Getting In (Blogging) Shape

Toward the end of my tenure at my former place of employment, I contacted a gym in the area about taking a tour and getting a trial membership. The gym was right down the street from my office, so it would have been convenient.

I got laid off from my job before I had a chance to visit the gym. Regardless, someone at the gym thinks that I came in and checked it out and sent me a follow-up style email and voicemail thanking for my visit and asking if I was ready to sign up.

Following was my response:

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your friendly email and voicemail, though I believe you have reached the wrong person.

I have not visited your gym to my recollection. However, I drink heavily so it is entirely possible that I did visit your gym and I simply don’t remember. Did I smell like very old beer? If so, that was probably me.

The economy is tanking and I have recently lost my job as a result, so I am not currently interested in a gym membership.

My old job was right down the street from your gym, which would have been very convenient. If I can get a new job in the same neighborhood, I would like to visit your gym (again?), as I could use some sort of exercise beyond lugging a case of PBR up the stairs of my fourth floor walkup everyday. 

Does your gym have a bar?

Thanks again,

P.S. Also, I am interested in a reliable Juice hookup as I have a poor work ethic and low tolerance for pain.


3 Responses

  1. Ha! Did they reply?

  2. @Todd: No, no reply yet. Shocking.

  3. I recently stumbled across this blog and wondered what had happened.

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