Shotgun Awakening

When I was 16, concluding the last day of my freshman year of high-school, my car broke down on my drive home from the last day of school. I walked to a friend’s house in the area to use his phone to call my parents to ask them what I should do. I think we had a AAA membership at the time.

I had stayed overnight at my friend’s house several times and had become trusted by his parents. I knocked on their door several times but no one answered. I had seen my friend break into his own house several time by reaching through the mail-slot and unlocking the backdoor. For some stupid reason, my sixteen-year-old self decided that it would be OK for me to reach through the mail-slot and unlock the door so that I could use their phone. They wouldn’t mind, right?

I reached through the mail-slot and unlocked the door, turned the handle walked right in. Immediately, a shadowy figure sprung from behind the door, pinned my throat to the wall with one hand and pointed a shotgun at my eyeball with the other hand.

I had no idea what was going on. I impulsively started trying to de-escalate the situation. While I was being choked with a gun pointed in my face, the assailant repeatedly screamed, “Don’t F&(K with the (redacted) family!” Subsequently, I calmly convinced him that I wasn’t a threat.

As it turns out, my friend’s older brother had just returned from serving in the military overseas. He was treated for PTSD shortly after this encounter.


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Hey, guess what! There is a good chance that I hate everything you stand for.

When someone looks me square in the face and tells me that they truly believe that the entire human race is inherently evil because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat the wrong apple and if I don’t devote my entire life to a Jewish zombie then I’ll spend eternity burning in fire… that tells me something very important about that person.

This is the same person who, after being cured of a serious illness, will thank god and not recognize the doctors or the science that brings us modern medicine. This is the same person who, when receiving a promotion or a raise at their job, will thank god and not recognize their own hard work and achievements. This is the same person who claims that god gave him this land therefore he is completely justified in committing acts of unspeakable violence against his neighbors. This is the same 40-year-old Yemeni man who watches his pregnant 12-year-old wife bleed to death over the course of 3 days while attempting to give birth because she can’t receive the necessary medical attention because she can’t be seen naked by another man, lest she be put to death according to religious dogma.

Fucking ridiculous.