’s Secret Santa

Pissed&Petty is beyond excited to be participating in the biggest “Secret Santa” gift exchange ever. Ever.

It’s no surprise that, as the economy is shrinking, so is the number of presents under most people’s trees.  Thanks to the vision of one member of, nearly 3,000 people will have one special surprise from someone they’ve never met before. The members of, an online social news community where users discuss and share links to breaking news stories, photos and more, have gathered together in what they believe is the biggest “Secret Santa” ever and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

The idea started simply enough, with one member “kickme444” asking if anyone was interested in a gift exchange and, like most social media, the idea exploded in just days.

Kickme444 and other Reddit members designed a new website, wrote programming to match up givers to receivers and come December packages will arrive from around the country and possibly around the world. Around 2,000 participants are from the United States, but the rest hail from Iceland, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and beyond.

The current Guinness Book record holder for the largest secret Santa is more than 1,500 people, held by the staff at UK’s pharmacy chain store Boots. This exchange is set to double the number and smash the record.

This Secret Santa is unique in its relative anonymity. When signing up, Redditors could volunteer information about themselves and participants can look at their recipient’s past comments to get an idea of their interests and personality.

Suggested value of gift and shipping is around $15. The organizers have stated, “Handmade awesomeness is suggested, thoughtfulness is required!”

Some are opting for homemade gifts – original art, photos, mix CDs, pepper seeds or items unique to their area. Discussion of ideas and requests have been flying on the site for the past few weeks.

Gifts will be shipped out by Dec. 10 and Redditors will post photos of their present on a thread for members of the site to see.

For more information, see the official Reddit Secret Santa website.