Secret Low-Flying Planes in NYC: “Photo-op”, says Whitehouse.

This post is in regards to this news item:

As an official of the DoD, how do you explain two F-16s chasing a Boeing 747 through New York City, unannounced, and not cause a lasting panic?

Claim it was a “photo-op”.

I’m not sure about the aerial photos but the scene on the ground was an iconic photo-op. It’s a shame that everyone on the ground was too worried about dying to snap photos.

My account from the ground:

I had just dropped off my cell phone for repair in Harlem. I was told it would take about an hour to repair. I decided to take a bike ride down the West Side bike path to kill some time and take advantage of the direct sun rays. I looked up from the bike path and saw a 747 being followed by two F-16s up the Hudson River. I skidded to a stop.  I entered into a state of mind that I had never experienced. 

I think this is the point where my body somehow replaced my blood with adrenaline. It reminds me the story of the mother who lifted a car off of her child. I stood completely still and felt more focused than I ever had. I felt as if I’d doubled in size. My peripheral vision became integrated into my senses in a way I had never experienced. My hearing became sharp beyond explanation. My mind was processing all of this at an astounding speed. It was like the world was moving in slow motion but, at the same time, my brain was analyzing stimuli at an accelerated rate, thus giving me an exponential edge over any real-time threat. This is a level of consciousness which I had never before fathomed. Apologies for the following comparison but, yes, it was EXACTLY like The Matrix.

I stood motionless, listened and watched. There were several other New Yorkers around me who stood with the same posture, focused, motionless and ready. Ready to take any action necessary to protect what’s ours. It’s fucking show time, bitches.

An elderly Dominican man who was barbecuing with his family started screaming in Spanish and throwing anything he could get his hands on (chicken, plastic knives, BBQ sauce bottles)up into the air in a desperate and futile attempt to knock the plane out of the air. Don’t laugh. It seems funny now but he was dead fucking serious.

And we were made to feel this way for a photo-op? I don’t buy it.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t buy it either. Photoshop could have done the trick. If not, then one 747 and a helicopter or ground cameras.

    • Exactly.

      Where were the supposed cameras which were taking the pictures? No one has even asked this question, much less address it.

      I can’t wait until the DoD publishes these photos. They better be fantastic!

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