My Halloween Costume: Part I

Today, I acquired the necessary materials for this year’s Halloween costume. What’s great is that I only spent $4.97 and I am certain that I will be a serious contender for “Best Costume”. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Thermal Shirt (white): $1.99
  • Stocking Cap (white):  $0.99
  • Duct Tape (red):          $1.99
  • Blue Jeans:                  (already had them)
  • Novelty Glasses:         (already had them)
  • (1) Sheet of Paper:      (not pictured)

(Click To Enlarge)

(Click To Enlarge)


The Contest: Who am I going to be? Make your predictions in the comments. 

Photos of me in my costume will be posted after Halloween.

Click here to read Part II wherein I show the making of the costume.