For Your Viewing Pleasure

Several years ago, I produced a video section highlighting some of New York City’s best aggressive inline skaters for a popular series of skate videos. My section didn’t make the final cut for the video, so my work never saw the light of day (there was no YouTube back then).

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is the world premiere. The skaters in this video haven’t even seen this yet.

Do you think you’re a good rollerblader? Watch this video and then think again.

Make sure your sound is on:

Skaters: Mike Johnson, Billy O’Neil, Franco Cammayo, Julio Amiyama, Damien Prashad, Thomas Lipani, David Lopera, Trevor Marx, Keithfe Bailey, Trevor Johnson, Brandon Gutierrez, Bobby Reichel.


3 Responses

  1. You got robbed! Apparently West Coast does not have any love for its New York brethren.

  2. awesome video. It’s cool to see that trick at Martin Luther King after hearing about it so many times.

  3. Remember the pics I took of you at MLK?

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