Your Telephone Procedures: They Are Incorrect

I loath when people do following:

*my cell phone rings*

Me: Hello?

Idiot: Who’s this?

Me: You called me. Who is this?

Idiot: *click*

If you are one of these idiots, you need to revise your procedures.

When telephoning someone, it is imperative that you identify yourself at the very beginning of the conversation. You may then choose to name the party with whom you wish to speak or the reason for your call.

For example:

Me: Hello, this is calling. May I please speak with the idiot who just called me and hung up. I would like to speak with them for a moment in regards to their abysmal telephone etiquette. Thank you.

Don’t be an idiot.


3 Responses

  1. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Incredibly hilarious!
    And to the point. Thank your for speaking up.

  2. @Kurtis to the Cates: Glad you got a good laugh. Miss you, dude.

  3. ooooooooh yeah. makes my blood boil.

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