Optimum Online (Cablevision): Who’s That Girl?

Most savvy New York media folks are aware of the polarizing effects of the new Optimum Online commercials, from the obnoxious “Reggaeton” ad to the newer creepy “Stepford Wife” spot. No matter how much you hate these ads, like I do, they are setting response records and they have people talking.

With this said, I think everyone is missing the big picture.

Who is the adorable blonde background singer in the new Optimum Online (Cablevision) commercial? I’m talking about the “Stepford Wife” promo, not the “Reggaeton” promo… and I’m talking about the background actress, not the lead girl.

I mean, whatever, it’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m into her or anything. *ahem*


[UPDATE: Mystery solved. She is triple-threat, Lindsey Thomas.]

–Lindsey, babe, call my people. We’ll do lunch. ;)


7 Responses

  1. Damn, she is hot.

    Also, her resume is very slick. I wonder if I could set something like that up for the wife? Thanks for the lead!

  2. @Todd: I expect that she will find my website and immediately fall in love with my abrasive and mean-spirited character, thus sparking a whirl-wind romance no more stable than a house of cards — trust me, I’ve dated a few dancers. When this happens, I will ask her about her site and let you know.

    I kid, I kid.

    Seriously though, she is gorgeous beyond all reason.

  3. Who is the blonde lead singer in the new Optimum Online (Cablevision) commercial? “Stepford Wife” promo, and I’m talking about the lead actress, not the backup singer.

  4. @James Goodwin: I will provide you with the name of the lead actress and her agency’s contact information for a finder’s-fee of $250. Please e-mail me to arrange payment if you are interested.

  5. so no one is willing to say who the lead singer is? frankly after those mexican commercials *including the puppet one*, im relieved to see that white people still show up in commercials.

  6. Thank the lord for the tv remote. Whenever the Hispanic rap group commercial comes on I mute or change the channel. This has to be the most annoying garbage I have ever listened/watched in 50 years of tv viewing.

  7. Eve Danzeisen

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