where the Eastern Europe bum was sleeping! Not to mention he also had a new lady recruit sleep over for a night or 2 even as the Eastern Europe guy was staying on the couch, I have no clue where she slept, but was very uncomfortable and decided she’d rather spend money she didn’t have than staying there…

    All of the foreigners worked under someone else’s account, and often the goat was someone who had worked sales for them in the past but had taken on a different position, anyone would do as long as they were American citizens who had done sales for them before but no longer did, so they didn’t need to use their account for themselves anymore. In my case it was the receptionist’s name that was being used on the weekly recaps that came with my check.

    Raf Diaz and his buddies want foreigners working for their companies, because they know once you’re hooked, you will be isolated, away from your family, and once you paid for plane tickets and hotel for your week of interviews in NYC, then another plane ticket to come work for him, along with an extra $200 because your luggage was overweight since you thought you were moving there for good, struggled to get a cell phone plan and open a bank account with no U.S. papers whatsoever in order to be able to cash their checks… It’s that much harder to admit the company that gives you a shot at living the American dream is just a bunch of crooks who only want to make profit off your efforts without paying what they owe you for them!

    It took me about 2 weeks to get real and a few more days to spread the word among my fellow coworkers, at least 2 of which left on the spot without looking back… New recruits, of course…

    The people who have been working there over a month or 2 have either been brainwashed for too long and probably weren’t too smart to begin with for it to be effective on them, or else once they’ve realized what they were into they’ve decided to get over their ethics and look the other way because they’re really desperate, like hot blue-eyed Bill, whose prior job was walking on a wire in a circus, or like the Eastern Europe guy sleeping on Raf’s couch, whose home country’s way of life is like that of a third world country!


    My main mistake was overlooking that last fact, and telling the real reason I was leaving to Bart Yates on my last day even though he was a corporate manager, because he was friendly and seemed pretty smart, so I thought he deserved better… LOL! That little snitch went straight to Raf Diaz and told him I was making trouble bad-mouthing the company to employees.

    So a few days later, when a girl who quit the same day I did and I went to get our last check (in the early evening when the reps were back so the office wouldn’t be empty cause we were a little scared of Raf…), Raf had us in his office separately, me first, so when the other girl was in there getting her check I was saying goodbyes, and then waited for her in the hallway downstairs with the doorman, who left after a few minutes as it was the end of his shift. When the other girl was done, some employees (probably Bart the spoiled brat and Billy the circus hottie… can’t be sure who she told me now, it’s been awhile) kept her busy upstairs saying goodbyes and all, while Raf got on the elevator to “talk” to me downstairs.

    As soon as I saw him there alone I knew he was trouble, he started yelling at me right away. I tried to explain calmly to him it was HIS devil-may-care attitude towards cancelled accounts that were never justified to me (or any other employee, apparently) that drove me to dig a little deeper than I previously had on the Internet, and that what I had seen there had driven me to talk to my coworkers, and that he didn’t seem to realize I had moved not just from another state, but from another continent for this stupid job.

    He then SHOVED ME against the wall, and when I was cornered and his face was like less than an inch from mine he yelled some more: “WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING S*** ABOUT MY COMPANY? You’d better stop it RIGHT NOW or you might regret it!”.

    Needless to say, I was scared because the guy had my address so he could ambush me to kick my a**, or call immigration regarding my status (which was only faulty because of his way of doing things..) so I just cashed the check, stayed away from his s***ty offices and moved less than a week later so he wouldn’t have my current address anymore.

    By the way, I saw some stuff on this thread about Bart Yates lying about the place he was raised to get close the new recruits… As there were two French applicants the month I was there, he would tell everyone who would hear it that he was from French descent and had lived there for awhile, while studying at La Sorbonne (one of the top French colleges)… LOL

    Anyway, BEWARE OF RAPHAEL DIAZ, BART YATES, BILLY, and all the other guys cited above by other former employees, I can confirm we had a big meeting at UOP Manhattan offices with our “coworkers” (including STEFAN MAINHART) from at least the Philly, Pittsburgh and White Plains offices. Their companies went by different names and sold not only Quill but also different products like Verizon stuff etc.

    They’re all over the country, they ALL belong to CYDCOR and will ALL suck you dry!


    I don’t even care anymore if Raf Diaz, self-proclaimed “big-shot CEO” (LOL), Bart, Billy, “Money-Mike” or others still “work” for those companies, are reading this and recognized me from the things I said (although I doubt it since I didn’t stay that long and you probably did this with tenths or even hundreds of your employees over the years), and it’s been several years so you probably don’t even have my info anymore an yway, and even if you did you couldn’t do me any harm as I’m not even in NYC anymore… so…

    BURN IN HELL RAPHAEL DIAZ you pathetic loser who, in order to make a buck without a shred of qualification, has to resort to creating fishy companies where you LIE to your employees everyday all day long from day 1, letting them think you have “clients” like Quill that hire you to make sales for them, when all you do it is buy bulk from them, sell retail, and pocket the difference, denying your employees their commissions pretending the “client” that doesn’t exist rejected their new accounts!

    Not to mention the bright future you promise all of them provided they dedicate to the job unconditionnally…

    By the way, I’m curious as to how much of their own money Bart Yates and the other “CEO’s” (which they really aren’t, since Cydcor makes all decisions for them) have invested in these shady subsidiaries they run today, and how much in debt they’ll be when it goes down after a few months/years… which, of course you Raf will pretend is all on them, “proving” your point with the pretend success of the other subsidiaries, which of course you will never bother to prove by showing any bank statement or official paperwork!…

    PUNK – **S!

    • I worked for them for about a week and a half in Silver Spring, Maryland until i realized it was definitely not what i wanted to do. They’re another branch of all those companies mentioned above. I am still waiting for my paycheck for the time I worked for them since I wasn’t working anywhere else and spent a lot of money commuting there and back. I emailed the ‘owner’ but they never contacted me back or sent me my check. I’m still waiting. I really really wish I came across this website before I joined them. Big mistake on my part.

  237. And YOU…

    AMERICAN EMPLOYEES, WHO CAN actually go to the cops or call the IRS on Raphael Diaz and/or his associates without fear of being deported, GROW A PAIR, STOP BEING ASHAMED (I know how it feels…just get over it) AND DO IT!

    Tape them discreetly when they feed you their lies and SUE THEM !

    What’s the point of having a smartphone if you don’t use it smartly?

    Tape them as they tell you they work for Quill (or Verizon, or whatever “client” they claim), and this so-called client can decide to reject an account opening and therefore not pay your commission because a business doesn’t meet their standards. Then tape your manager during one of those one to one talk when he advises you to lie on the forms and tells you everyone else including himself does it and that Raf knows about it and condones it, since he taught him himself. Finally, tape Raf when your check comes in and he tells you the pretend client refused to pay your commission as the business didn’t qualify… And go see an attorney or the cops with the recordings!

    It doesn’t even matter if you lied on your order forms about the number of people working for a business if the posts above are accurate, since the “client” (Quill,Verizon or other) never actually hired them, technically there can’t be any “client’s” requirements which the businesses did not meet! So in the end you really never lied to the “client” since there never was one, you only lied to your boss and coworkers, but the CEO himself is the the worst liar of all, who taught all of your managers to lie, and to make you and every single other rep in his company do the same!

    They obviously set you up to take a fall from the beginning:

    Your CEO and manager lie to your face in the first place about how much you can expect to make (which entails lying either about how much others are making, or about how dishonest they have to be “make” it… or both!) to get you to accept the company’s deliberately unattainable goals, wrongly assuring you that with a little training, hard-working reps have no problem reaching these goals… Which appears to be true at first, since they all lie about it, from the CEO to the latest account executive! Then your manager advises you to lie about the number of employees on the forms just like everyone else (himself included) so it will look like the businesses qualified and hopefully your accounts will go through and you will appear to have achieved your goals… How are you supposed to remain honest when there’s no way you can reach those goals without this little lie everyone around you resort to, to an extent where you can only appear incompetent and get fired if you stick to honesty???

    If the posts above are accurate and Universal Online Promotions does buys bulk from Quill before hiring reps to sell retail, it means UOP is Quill’s client, not the other way around ! So Quill couldn’t care less what your boss does with the products afterwards and certainly didn’t hire his company to sell them, so when a commission of yours get denied, the only person who’s not willing to pay you has to be… your CEO, RAF DIAZ…

    Same goes for all the other companies run by his ex-trainees.

    Really, any way you look at it and even if you’ve resorted to lie a few times on the order forms because you were brainwashed, fed dozens of lies from your first day of training on and backed into a corner where you virtually had no other choice, you’re not the bad guy here, and I seriously doubt any cop or judge will be interested in taking you down, it’s Raf and his associates they’ll be after, not you!

    Please understand the few lies you probably resorted to out of weakness for fear of losing your job in a time crisis, are peanuts compared to the obvious manipulation Raf and his buddies have been exerting on hundreds (probably even thousands, all companies included) of employees like you over the years!

    Don’t let Raphael Diaz and the pieces of s*** he surrounds himself with get away with it, they’re ruining lives and won’t stop until you guys put an end to it!!!

    As for those looking for a job, good luck with your research, and don’t even think about that scam job twice, no matter what your skills are, you deserve so much better !

    Unless of course you are an unskilled, pride-less, ball-less and heartless douche-bag who just loves screwing people over and are either too stupid or too much of a b***h yourself to even mind you got one up your a** too, in which case… Give Raf, Bart or Stefan a call, they will gladly help you make the most out of that twisted personality of yours!

  238. @A:

    I think the only way you’ll ever get that check is probably to drop by unannounced and ask to see the CEO in the late afternoon / early evening, right when the reps and managers start getting back to the office.

    Since the CEO obviously doesn’t want you to reveal what he’s up to to his current employees and possibly new applicants waiting for their interview, he will have no other choice but to see you.

    Don’t let them make you wait though, kindly tell the secretary it’s really an inconvenience for you to have to come in person but the CEO never answered you emails or took your calls, and let her know you’re in a hurry, otherwise they’ll probably just try to get everyone out of the way before seeing you and when they do, you lose your leverage (the potential scandal)…

    Once you’re in his office, if he starts telling you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about and he doesn’t owe you any commissions, or way less than he actually does, just start talking gradually louder. If he gets nervous, opens the door and asks you to leave, just refuse politely but firmly, and tell him you will not be leaving without the check he owes you. Tune up a little if necessary, he’ll start wondering exactly what people outside his office can hear and will probably write you the check thinking of all the other commissions he may not be able to steal if people heard you..

    One second thought, I would call ahead if I were you, even if the CEO doesn’t take your call at least let the secretary know you still haven’t gotten your check so you’ll be coming by the following week, so when you get there the CEO won’t be able to pretend he didn’t know you were coming so he has to look into the paperwork to see how much he owes you, but doesn’t have time for that right now as he’s sooooo busy (Raf did this to me and at least another former employee, so you should probably expect it from his former trainee)…

    But don’t mention an actual day either, or go the next day instead, otherwise the coward will probably just avoid being there at all!

  239. FYI: I called Quill yesterday to sort things out, and came to find out:

    – The post saying Cydcor/Credico just buy bulk from their Fortune 500 companies to then sell them retail seems to be inaccurate, or at least doesn’t apply to Quill. Quill confirmed they do hire Cydcor to get representatives to sell their office supplies.

    – However, since the number of employees required for the business to apply and the rep to get his commissions is obviously unattainable 98% of the time and therefore is the factor that enables the company to randomly cancel the reps’ commissions, I asked the Quill lady if they were the ones setting these conditions… Dead on! THE QUILL LADY SAID SHE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH REQUIREMENTS, THAT THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES BOX ON THE FORMS WAS SIMPLY ONLY USED FOR MARKETING PURPOSES (i.e. getting to know their customers better, make projections on future orders, etc.), AND THAT THEY PAY CYDCOR REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES WORKING AT THE BUSINESS.

    So even though Quill really is Cydcor’s client, they’re definitely not the one that came up with those silly requirements that are impossible to meet and have always been the main pretense Cydcor companies use to cancel accounts.

    This confirms the client whose products you sell as a rep is NOT the one who:
    – set those unfulfillable requirements for you to get paid;
    – decides to cancel them, canceling your commission!

    This means this set up for failure and theft of your commissions indeed come from you dear CEO, probably in agreement with the bigger company they’re all affiliated with, formerly Cydcor, and now Credico.

    Sorry I wrote so much but I felt things needed to be explained candidly and in as much detail as possible in order for people to understand how the huge, huge scam really works.

    • You were given the same opportuity as everyone else. But you failed. You have no one to blame but yourself.

      • You fail to see the bigger picture. Here is the formula Hire new on the workforce people ( have nit been exposed to legitimate employer foe the most pat). Go to low income areas to sell. Most of these people have no clue what they buying and now commissions being denied. I don’t think is a scam it’s a opportunistic way of taking advantage of people in many different levels. No one has the means nor the capital to take it head on so this will go on…. Goof luck To everyone..

    • Go to the attorney general office. You may have a case

  240. Is this also Global Fundraising ? Recently went to interview at Chestnut Place in Philadelphia Suite 1300 and the office door had a sign reading Global Fundraising, though the ad for the job said Philadelphia Business Partners. They said their website is down because it was hacked. there is little to NO information about the company. they offer positions to be a manager, then, they want you to come in after you pass the first round for a 2.5 hour interview and you need to have done research on verizon, their major client as well as other things. The place seemed a bit off and all.

  241. Has anyone taken the opportunity to review raf diaz past ?? Barely a HS graduate!! Never mind college. Also arrests and loss of license for hummm. Interesting reason !!

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  243. Raf Diaz is a faggot.

  244. Hi this is somewhat of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs
    use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  245. Great, this really is exactly what my wife and I required to learn

  246. Lol I actually own my own PR and Marketing firm in NYC. I had the pleasure of working with Arnold Diaz of Fox’s “shame shame shame” to put these sick companies to bed. I have contacted my attorneys to see what kind of legal action can be taken. You will see some of these faces next month on Fox NY.

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  250. Check out my post about Troy International or any of the companies affiliated with them (Polaris, The Henry Group, EQM, EQ New York, Worldwide Marketing, The BBB Conglomerate and Noble Solution). I’ve done extensive research and found out that all these companies DO the same thing, OPERATED by the same people, and LOCATED in the same building. They change names when they know people caught on.

    Read my post here: http://tamzarianarmin2.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/troy-international-deceptive-practices-questionable-history/

  251. Wow I knew how sketchy the place was the second I walked in. Cons like you couldn’t believe

  252. i went to do an interview at this company on 35st in nyc the name is “EMS” hellpp please need to know more before i go back

  253. JT Marketing Concepts is another branch of this BS organization. I found multiple websites describing EXACTLY what the interview process was like, and the main guy pitched me the pyramid scheme. Absolute waste of time. I hope people like that die broke and alone

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  257. Recently I went on a business trip to an office in VA. We all stayed at the manager’s house who lives with three other employees. The manager does not even have a car and his fridge was empty. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  258. I used to work in Jason Malone’s office last year. I quit because I did not make enough money. So my team members and I formed our own sales office for an energy supplier, Just Energy, here in NYC. If you open up your own sales office then the suppliers will pay you a whole lot of money. My first month in business, I made over $20,000 in profit. My team members are easily banking $1,500 to $2,000 per week and they work from 11am to 6pm Monday through Friday. I plan on expanding in Illinois later this year!

  259. Hi there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m looking to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.
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  260. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each
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  261. Fairway Advertising Ltd. is a scam (appco) too.

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  263. All of you who are complaining are a bunch of losers. We all started as an account executive and worked our way up. All of you have decided to quit and become bums. I have decided to work hard and now I run my own company making over $100,000 a year.

    • Manager – I don’t believe you, but even if that is the case, I digress. I’m going to offer a different point of view here. I am a car salesman. There is nothing wrong with sales, long hours, or commission. People do it in many places, cars, mattresses, heck even graves. Now let me tell you about the difference in what I do and what you did to get to where you are now. I went through a paid training program (that was actually paid, hourly), at a car dealership, even if there isn’t base pay (most pay minimum), there is a commission draw system where if you need money and aren’t selling you get a draw. The draw will be covered up to minimum wage levels. If you do not sell after a time, you’re fired. The amped up sales meetings don’t remind you of being in a creepy cult, and happen about once a week. They train and you go back out. I’m a decent salesman, and our commissions are uncapped completely. When we sell to people they came to our place of business interested in our product. I can negotiate payments and tradein, and I own nothing. You can make $1000 off of one deal if worked correctly. The idea of me recruiting people into the lot and making decisions on their hiring, not the sales manager, is ridiculous, and I’d be fired for getting the idea. I work for Nissan, we have to take regular tests through Nissan to keep our product knowledge updated while also learning a variety of used cars of course. If I’m asked to drive anywhere in my own car for any reason I’m reimbursed, I have health insurance and a 401k. Much of the mindset you people use is also used in all sales but now let me tell your side of the story, because I’ve seen this sort of thing firsthand myself early on. Legitimacy vs. illegitimacy. Your place says paid training but pays it by forcing the real salesmen to cut their deals and hire people. There is no minimum wage or higher hourly guarantee. Your type of business will keep someone clinging on as long as possible. Even as an owner you do not negotiate anything much less price. You have your salespeople go and do interviews that cuts into their own check, by force. If I split a deal with someone it is to be nice, or them being nice to me, or it needing two closers. Instead of once a week your meetings are every morning and for hours you have people chant and dance around, and instead of consulting people at your place of business you go and bother them at their houses. You are not an owner, you are a manager, that’s why it’s called manager. Even worse, all company liabilities are left to you with the say so of a manager. You have to pay for your own gas, your own trips, at lower levels. Call it hand holding if you like, but maybe now people are really beginning to get the picture here. You can’t decide payments or pricing, or really much of anything. You can’t even decide how to run your own meetings for the most part. The commissions are flat and terrible while doing cold calls and have no cushion. Even the ones that -do- manage to do well are cut back into line, oh but that’s right you don’t want “sellers” you want “LEADERS”. You aren’t taught how to negotiate numbers outside of the numbers used pulling as many people in as possible so your office doesn’t go flop, you aren’t taught the market outside of a basic understanding of the product. The sales you are taught is basic sales tenets taught in any sales organization. A real sales place with legitimacy could have salesmen that have worked there for years and provide well for their families at their place of business without all this nonsense and certainly not being kept in line by some of the creepiness I’ve seen with places like this. I could go on all day about this. People like you are what gives people like me a bad name.

  264. Also, in addition, I do wear a tie to work and to sell in because they are aware I am the salesman of the place when they -come there to buy things-. I do alright. I do not use it as an excuse to act like Gordon Gecko. I have learned to see bullshit over the years though, and I am a salesperson. You people are bottom rung scam artists, and you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. I’m also not college educated. I work 50 hours a week, the extra 10 I choose to work. Glad I got into this line of work, glad I was able to see this nonsense for what it really is. For all you people who really want to work in sales, be careful.

  265. Great post! I got suckered into one of these companies, using the exact same tactics. If you are in London, beware of Corner Rock Ltd / Rainbow Mark Limited / Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd and Global Net.

    I’m compiling a list of all of these companies, to warn others. Please feel free to add any! http://www.doortodoortruth.wordpress.com/companies

  266. Where you guys aware that they might be in the bus of human trafficking. Who can help these people ? The managers actually have ppl stay at their apts !!! Something is wrong.

  267. I worked for raf diaz chicago office jns marketing and jme in late october it was such a cult and scam

    • I worked there, and believe me, even if I only stayed 3 weeks, it is the richest experience I ever had, once you do that; you can do anything! The method is tremendous, the ambiance extremely collective. With this system you have to help each other, and no politics, funny power games or whatsoever can happen. It was 3 year ago, I since worked in capital investment for the French government, but nothing can compare with such an experience. If you have the guts to do it, you are prepared for life, for anything and can really achieve the impossible many just talk about.

    • I worked for Zengo & Co. Run by “Neil” — he is allies with Raf’s LMG Global. I can’t believe I did;t research this company much deeper. I feel so violated to have given them my personal info upon signing my contract.

  268. Yeah that’s all fine but did you actually get paid for that awesome experience?

  269. Wow…too long conversation. I met Raf Diaz in an interview by 2007 after my graduation. I worked 1 day!… 7 am to 7pm! walking with my trainer around Brooklyn knocking doors selling office materials to businesses. zero sales. Next day, I imagined my future only knocking doors so I ran away immediately!
    Today, 2014!!!…I have been contacted by NYBP from Pensilvania for an interview in NYC tomorrow. I did some research and now I realized it’s the same company..Thank you so much but I have better things to do in my life. By the way I will never forget that face that promised me a work visa (knocking doors) lol

  270. I rarely leave a response, however i did a few searching and wound up here EMPLOYMENT SCAM:
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  271. Started last year, they (Nona Black, Brenda etc.) opened the new marketing firm –
    Hype initiatives in Sydney, Australia. The firm actually advertised sales jobs under many allias. This is totally illegal in Australia not to pay minimum wages, you worked for them 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, no super, no incentives. People, this a scam, they try to take advantage of desperate job seeker.

  272. BEWARE OF HYPEINITIATIVES, OUTSOURCE SYDNEY, LMSTHINKING ON JOB SEARCH SITES!!! THESE COMPANIES OPERATE BY THE SAME GANG from New York!! Beware of the team: Nona Black, Brenda, Emma, Melissa, blood sucker women!

  273. The company that I was involved with, Global Net, has changed their name to ‘Kreative Client Solutions’. They are still associated with the same company: Blue Ocean Outsource Ltd. Company Reg no: 08437993, and trade under the address: Kreative Client Solutions, Angel House, 3rd Floor, 225 Marsh Wall, South Quay, London, E14 9FW
    Avoid them!

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  275. Cydcor is just one tentacle of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp. If you go to thedevilcorp.wordpress.com you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.

  276. http://thedevilcorp.wordpress.com/ should give you more info on these guys.

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