(A Moment In) Time I’ll Never Get Back

Kevin Robinson broke the world record for a vertical jump on a BMX bike, reaching a height of 27 feet above the top of a custom built 26-foot quarter pipe, yielding a 53-foot vertical jump . It all happened last night in Central Park in conjunction with Red Bull and MSG.

The weird thing? CentralPark.com didn’t seem to know anything about it. As far as they knew, nothing but the usual walking tours and kids’ crafts were taking place in the park that day. As someone who checks city and park event calendars regularly for the sole purpose of not missing events of such magnitude, this really pissed me off. I was present when this record was originally set by Matt Hoffman in 2002, and I sure as hell would have liked to have been there when the record was broken.

After a few light hearted e-mails and a scholarly phone coversation with the administrator of CentralPark.com, here’s his explanation for not mentioning that a mammoth-ass ramp was erected in Central Park for the purposes of facilitating the breaking of a world record live on television:

“The event was a corporate thing, with Red Bull, ya know? It wasn’t really about the park. They could have done it anywhere. Battery Park, Bryant Park… it wasn’t about nature or anything, it’s not really bringing money to the park so we decided not to mention it on CentralPark.com.”

What? How dense can you possibly be?

It doesn’t matter where they could have done it. The point is that they are doing it in Central Park, and you are the webmaster of CentralPark.com. Put the pieces together yourself.


2 Responses

  1. Belee dat!

  2. @Biggers: I do not understand the language in which you speak, but I applaud your enthusiasm.

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