My Halloween Costume: Part I

Today, I acquired the necessary materials for this year’s Halloween costume. What’s great is that I only spent $4.97 and I am certain that I will be a serious contender for “Best Costume”. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Thermal Shirt (white): $1.99
  • Stocking Cap (white):  $0.99
  • Duct Tape (red):          $1.99
  • Blue Jeans:                  (already had them)
  • Novelty Glasses:         (already had them)
  • (1) Sheet of Paper:      (not pictured)

(Click To Enlarge)

(Click To Enlarge)


The Contest: Who am I going to be? Make your predictions in the comments. 

Photos of me in my costume will be posted after Halloween.

Click here to read Part II wherein I show the making of the costume.


7 Responses

  1. where’s waldo?

  2. Wheres waldo

  3. @Amber: WINNER! Nice work.

    @Josh: You get the Silver. Well done.

  4. Its really great that you have spent only $4.97 for you Halloween costume.

  5. woo-hoo!!!!
    Do I get an all expense paid trip to NY to hang with Waldo?

    (Transportation provided by the generous truckers that will pick me up along the various interstates, luxury accommodations provided by Maytag–location: discarded refrigerator box in alley, Meals provided by the soup kitchen along with two tickets to the “Man Pees in Air Duct” Show)

  6. @Amber: You read my mind!

  7. @Cara: Thanks. I just started a new job and haven’t been paid yet, so I really didn’t have a choice. :)

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