My Halloween Costume: Part II

In Part I of this post, I showed you the materials I would be using to make my Halloween costume. I let the readers take guesses as to what I would be. Reader Amber, with lightning quickness, correctly guessed that I would be Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?”  

My costume was a smash hit. I hung out at Union Square Park for a couple hours. It felt great to see how excited people became when they “found” me.  They’d yell from across the park,

“There’s Waldo! I found him, I found Waldo!” Then they’d run over and ask to take my picture. 

The Waldo costume took me about 4 hours to make. Don’t let that discourage you from trying it yourself, though. If I hadn’t been drinking heavily, I’m sure I could have done it in half the time.

Here are a few photos of the costume construction process:

 (click photos to enlarge)









The glasses make the costume.

Click here to read Part III and see a photo of me in my “Where’s Waldo?” costume.



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  1. That is most excellent!

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