The Poker Game.

A table of nine players.

Myself and eight others.

All nine players are in my way.


Bicycle Race : Poker Game. An analogy.

Bicycle Races : Poker Games.

Bicycle race:

know that my legs are stronger than anyone else in this race. I know that I’m a better bike handler than anyone else in this race.

Statistically, I should win.

I have $1000 for three (3) races this weekend in which I’ve invested $333.33 per race against complete amateurs.

If I stay safe,pick my spots carefully and race like a seasoned racer — I’ll should win.

If I get too close to the back wheel of an amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing — I could get my front wheel clipped and crash hard… injured to the point where I can’t continue for the next two races.

It’s best to give up that stage of the race and pick a better spot to win on the next stage or the race — when the ‘wheel-clipper’ is at the back of the peleton. .

Poker game:

know that I’m better than everyone else in this game. I know that I have more patience than everyone else in this game.

I have $1000 for three (3) games this weekend in which I’ve invested $333.33 per game against idiots.

If I stay safe and play like a seasoned player — I’ll should win.

If I start calling-down an amateur who is trying to prove themselves — I could get my whole stack taken.

It’s best to fold and take advantage of their bravado the next hand.


I tried to make this a 1:1 comparison as best I could without diving into complex ‘game theory’.

The Interview.

Interviewer: “What is your greatest weakness?”

Applicant: “Dignity.”

Interviewer: “Dignity? I don’t think dignity is a weakness.”

Applicant: “My greatest weakness is that I can’t bring myself to work for a company which hires HR people who would ask such an amateur question in a professional interview.”

Interviewer: …

Applicant: “I’ll show myself out now.”